ENG SUB《我的机器人男友 My Robot Boyfriend》EP15——主演:姜潮,毛晓彤,孟子荻

ENG SUB《我的机器人男友 My Robot Boyfriend》EP15——主演:姜潮,毛晓彤,孟子荻

♪ My dear, how do I love? ♪ ♪ Want to break through this barrier ♪ ♪ How can I change my programming? ♪ ♪ Unintentional hurt ♪ ♪ Listening to my instructions ♪ ♪ I can delete these memories
and start anew ♪ ♪ Waiting ♪ ♪ But I just ended up complying with my fate ♪ ♪ My past self is already gone ♪ ♪ Time passes by too quickly ♪ ♪ There is no exception ♪ ♪ Nobody can escape ♪ ♪ My dear, how do I love? ♪ ♪ Want to break through this barrier ♪ ♪ How can I change my programming? ♪ ♪ Learning how to love ♪ [My Robot Boyfriend] [Episode 15] Come in. -Chief Editor?
-Lie back down. -What brings you here?
-How are you feeling? I didn’t have any energy earlier,
but I’m much better now. I’m sure my absence
has affected work a lot. Wei Wei has been doing pretty
well handling everything. Our news special was well-received. Everyone is thinking of you. Me too. I’m honored that you
came to visit me in person. Rest well and get back to
work as soon as possible. We’ll be waiting. Oh, and… when you have time,
write about your experience. Share your perspective as
a donor with the public. I’m sure it will touch people and encourage more people to
register as bone marrow donors. Chief Editor, giving me an assignment
while paying me a sick visit… You win. Rest well. I have to
go visit another friend. You two… Isn’t this a coincidence? She’s my employee. You’re an ER doctor,
what are you doing here? Chief Editor. This is my boyfriend. Let me introduce you. This is my ex-husband. Do you still go on lots
of business trips? And you, do you still
work lots of night shifts? I do. It’s become a natural habit. Time difference. The two of us live
in different time zones. Hey, I heard you’re still single. I heard you have lots of
nurses going after you. Absolutely not! Those are just rumors. Listen, Xiao Lin is the
most popular right now. You saw him, Meng Yan’s boyfriend. I’m irrelevant now. Doctors, particularly ER doctors, aren’t suitable boyfriends at all. A chief editor… A pretty and classy,
but hot-tempered chief editor, truly makes a suitable wife. Just not the wife of an ER doctor. When two perfectly good people aren’t well-suited for each other, it really is an awkward thing. For sure. If the two of us… were to try again… would we end up in the same place? I think… probably. We’re like the sun and the moon. When you come out, I’m gone. When I’m out, you’re gone. We’re never able to meet. So… it’s a cycle. No matter how we turn, we’re still at square one. But to be honest… I want you to have good options. If you ever get yourself a boyfriend, or even married,
I’ll be sure to be there. I’ll send you a hefty red envelope! If you ever get married,
I promise not to wreck your wedding. Alright, I have to get back to work. And I have a surgery to prepare for. Goodbye. Make sure to eat your meals on time. Don’t pull all-nighters. Be good. Okay. So the appendicitis patient
Dr. Chen mentioned was my boss… I heard they were both
constantly busy and rarely spent time together, so they
ended up divorcing. -We…
-Wouldn’t, for sure. How did you know
what I was about to ask? We’d never get married. You want to get married that badly? Marriage is filled with
problems and suffering. But I want to. Fool. -Dr. Lin.
-Mr. Qiao. You’re here to see Meng Yan, right?
She’s in there, recovering well. I knew it. There’s nothing to worry
about with you around. I bought these vitamins overseas
because I heard they were great. Do me a favor and give
them to Meng Yan for me. Highly concentrated multi-vitamins
help with absorption. They’ll be great for Meng Yan
and they’re expensive. -You must’ve spent a lot.
-As long as they’re helpful. Aren’t you going to pay her a visit? It’s alright, let her rest. And I don’t want you
to get the wrong idea. I wouldn’t. And here I was concerned you’d mind. I’ll get going then. See you. Meng Yan. Thank you for allowing me to
witness the miracle of life again. I’m a hardcore fan of yours! If he dares bully you, I’ll… Mo Bai would never bully me. Make sure to rest well these few days. Are you two trying to make us miserable? You’re just parting for a while,
is this necessary? -I’m leaving otherwise.
