EDNOS DOES NOT EXIST!   Mental Health Videos with Kati Morton | Kati Morton

EDNOS DOES NOT EXIST! Mental Health Videos with Kati Morton | Kati Morton

When the DSM-5 came out, uh, last March I believe it was, or April. It changed EDNOS. EDNOS no longer exists. For the pure and simple fact that all the information out online already has EDNOS in it and it’s easy to search and it’s the easiest way to talk about it, I still, in my own practice call it EDNOS. Because Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified sounds a lot better than ‘Other Specified or Unspecified Feeding or Eating Disorders”. And the reason that they say specified or unspecified, if someone, let’s say, comes into the ER and they know that they have an eating disorder, but they don’t know enough about the patient to even know whether they meet criteria for one or the other, or whatever, they say “unspecified”. Because they don’t have the information to specify why or why not a client doesn’t meet the criteria for one of the other eating disorders. Does that make sense? So they’ve kind of changed it, and they’ve also changed it to include feeding disorders. Which, I’ll do a video on this at a later time but that includes things like Pica or rumination, there are a bunch of different things included in this now. But for the sake of what we talk about and what I’ve talked about in the past, I want to talk to you about what EDNOS means. And what Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified meant for a long time. The second thing that I want to mention, is the fact that if you’ve struggled with EDNOS and you’ve had that diagnosis before we had these changes, right? You’re just as sick as anybody else with an eating disorder. In fact, I often worry the most about my clients with this because I know a lot of us, in that negative voice that’s wrapped up in our eating disorder tells us, “you’re not sick enough, you don’t quite meet the criteria for any other eating disorder”. And it monopolizes on that right? And it just takes that and runs with it. When really, from a clinician’s standpoint, we get more scared. Because oftentimes my clients, who I end up diagnosing with EDNOS have been sick for a really long time. Which leads me to my next fact, that it’s hardest to diagnose. Because oftentimes it won’t look like they have an eating disorder, and then it will, and then we’ll think “oh maybe it’s this, but oh it’s not quite that, well maybe it’s that” and they will go a long time being sick before we even know what they’re actually struggling with. And so, if you haven’t checked out my other videos about the facts of anorexia, the seven facts of anorexia, or the seven facts of bulimia, you can struggle with all of those things, because what the eating disorder NOS means is that you’re hopping from one to the other, and we don’t quite do this one maybe enough, but then maybe we’re doing this, so we can purge, that can be part of our eating disorder behavior. And so we’re harming our esophagus, our teeth and enamel is becoming corroded. It can also mean that our cognition is impaired, because we’re not getting proper nutrition. It can mean we have osteoporosis because we weren’t eating enough for a long period of time. It can mean a lot of different things because we’re hopping from behavior to behavior. And that doesn’t mean that the behaviors are less hurtful or harmful to our bodies. They’re still just as harmful. So I would encourage you. If you worry, if you’re wondering, “Hey Kati, I’m doing something only these many amounts of time a day or week or whatever, does it mean that I’m really sick, cause I don’t really think…” You’re sick and I’m sorry. Eating disorders are scary and they’re harmful and the sooner we get help, the better. And that’s why I’m here, right? We’re working together to break through the stigma. Just because we have a different diagnosis doesn’t mean we’re any better or worse than anybody else. We’re here to get better. We’re here to help one another and recover. The more harm we do to our bodies the worse, right? We want to get help earlier, we want to get help faster, and get treatment and work harder on our recovery. And you can even let me know if there’s a topic you want me to talk about, but know that EDNOS or Other Specified or Unspecified Feeding or Eating Disorders are just as serious as any other. And the sooner we can get help, find a therapist, getting checked out by our doctor, meeting with a dietician, the better. So let’s work together as we break through the stigma and we work towards a healthy mind and a healthy body. Subtitles by the Amara.org community



  • elena Sal

    I didn't hop from one to the other. I was pure anorexic from 14 to 25. I just have genes that don't allow me to become boney. I flew under the radar. It's dangerous! I never got help because I wasn't boney. I was blacking out 2-3times daily.

