[ENGSUB] 부산 신생아 두개골 골절사건(부산아영이 사건) 국민청원을 통한 철저한 진실규명을 요청합니다/신생아실 학대/사건 많이 좀 퍼트려 주시고 국민청원 참여 꼭 부탁드립니다

[ENGSUB] 부산 신생아 두개골 골절사건(부산아영이 사건) 국민청원을 통한 철저한 진실규명을 요청합니다/신생아실 학대/사건 많이 좀 퍼트려 주시고 국민청원 참여 꼭 부탁드립니다

Hi, this is AMOO dad who is thinking about what to do for my baby. Last night I was shocked by this news. asking myself how on earth could this happen? It was the clinic in Busan. A newborn has fractured her skull and had brain hemorrhage with the massive brain damage. So they took this girl to a university hospital. Here’s what happened. Five-day-old baby girl from a gynecology clinic in Busan is suddenly in bad condition and is rushed to a university hospital. And at the university hospital, she’s diagnosed skull fracture and cerebral hemorrhage can make it hard for her to survive the day. I can’t imagine how her family’s been through. Born in good health on the 15th, scheduled to be discharged on the 21st, and very healthy just before the incident, she suddenly had a brain damage from external force. Of course, something happened to her. The father asked the hospital for CCTV and medical records. And he’ve found demon there. I can’t call her a human. She’s suppose to take care of this baby on behalf of her parents. It’s her job! Isn’t the neonatal unit should be a safe place to protect babies? People got trained and work for babies! But what’s even worse They don’t have any CCTVs for about two hours around the accident. Was there thunder on that clinic? any black out? and still no explain for that, too. My middle name isn’t Sherlock, but I could guess how that heppend either. so how many people are involed hurting this innocent baby and her parents? See how people get together for bad against their conscience. and how fragile we become where the place we should be protected. Here’s their brilliant guess causing her damage. I heard about the patient transfer process, and the car shook a lot during the transfer. Maybe that’s why? The car shook so much that her skull split while she was transferring to the university hospital.
You mean this? You guys are doctors. Use your brain better. Have you got your brain damaged either? Making it worse, it’s the way how they react. The representative of this clinic says We’ve decided to shut down the clinic. We’ve shied away from all responsibility and we don’t know anything, and now we’re out of business, so it doesn’t matter at all. He’s acting like this. It’s a waste of time to expect a piece of human in him. Please watch this video and spread this case a lot. And I’ll write the link to the petition in the explanatory column and comments. Please sign up and join the petition. It’s a world where my child lives, and it’s a nursery where there’s another child of mine, or your child. Lastly, I hope for her to recover her health. I hope that we can grow up to be beautiful and pray for a miracle where we can run as fast as we can without worrying about the world. Thanks from AMOO dad.



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    본 사건 아영이 아빠입니다.CCTV 영상 분석에 따라서 처벌 받지 않을 수도 있다고 합니다.확실한 진상규명과 처벌, 그리고 재발방지를 위해 제가 올린 청원 동의 제발 부탁드립니다.https://www1.president.go.kr/petitions/583272

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