-Hey, cooperate! Be jealous! Be jealous! Whose car is this? What’s up? We asked for a
day off to come see you. -Are you touched?
-Yeah, aren’t we great? -Meng Yan!
-You’re so dramatic, that’s enough! I’m going home now.
Come visit me after work. And you go home and rest. She’s just going home, why are you guys acting like
you’re parting for life? I’m off then. -Bye!
-See you. Mo Bai! It’s been a while. Don’t cry, Mo Bai. I’ll become a doctor when
I grow up and cure your mom. -Okay?
-Okay. Mo Bai. I have something to tell you. I’m probably…
emigrating with my parents. You… You’re leaving? Will you still come back in the future? Who can predict the future? Yu Fei, I like you! Good boy, I like you too. Don’t treat me like
a child! I’m grown up! When you grow up…
who knows, you might forget me. I won’t! Can you not go? Can you stay? Stay for me. I’m sorry, Mo Bai. What’s wrong? Don’t tell me you don’t
recognize me anymore? Yu Fei. I’m back. This time… I’m really back. Humans have such different lives… Why does he always have
beautiful women hugging him? Looks determine your fate. You can stop dreaming. This day is about to get interesting. Meng Yan? You’re Meng Yan, right? Hello. I’m Wang Yu Fei. I’m like an elder sister that
watched Mo Bai grow up. Hi. You’re prettier than I imagined. You know me? Mo Bai mentions you a lot in the
video diaries he sends me. He says you’re a really special person. What video diaries? Oh, I used to work in the States. I just came back. I was wondering why he’s
been interacting less with me. Now I know the reason. Why didn’t you tell me you had a
sister figure you were so close to? We haven’t seen each
other in a long time. It’s really nice to meet you. Likewise. Mo Bai! Chang An! Hurry, come help! We’ve got a multiple car wreck– Senior Yu Fei, when did you come back? We’ll talk later, hurry up! You go ahead. I’ll see you tonight. Hey, I’ll go with you. I haven’t gotten the chance to tell
you that we’re colleagues now. -Come on.
-Hey! -Where are you going?
-To see if I can help! Lady hero, do you mind letting your body
recover before you go be a hero again? Let’s go home first! Quickly! Into the OR, hurry. 58-year old patient,
cerebral hemorrhage. Heart rate is 40,
diastolic BP 160 and rising. There’s definitely complications
aside from internal bleeding. Abnormal swelling of
the left carotid artery. She’s going to suffer a massive
hemorrhage. Get someone from neuro here. No need. I’m a newly hired neurosurgeon. Today’s my first day. Let’s get to work. Push 0.5 mg of sodium nitroprusside
and watch her BP. Okay. Give her 600 ml of
blood to raise her BP. Prep for a laparotomy. Stabilize the
spleen and prepare to resect part of it. She’s got a blockage
in her carotid artery at C2-5. Moyamoya disease induced cerebral
hemorrhage. She needs a bypass. -Senior.
-This patient needs immediate surgery. -Prep an OR.
-Alright. Mo Bai, I’ll leave the
other patients to you. Let’s go, the OR, now! Meng Yan is discharged,
and Xiao Di is doing well too. We should celebrate, shouldn’t we? Okay! Meng Yan. What’s on your mind? Are you nervous because of that pretty
lady that came back from the States? She said it herself,
she watched Mo Bai grow up. Childhood friends are too innocent
to notice their mutual love, isn’t that how it goes
in romance dramas? You’re overthinking. You can easily tell
Yu Fei is straightforward. Things aren’t that complicated. No! My intuition tells me that this person’s relationship
with your Dr. Lin isn’t that simple. I trust Mo Bai. Couldn’t you tell earlier? When she appeared, all pretty and
fashionable and confident, it was as if she had
this special charisma. All the men at the
scene were drawn to her. She’s right. Even I couldn’t resist looking at her. -A feast for the eyes.
-Right? She’s a top love rival, for sure. Meng Yan, I think you
should take this seriously. Otherwise the fragile seeds
of you and Dr. Lin’s love will be destroyed in an instant. I think you should interrogate Dr. Lin about the exact nature
of their relationship. Forget it! Acting all uneasy and interrogating here
and there is what kills relationships. Meng Yan’s right, I support her. Men hate it when women
jump to conclusions. Says who? It means we care! Being cautious in advance
prevents future troubles! And you can show Dr. Lin that you
care about the details of his life. -It’s completely advantageous!