  • Official Chicken Permission Fragrance

    I'm confused what I have. I restrict myself eating completely then every one-two days I'll binge and purge. I think it might be ednos but nobody seems to think there's a problem, and that its just an irregular eating pattern.

  • Ren McGee

    I don't know if I have an ed or a phobia… I have a severe fear of gaining or losing weight. I will eat a lot in private only to the point of feeling sick and then it makes me feel sick in every other way as well. In public I used to have a lot of issues eating…

  • katta salmiakki

    i've had EDNOS for 5+ years, this video hits home

  • Anna Green

    Not having a diagnosis it's frustrating. If someone tells me "you have this" I can work with that. Right now I don't fit anywhere and I'm too fat to seem like "my health is at risk" so I guess I'm just a lazy idiot too obsessed with calories but not enough to have an eating disorder. My ex-therapist suggested I should sleep more… I guess is hard to diagnose an ED to a fat person.

  • ZaraZenegal

    I went to a clinic for eating disorders. I didn't get to come there more than like 5 times or so. Why? Because I didn't fit the criteria for either anorexia or bulimia. When I mentioned this to a therapist she was shocked how they apparently didn't accept ednos as an eating disorder.

  • kiyo

    idk if i have an ed or not. i've been struggling with disordered eating for about 2 years, and battling with my weight for around 4. i basically restrict, binge, then eat 'normally'. i do this cycle at least once a week, and i've been doing it for nearly 2 years. i'm just so shit at restricting my calories, but i'm too fucking lazy to exercise.

  • Lindsey Marie Joyce

    girl i saw the thumbnail and was ready to punch a bitch

  • Désirée Allen

    3 years trying to recover from this

  • Jacqueline Woo

    DSM….. so evil. I wonder how they are specifying various types of anxiety these days…. yikes

  • B. Bow.

    I can't have food at home because i binge on everything i have, so i buy  food everyday and i usually buy sweets because that's my only weakness and if i only eat what i really crave, i can have less calories per day.
    I think i had anorexia, and right know i don't know what i have, but i never change my thoughts: i'm wanting to loose weight, trying to cut my calories, and feeling safe when i restrict, but i eat everyday because i need to function at work, even when all i eat in a day is a pack of oreos 🙁

  • The floating Tea picker

    Im recovered but I've still needed to hear what you've said in this video for years! I was Ill for 10+ yrs hopping from Ana to bulimia to edno s and back, and the diagnosis screwed my head up still does, and I had some bad experiences with dieticians and therapists as a result and recovery was delayed massively because of this attitude surrounding it. Thank you for your knowledge and clarity. I'd love it if you could do a video on long term affects post recovery I've had a lot of complications since, digestive, joint pain, fatigue, miscarriages and I'm often dismissed a lot when trying to find reason and solutions.

  • Day in the life of Mel

    For years I have been trying to figure out what is wrong with my eating habits. When I was about six or seven when I got stressed I wouldn’t eat. Growing up I never had control over hardly anything ever. But then I hit teen years and started working out way more than usual. When stressed I wouldn’t eat and I don’t mean I wouldn’t eat for a day or two no I’m talking nothing at all for months and not even notice. If I forced myself to eat I would get sick. Nothing worked until stress came back down. I diet often work out very often. Went threw a bout of depression and stopped eating this year which lasted for almost 5 months of maybe eating once a week. I dropped 30lbs in the last several months. I’ve since have been able to start eating again once a day…..but I’m trying to determine if this falls into eating disorder categories or not because nobody seems to know what’s wrong with me

  • Brandyce Wonderland

    I really wish every doctor cared like you do. Eating disorders don't get talked about enough. I have received so much backlash bc of it, professionally and in everyday life. There isn't much help available for us who really badly want to know what it's like to "normal eat" without feeling guilt.

