Duck Fart Shot – Tipsy Bartender

Duck Fart Shot – Tipsy Bartender

(dance music) – Emma, darling. – Yes? – Tell me these lovely people
what we are making today. – Hi guys, so today we’re
making the Duck’s Fart. Who’s it popular with? Hunters? – Human beings. (laughter) Mostly with humans. – Oh, zoologists? I don’t know. People working at the zoo?
– [Skyy] It’s like a – [Skyy] College drink, you know? – Oh, O.K. I just was, when I was
like yesterday at the raver in the Tahoe Lake there were ducks with little tiny ducklings, and they were the cutest
little things in the world. – Did you throw a rock at them? – No. – Why? – Why would you? Evil bastard. – To eat, O.K.? – No, I just came from lunch. Why would I do something like that? – Eat later. – No. – It’s all about human survival. You remember that, O.K.? When you being all sissy. You see a duck, you hit
it with a rock, O.K.? – You’re evil. You know that? (laughter) Maybe you need to seek some help. – No, no, no, I don’t like
to kill them just when I can. Kahlua, pour. (laughter) – [Emma] Poor ducks. More? – Go a little bit more. Stop, perfect. – Baileze. (laughter) – Say again? – Baileys, but I know
but I tried to mix it up. Baileze. Doesn’t it sound like… – A country? Yes. – Yeah. – Yeah, in the Caribbean. Yes, Belize, yes it does sound like that. Here, hold that. – O.K. – O.K. On the spoon. Stop. Crown. – Yeah. – Pour, on the spoon. Stop. Perfect. If you give it a second, it
will settle a little bit, and this top part will become clearer. And there you have it. The Duck Fart. – You know what I noticed? – What? – It’s like the first time
I didn’t really get scared. Like zero. – By my scream? – Yeah. – I don’t scream as loud
as I use to scream before. – Yeah, what happened? – I calmed down, O.K? I’ve been taking a laxitive. (laughter) I’ve been taking a sedative.
– T.M.I, T.M.I. I’m just joking, I’m just joking. – That’s why the bathroom smells so bad. – Oh, really? You were in there. That wasn’t me. – No, no, no. I was washing my hands. – What did you smell? – I don’t know. Something weird. Actually, did I tell you? I don’t smell really. Like, I lost smell. – So how do you know it’s my bathroom? – Well there’s still something in the air. (laughter) How is it called? Lingering? (laughter) – [Skyy] That’s a pretty big shot. – O.K., O.K., – Ah, it’s just so much
liquid in one shot, you know? Wow, it’s yummy. – You paused in the middle, O.K.? – I know, I’m sorry. – You paused in the middle of it, O.K.? – I’m sorry. – That is a violation of the rules. – God damn it. – Many a brave men have
stood on the front line. – I have a tiny little throat. It just doesn’t go through, you know? O.K. guys, if you like
frappachinos from Starbucks, it’s like the alcohol version of that. It’s pretty good. – Yeah, it’s not bad. It’s fun, it’s fun. That’s why the popular party drink.
– It’s really good. – Frappachinos. That’s what I drink in the morning. – Every morning? – No, not every morning, but if I’m on the road I
usually have a frappachino. It’s like my breakfast
because it has whipped cream. (laughter) What? (laughter) – It’s your breakfast
because it has whipped cream. One word. – Yum, no food right? (laughter) Something soft. (laughter) A pillow. – It tastes like a pillow? – Yeah, it’s very calming and heavenly, so I’m going to say on a soft pillow.



  • Caleb Colburn

    "I have a tiny, little throat. It doesnt go through ya know?" Oh my oh my ;p
    I wonder what happened to skyy, hes so calm

  • Joe Bones

    Crème de Banane + Tequila Rose = The Prescription Shot
    I invented it in College with my Roomate. It's like Penicilling in liquid form for children and pepto bismal… hence the name prescription 😉
    PS: I have no idea if this shot already exists under a different name

  • missicabelle

    OMG U MADE IT !!!! that's awesome I requested for u to make that and u made it happen tks now that's a pretty awesome shot right ?