-Enough already, you. Meng Yan, remember. Be cautious at all times. Stop talking, I got it! Fine! Alright, now that we’ve gotten
all that out of the way, let’s talk about where
we’re going to party tonight. You guys go. Mo Bai wants me to wait at
home for him to come over. Oh stop it, please! Hey… What kind of relationship do you
think Mo Bai has with that woman? They seem really
familiar with each other. Ms… Perfect… Oi. Did you hear me? What are you thinking about? I’m… not thinking about anything. My mind is filled with imagery. Can you believe that Ms. Perfects
really exist in this world? Who the heck are you talking about? Even though I just caught a
fleeting glimpse of her so far, but I’ve been entranced
by her unique aura. Especially those eyes… completely different from yours. The warmth within them… And that long pair of legs. How are they so long? Dr. Jia, the chief wants to see you. Okay, got it. Help me toss that. Xiao Hua, didn’t you
just buy these pants? Why’d you cut them? You should’ve
given them to me if you didn’t want them. Ah… How’s it going? Is everything handled? Yeah. Then let’s… take a break
and get a drink. Okay. After graduating, we intended to stay in America. We even applied for green cards. Afterwards… a lot of problems arose between us, so it all ended. Although my parents are gone and I don’t have any
other relatives here… but still… there were some things
I couldn’t leave behind. I happened to receive a job offer, so I came back. Mo Bai, you’ve grown up. We both have. But you’re still the same. You always liked looking
at me without speaking. You’re the same as you
are in my memories too. You really are grown up. You even know how
to compliment a girl now. Time changes everything. I was thinking earlier… when did the little boy that always
followed me around become so steady? Time passes too quickly. I remember that year… you must’ve been in high school. You suddenly came to me and said you
also planned to go to med school. And it turns out, you really did. I remember… when you were young, you liked
music and performing on stage. And then you became a doctor. This is the song. I can’t believe you still remember it. I listen to it occasionally. In the time before I came back, I didn’t receive any mail or
videos from you for a long time and I was really worried. I thought something happened to you. A lot was going on,
so I stopped recording. You’re dating? I suppose. Ah, that girl earlier. Meng… Meng… Meng Yan? Yes, Meng Yan. She seems to be a
really cheerful, good girl. She can be mean sometimes. But most of the time, she’s cute. She’s a… reporter? She’s a very impulsive
but righteous reporter. Very pure. She wears her heart on her sleeve. She can’t hide anything. It sounds like we’d be great friends. Call her out sometime
so we can eat together. She loves to eat. Speaking of food, I’m really hungry. Come on, let’s go eat. I can’t tonight. Why not? It’s my first day, and I just got back. I’ll be hurt if you turn me down. Alright then. What do you want to eat? I want to eat… what I craved the most overseas. You’re lost? How creative. You’re wasting your talents as a doctor. At last, you laugh. -Thanks.
-Enjoy. Why aren’t you eating? Do you still not like eating out? I remember you
didn’t use to like hotpot. Yeah. People are like that. When something is in front of you,
you don’t know to appreciate it. When it’s not with you, you miss it. That’s true. I often ate hamburgers
and pizza overseas, so hotpot became a
taste I really missed. Then eat more. You eat too. Try more things, otherwise
you’ll miss out on a lot. You seem to be more
sanguine than you used to be. Maybe it’s because I experienced
too many things over the years so now I’m more
magnanimous about things. You said earlier that your relationship
in America didn’t go well. Yes. I got divorced. What’s with your expression? I thought you were a person
who was loyal in love. If love dies, and the only thing
left is sorrow and pain, it’s better to just leave. That’s respect for love. Was he not good to you? Never mind, it’s a long story. We’re all adults, so we have to take responsibility
for our own decisions. No matter how things end up,
we have to face them ourselves. So you’re not planning
on leaving this time? No. Things are getting better here, and I like the benefits
the hospital is providing me. Also… you’re here too. Here. Welcome back, Yu Fei. You’re grown up but still can’t drink? Okay then. [Meng Yan] Mo Bai, are you still busy at work? Don’t work too hard.
