Dr Sebi – Natural Remedy For Headache Relief

Dr Sebi – Natural Remedy For Headache Relief

Yes ma’am, hi. Do you have anything for head pain? In your head? Yes, have it when I walk and everything. My doctor said that my iron was very very low. And I heard you talk about iron deficiencies, can you explain. Well I’m going to address iron and with
that I would answer the whole other question. I said that every black person
in and out of Africa has a deficiency of iron. Why?
Check our diet. Our diet doesn’t have any iron in it. When I talk about iron the
first thing you’re gonna say, well I eat meats. Yeah okay, I eat spinach. That stuff is artificial. How could something artificial have iron in it? How could something
artificial have energy in it? It’s impossible.
Only God could do that. God made the human body, God is the only person that could
nourish this body, not a laboratory. Then to do that, then you say that you God and
the deficiency of iron causes 40 different disease. Right there, yes all of
us in here are anemic. As much energy I have, I take large doses of iron anyway.
Because I want to make sure that if something is happening inside, I am
taking care of it. That’s right, that is the base of all disease. Would iron help my headache? It would drain it out. That, the iron
would do it. But the Bio Electra would do better, but the iron would do it. They
don’t have any more herbs.



  • John Allen

    This shit really work to!

  • Roxanne James

    Well what herb shall we use daily to get our iron?

  • Foster Mason

    I have considered lots of migraine medication however none really work. Not until I tried this amazing migraine guide “Mοyοkοn Axy” (Google it). I noticed improvements in merely a matter of Two weeks. Daily migraines are all subsided. The severity of headaches has been lessened soon after 3 to 4 weeks of utilizing this medication. .

  • This is Lynn

    Very true I had prolonged periods which caused iron defiency and now I have headache

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