  • Donna Aguilar


  • OTKP

    These two have perfect chemistry they are too funny together

  • Jay Acosta Canino

    That's a b52 shot not a duck fart

  • LiftOrGTFO

    She got the D later that day. 

  • YinYin wu

    This drink is called B52


    that girl is sexy af lol

  • funkluv

    Can I use regular whiskey if i don't have crown royal

  • MyOrce

    "you see a duck you hit it with a rock", words to live by haha

  • Alex Lulz

    Skyy you should demonstrate the proper technique for body shots with Inna….for instructional purposes.

  • chedj98

    bring the german girl back!!!!

  • Luiz Guerra

    Portuguese Subtitles!!!!

  • Truebloodhalfbreed

    This is not a b-52

  • MultiCrazyGreek

    She should try the Greek version of Frappucino, Frappe! 😛

  • Aaron Jones

    Okay. I saw the irish carbomb, its time for a spider bite! What?!? Don't know what that is? Take a shot of Tarantula tequila, and drop it in a glass of monster or redbull (monster is tastier). Now drink it all down like it's the last drink you will ever have!

  • Hanna Breuwet

    She always gets the bigger shots which she can't handle… It's weird.

  • 93blacktiger

    I feel like the guys from Duck Dynasty should try this! XD

  • Ahman Millener

    You are offering her a towel for the wrong end! LOL

  • Carly Anderson

    I like ur little thong


  • Saskia Wade

    More of Inna!!

  • RageFueled

    this channel is so sexual

  • Tulio Costa

    2:08 ohhhh oookkk

  • Maximus Silva

    just found your channel love it but question… do you find all these chicks at the strip club?

  • Mimi Mimi

    Please tell me she didn't lose her sense of smell when she got her nose job. Because that's what happens. :/

  • Chantelle Morris

    went out with some girlfriends and got us all Duck Farts and they all hated it but i LOVED it 🙂

  • Lloyd Johnson

    whats the measurement on each one, 1/2 an once ?

  • Kenneth Jefferson

    That swallowing sound she made was AWESOME!

  • Nicole Porter

    The Duck Fart may have been made popular by that guy from Deadliest Catch but it didn't start there. My husband was making Duck Farts 15 years ago when he was bartending and our friends (who are bartenders as well) still make them for their customers now. This is nothing new. Duck Farts have been around for a very long time.

  • Noel Melendez


  • Ahman Millener

    If you change out the crown Royal with vodka it becomes the original mudslide!

  • Plunderkid

    Bo knows fine ass hos!

  • DecrepitOrigin888

    Oh man I love Inna.

  • Amy Annunziata

    Innas so pretty and has a great personality! I wish I was thin like her. Ok, maybe not as thin but close. I'm like a whale compared to her! 🙁

  • Antonio Paulette

    Inna is just sooo…yes. 

  • John Clingan

    Had this yesterday it was… Good

  • Matthew Chesterton

    It's a Deadliest Catch Captains Tradition before King and Opellio seasons

  • Jessica Lin Barnett

    How come I never heard of the Duck Fart
    Funny as hell though

  • Jennifer Witham

    Phil Harris' drink of choice! RIP Phil

  • Bill


  • Wakkosgirl

    Why would anyone want to drink something with a name like that? I would never be able to keep straight face ordering it!

  • Last Night

    Man I wanna give her a fappachino

  • Ben Jones

    'You see a duck, you hit it with a rock' hahaha

  • Biggz The Gamer

    Did you got them with a rock? Lmfao

  • NothingGirl101

    The bar I went to called it a DUCK SHIT and that was 20 years ago. Is this the same thing? My Ex Father in-law actually invented the drink at this bar I went to but it seems so many other people had the same idea.

  • dunnowy123

    Skyy's gotta have a girl right now. Because he normally wouldn't resist: "I have a tiny little throat…."

  • Barbara Varney

    Why would u hit a duck with a rock come on man for real thats not funny. Other than that i love the show

  • Vulcano Place

    @Rolê Gourmet 

  • EuphoricBliss

    This guy is a fuckin idiot..