  • Happy Sparrow

    Wow this chick is AMAZING I want to be able to communicate like this with no judgement and so much compassion #GOALS

  • Plantbased Panda

    I think it’s treatment services that reinforce this stigma and the fact that it’s not taken seriously, in the UK anyway

  • Dogs And songs

    I just starve sometimes and sometimes I over exercise but my body still wants food I cant purge but I do Also have binge episodes

  • cherish now

    thank you so much for letting me know about EDNOS. but i could not find the workbook on your website. how can i find it? i need help about my ed…

  • Slightly Infernal

    Huh interresting, the same thing happend with ddnos dissociative disorder not othervise specified
    Its now osdd other specifed dissociative disorder

    I think that on was party for the better 🙂

  • Charlie

    ive had anorexic symptoms for months then bulimia symptoms for months back and forth for years but haven't been diagnosed bc when im at a 'normal weight' no one cares

  • Jennifer Zimmer

    It's a cycle for me, I'll starve myself, binge and then purge

  • Emily T.

    I know I'm SUPER late to this video, but they diagnosed me with bulimia even though I don't fit all the criteria. Ie, I don't always BP enough for the criteria, sometimes less and sometimes way more. They just diagnosed me with it because I have Medicaid and if they diagnose me with osfed/ednos I wouldn't be able to get treated outpatient for the issue.

  • Bekah Campbell

    I wonder if I fall under it too because even though I for the most part practice healthy habits, I tend to restrict a lot and if I know I go over my limit, I’ll make up for it by exercising and restricting even more. I also think about more bulimic habits but I’ve never actually done anything to have any diagnosis. The worst part is that I’m overweight so it’s impossible for any doctor to understand.

  • Rachel Heflin

    Kati I was told that I have EDNOS and I have been dealing with. I am trying to get more help than what I am getting now.

  • Nolies World

    I got diagnosed with EDNOS in 2002. I didn't meet the criteria for anorexia because I still had my period but my weight was in the range of anorexia. I felt so so awful to find out I wasn't sick enough to be considered anorexic. It made me so angry that I still had to gain weight. I didn't know how to talk about it to people because j felt like I was lieing to people of I said I had anorexia but they also wouldn't understand if I said I had EDNOS 🤦

  • Lili ana

    I have this and it's so frustrating coz the eating disorder clinic won't help me coz I am "don't have an eating disorder" bitch they just diagnosed me with an unspecified eating disorder it still counts!

  • Sophie Bophie

    If I restrict to 700 calories a day but have binges about 2 or 3 times a week but I don't purge and barely exercise so do I have an Ed?

  • Brianna Obama

    I've struggled with compulsive over eating for my entire life, I've struggled with bulemia and anorexia interchangeably since age 13. I'm in my late 20s and it never truly goes away… The Bulemia started from the over eating, the anorexia started when i got tired of throwing up. So thank you for this video and putting this up

  • namkookie5

    Kati…I been eating less,fasting,restricting,over exercising,eating non-comestible things like paper and foam,skipping meals,feeling tired and cold,self harming for eat more than I though,cutting entire food groups and lost weight by doing that but still a normal weight for my age/height,so that means that I have Ednos/Osfed?
    My family dont take me seriously cause… "I dont look so sick" u know?It make me really sad and I think that I am not thin and sick enough to have an ED
    please someone give me help with this

  • Wendy Taylor

    A long time…yep…I started doing this stuff when I was 7…I am 47 now….so…long time….probably never going to change now way too late for me….

  • Nosebleedbones

    I think I may have EDNOS, but I don't know how to tell my therapist, I fear that I will sound stupid, what can I do?

  • Sprocket Magnifique

    Have you ever heard of an eating disordered called ARFID? It stands for Avoidant/Restricted Food Intake Disorder, and I just discovered it and it totally matched my experience as a "picky eater". My palette is rather limited and I cannot eat vegetables, certain kinds of meat, or really anything that isn't bland without gagging or having other involuntary reactions to it. (Yeah… eating at friend's houses is super stressful and occasionally embarrassing.) I can't find a lot on it, and I don't really know where to get started. I just know that I can't eat like a toddler for the rest of my life, and I want to do something to change it before I end up with diabetes.

  • WitchHazel3

    This video is very triggering

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