Reply me when you’re done. Mo Bai… are you still working? I don’t feel so good. Thanks for having hotpot with me. Oh, by the way, want to come see my new place? No thanks, I left my phone at the
hospital so I’m going to go pick it up. Alright. I’ll see you tomorrow then. See you tomorrow. Coming! -Your mom’s not home?
-She went out. -Do you not feel well?
-My stomach hurts. It’s because I never eat on time. What took you so long? Was the hospital super busy today? I went to dinner with Yu Fei. She just got back
and doesn’t know anyone. Also, I left my phone at the hospital. I just saw your message. Oh. Yu Fei works at your hospital too? She’s an expert
brought in from overseas. Have you eaten? I was waiting for you. My mom went to meet with clients,
so she isn’t home. Have you taken your medication? You can’t take them until after
you’ve eaten. What do you want to eat? Pineapple bun. You’re sick, you have to eat easily digestible food.
I’ll make some noodles. The really tasty kind. Watch out! I’ll hold it, you eat. It smells amazing! Stupid, aren’t you going to
let it cool before you eat? Everything you make tastes amazing. You should switch careers
and become a chef. I like being a doctor. I’m kidding, why so serious? But Dr. Lin, if one day we get married, will I have to wait for
you like this every day? Hurry and eat your noodles.
You still have to take your meds. You just donated your stem cells,
so your immunity is low. You have to rest and
take care of yourself. Can you stay with me a
while longer until I fall asleep? Battery reminder: Less than
30% of battery remaining. I’ll stay for ten more minutes. Go to sleep. Mo Bai? Your love for me will
never waver, right? We have a new team member,
I bet we’re getting introduced. Director. Everyone is present at our meeting so allow me to
introduce a new colleague. Dr. Wang Yu Fei. I’m sure you’ve all met
her in the last few days. Dr. Wang was previously a resident
at a Chinese hospital in the U.S. She has plenty of patient experience. I hope you all learn from her. The director exaggerates. I should be the one
learning from all of you. I’ll be in your care in the future. Yesterday we had a critical patient
from the car wreckage. Thankfully, Dr. Wang was present. Her accurate diagnosis
and prompt surgery saved the patient just in time. Actually, I was just in
charge of the surgery. The diagnosis and treatment
were proposed by Dr. Lin. He’s the one with the smart brain. She’s pretty and intelligent. Genuine and open. She really brings
Ms. Perfect to a whole new level. My radar tells me this hospital’s testosterone levels
are currently rising exponentially. Yup. -Don’t worry, make sure to rest.
-Okay, thank you. Be good and listen to your mom, okay? See you. -You’ve worked hard, enjoy.
-Thank you. Dr. Wang, come sit here! Dr. Wang, sit here! This seat’s empty. Next time. -Can I sit here?
-Sure. Thanks. What am I seeing? -What are you looking at?
-Is that Lin Mo Bai? He’s actually smiling at someone. Huh? Dr. Wang is our hospital’s Ms. Perfect. Columbia University graduate, and she’s gained so many
fans since she got here. Smart, beautiful women
truly are different. I need to go ask her for advice. You work in obstetrics,
what do you need neuro advice for? Mo Bai, can I sit here? Hi Dr. Wang, I’m Jia Chang An. He works in OB. I’m Xiao Hua, a nurse. My name means
“laughter and face like flowers.” Nice to meet you! She is kind of flower-like. We saw each other
in the hallway yesterday. Right, yes, you remember! We’re Mo Bai’s friends. You know him, he doesn’t
have many friends here. He’s been like that since he was young. I’m sure he’d be more well-liked
if he were more outgoing. No way! Then he’d surpass me! I don’t think so.
You’re so witty and funny, and you look so reliable.
I’m sure plenty of girls like you. Without Mo Bai, he’s invisible. Dr. Wang, I heard you and Mo Bai have
known each other since childhood? Yes. His mom was ill at the
time and living at the hospital. My mom happened
to be the head nurse. There was no one to mind us so I played with him
and took care of him. -You know that too?
-There’s nothing here I don’t know. She loves to gossip. You guys eat, I’m going
to go check on patients. Go ahead, don’t worry,
I’ll take care of Dr. Wang. Alright. Dr. Wang, I’m not eating this
chicken leg, so you can have it. Xiao Hua doesn’t like drumsticks either. Did you ask or not? Ask what? About your love rival. What love rival? Cut it out. That night my stomach hurt and
Mo Bai came to take care of me. He didn’t leave till I fell asleep.