  • Miroslav Cholakov

    Shes the man 😀
    "I have a tiny little throat it just doesnt go through " 😀

  • Harley James

    The Belize comment kind of through me off, but I can debate so many stupid things, and this seems like too much of a stupid point to debate. Oh shit I just realized this is a paradoxical post, oh shit again I cant stop myself from hitting post……wait, please someone stop me…..fuck

  • Renzo Guillermo

    Its called "candilejas"….

  • Abigail Thompson

    this is also called the KGB

  • Jenna Redshaw

    a few of the shots in the bar I work in:

    A baby G –  Kahlua and baileys layered
    After 8 – creme de menthe and baileys layered 
    Slippery Nipple –  sambuca and baileys Layered 
    Irish flag – creme de menthe, baileys, hennessy 

    I also highly recommend a pear and raspberry mule 
    xante, chambord shaken poured over ice topped up with ginger ale or beer depending on preference 

    Is it clear we like baileys?

  • gazamano

    you see a duck, you hit it with a rock okay!

  • Corinne Herndon

    I like u and ur show ur hella funny . She a nice lady

  • Christopher Rowe

    I do a duck fart shot after every time the mighty Oregon Ducks football team scores a touchdown

  • Jorge Penkoff

    He didnt yell Tipsy Bartender!!

  • Akif Yilmaz

    Thats a fuckking B52! What the hell is this shit!

  • alex898

    The Duck Fart is one of my favorite shots

  • Alex Nicole

    I really dont know what her name is, hes called her, enna,inna,emma. I have no idea. Poor girl lol

  • andrea tonani

    god she is….. just…. ahh…. no words

  • Soreya Monik

    did anyone else notice the way she sang frappuccinos sounded like the chia pet song? 😂

  • Lora Lego

    love her so funny

  • Nile Sanori

    SO GOOD! Thanks Sky and Inna! I love your channel! Stay tipsy my friends.

  • christina

    she looks like barbie

  • Juan Santi


  • Jessica Badeaux

    I officially love her just because she said Zoologists correctly. xD

  • Rosie Crivaro

    Did anyone else hear the screaming around 1:43 ????????

  • Rhonah Mhae Llavore


  • GuitarGuys7299

    Those have been around for over 20 years.

  • The WolfMan932

    I wish I could have Mrs. Russia. She is so beautiful 🙂

  • JohnPaul Sein

    Инна ты самая красивая женщина я когда-либо видел !!

  • Michael Miller

    these are really popular around Eugene Oregon being home of the UofO ducks

  • allie ross

    im pretty sure this is from wisconsin and the northern states lol

  • marclee82

    Doesn't it sound like "A country YES" bahaha BELIZE!!

  • Chris

    Russians are always so good looking

  • Greater Gracie Loft

    I hit it cut it did not work


    Why has she lost smell ? Coke-y bartender ? :3

  • carterp drompp

    Pretty much a B52 shooter

  • Ben Selina

    tipsy can i get her number 😂😂

  • Terrorizing24

    You see a duck out there, you hit it with a rock.

  • KeishaChanelle

    will I get the same effect if I use plastic clear cups? or do I need to use shot glasses? I'm having an event n I do not have 30 shot glasses!

  • MilleMarron

    Set fire to the top and it's a B52

  • krysmamamia

    I'm from Belize!! 🇧🇿

  • Fish Tiddiez

    "maybe you need to seek some help" that akward stare tho at 4:06

  • Regzem

    He definitely gets all these fit birds smashed and then smashes them himself

  • abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxy abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxy

    girls annoying af god damn

  • Beau Farago

    A little late but try vodka instead it's amazing haha

  • Ed Galv

    believe it or not if u put the CR before the baylei`s the final mix it is more heterogenous, cheers!

  • Alexander Hewitt

    this is just a modified b52 tho

  • Adriel Gutierrez

    Did you throw a rock at them..?
    Why not? too funny!

  • Alex Guzman fan page xoxo

    all of innas belly tops are so nice and so is accent

  • Kane Kent

    Inna is the only girl who can do cringeworthy things and people still don't cringe cause she's so cute

  • LadySsS81

    Sky make a drink called the pussy killer

  • Josephine Moreno


  • HarborCree

    she likes BBC

  • Paisley

    bro looks like the type to roofie ur shit at a hotel & resort

  • AC512

    I like this shot

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