I don’t suspect him at all. That night? How late was it? He came right after
having hotpot with Yu Fei. He was with that pretty lady again? They go out to eat as
soon as she comes back. That’s weird, isn’t it? Yu Fei was specially brought over
to their hospital from overseas. She just came back and
isn’t familiar with anything. Plus they knew each other already,
so eating together is normal. Hey. I think my sensitivity
to this is logical. You have to be aware of this person! Is it that big of a deal? How is it not? You have to be cautious! Have you thought about this?
They’ve known each other for so long. How did she coincidentally end up
at Mo Bai’s hospital this time? Do you know anything that happened
between them in the past? I suddenly remember. Mo Bai used to like someone,
but they never ended up together. That person was always in his heart. You see? So… could she be the one
that was in his heart? Then that means… she’s Mo Bai’s first love. Meng Yan, the battle chimes have sounded.
You need to armor up and fight! But from what Mo Bai said, it seemed more like a one-sided love. Even so, it’s dangerous, okay? They’ve known each other forever. They understand each other
and have chemistry. And they’re both doctors
so they have a common language. They even work at the same hospital! They’re with each other all
hours of the day, you never know! What can I do about it? Make Mo Bai switch jobs or
keep him on a leash? Go to the hospital more often. Or become friends with that lady. You have to know
your enemy to beat them. Worst comes to worst, try to learn more about Dr. Lin’s past! That’s so awkward! Mo Bai is my boyfriend. I shouldn’t have
baseless doubts about him. Then you better pray
I’m just overthinking. Don’t cry to me in the future. Shut up! It’s mine! Hello? Congratulations on your
number being the winner in– What the hell? Scammer! Is this doe-eyed child Xiao Di? Who are you? I’m a friend of Mo Bai’s. I heard you’re also his friend. Can we be friends? Lots of girl doctors
want to be my friend. Why? I know that it’s because they
want to get close to Mo Bai. You’re adorable,
you speak like an adult. Xiao Di, what are you reading? Ah… a Grimms’ fairy tale. So you like fairy tales? The hospital’s library only
has these fairy tale books. Well… I know lots of amazing stories. Want to hear one? Tell me, what kind of story do you like? Something thrilling. Something for boys. A hero story, then? Okay. Let me think… a hero story… Why don’t I tell you about Harry Potter? Once there was a boy named Harry Potter. He was orphaned as a baby. He grew up with his aunt and uncle. They didn’t treat him very well. Xiao Di is a very good kid. I heard his father is always out of
town and can’t be with him. It’s the hospital’s doctors and
nurses that take care of him. Meng Yan was his bone marrow donor? That’s right. Thanks to her, he was saved. They’re the same blood type now,
and more similar in personality. Meng Yan really is great. [Radiation In Progress: Do Not Enter] Yu Fei. I left my files, I’m going
to go back and get them. Okay. ♪ The wind blows
ceaselessly in the air ♪ ♪ Rain falls slowly between my eyes ♪ ♪ Who can understand? ♪ ♪ My words only just left my mouth ♪ ♪ But they’re frozen in midair ♪ ♪ You remain indifferent and unmoved ♪ ♪ My heart still holds
a shred of feeling ♪ ♪ My hand almost
manages to clasp yours ♪ ♪ Your cold face when you turn around ♪ ♪ Is like the coming of winter ♪ ♪ Love disrupts time ♪ ♪ When time has stopped ♪ ♪ It pauses this tragic position ♪ ♪ So you don’t disappear
from before my eyes ♪ ♪ No one knows ♪ ♪ The story that’s about to take place ♪ ♪ This illusion is preserved ♪ ♪ When time has stopped ♪ ♪ Who will verify the
authenticity of our memories? ♪ ♪ Parting is perhaps
inevitable in our future ♪ ♪ We can only call it a pity ♪ ♪ Maybe we’ll forget ♪ ♪ How I once felt for you ♪ ♪ When time has stopped ♪ ♪ Who will verify the
authenticity of our memories? ♪ ♪ Parting is perhaps
inevitable in our future ♪ ♪ We can only call it a pity ♪ ♪ Maybe we’ll forget ♪ ♪ That I once felt for you ♪ ♪ Sincerely ♪



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