[ENGSUB] CLC @ Fan Heart Attack Idol TV

[ENGSUB] CLC @ Fan Heart Attack Idol TV

good morning. hi everyone Other members are not ready yet only two of us are filming right now Everyone are preparing Still haven’t done her preparation her hair got grabbed her hair got grabbed Yujin unnie You can cover your face like this why?why are you covering?
Is there anything? I haven’t put on my contact lens. It looks funny. You just put on one side of it?
-YJ: Yes Then we can’t film it. To be honest, it looks the same. -Yes. -Really? SY: it doesn’t look the same. That girl, Oh Seunghee. It’s way too close to the camera. We look similar right? When we are laughing, our teeth are similar. We have done our preparation We are going to the studio Today will be an interesting day as the weather is good. SO EXCITED
– The weather is so good We are going to Hongdae Everyone see you! (Before the filming start…) (the crew has prepared a special welcome ceremony for CLC) (CLC was informed to have a pre-interview)
Hi everyone (We have a important mission for you.) -What?
-SH: I feel it. SH: I feel it. Is that a Hidden camera mission?
-Yes. There will be a ghost in today’s hidden camera. Then Seungyeon unnie.
(everyone chooses seungyeon) Sorn will be arranged to be with Seungyeon Sorn needs to do some acting You need to witness the ghost with her Let Seungyeon feel that ‘we literally saw that ghost.’ and to scare her off. Hi everyone I’m Seungyeon I’m going by myself? let’s go I prepared something for you guys But Seungyeon will know it even though I say nothing. It sounds interesting. Sorn: Yes Let’s do some interview here.
-Okay. Let’s do some simple interview first. -Okay There will be some questions like ‘Have you watched any episode of Fan heart attack Idol tv?” And some words to CLC members. (the ghost is standing there swiftly.) the atmosphere becomes strange (What the hell is that?) director: oh it’s cold The first question: ” Have you watched Idol TV before?” Of course. First, I have watched the episode of BTOB sunbaenim as well as B1A4 sunbaenim and Lovelyz Especially BTOB sunbaenim.
(want to answer the question but can’t hide her scariness) We are worried about whether we can be funny as they did. But we still lay down our burden and come here. Me, I will be funny as to be stopped by everyone What should I do, everyone please look forward to it. You guys will love me right? suddenly camera ran out of battery. (She.. talked to me) You can see me. We are dreaming right? you can see me right? Sorry the battery is running out. (the others can’t see it?) -Do you feel tired?
– No It’s okay. My hands start sweating right now. (Seungyeon helps Sorn to relieve stress even though she is nervous as hell.) Let’s continue What determination did you make for this episode? reflection? What? What’s that? Honestly we are very nervous now So we watched many shows by other sunbaenim We will show you all our unseen charm (the world saddest Fighting) There are some requests sent by fans which is to play ‘rock-scissors-paper’ To see how many times of synchronisation can be made. Put on this eye mask and raise up you hand is okay. (soulless)
This is cute. Cover your eyes until you see nothing Let’s start! Take off your eye mask and see. What did you raise just now? Sorn: Ah so nervous. Seems like rock and scissors? It’s not synchronized. Let’s do it again. Is it necessary to put on the mask?
-Yes. How about this? You need to cover your eyes! I’m scared.
-Why? Don’t move your hand and check the result. What did I raise? One last time. (Poor seungyeon TT) (Seungyeon starts crying) What’s going on? We did it! What? Nothing.
It’s deliberate, right?
(please tell me it’s fake) Who? Don’t scare me! I’m sorry Wait a minute. Director: Guests are going to the preparation room. It’s too horrible. YE: Wha’ happen to your hair?Did Someone hit you? Don’t cry!
-Who hit you!? Why are you crying? She’s standing in front of us Crew: Are you scared?
-SY: Yes? Was that a hidden camera? -Yes. YE: Sorn unnie’s acting is so good. I’m probably an actress. Crew: Eunbin will be doing the similar hidden camera soon It’s the same.
We will start the filming after that. I am the last one. Let’s start with a short interview. Hello everyone Please look at the camera and adjust the position. I felt like dying when I was there alone It must be very demanding. We will start with a short interview. First question is “Have you watched Idol TV before?” So let’s start. Please look at the camera. How do you feel about Idol TV? This is the first time for us to film a vareity show together. Can we say “a variety show”? Anyway, I will try my best! fighting Sorry, wait a minute. the camera is running out of battery. Hurry up. Sorry.
-EB: It’s okay. How is your condition today? EB: good. I thought that is a mannequin. mannequin? Wait a minute. It is not a ghost prank right? You can see me right? You can see me right?! How do you think about why I am here? I don’t know.
(AWWWW SO CUTE Crew: Words for CLC? (The power is off in a sudden.) Crew: Director! Crew: There will be a power outage soon. The ghost will stand next to her when the light is back on. Really!
It is way too horrible! SH:I guest she will cry because of that. Let’s continue the interview. It’s okay! EB:What if she is standing next to me? (forgot how she was pranked.) What? What is in front of you? It’s okay. Let’s end the interview with one more question. It’s okay She must be next to me and scare me off. Then let’s do the ending part. I’m scared. Words for CLC members. Unnie, did you all film this? I’m so scared (Sorry Eunbean we didn’t film it.) Ok. Let’s end the interview.
You’ve done a great job. Can you come here? (Please save me) (Burst out of tears after seeing unnies) Ghost nim, You’ve done a great job. Sorn&SY: I’m a fan now.
(what?) SY: Oh she’s crying What should I do? YJ: I’m sorry (Ghost nim, Don’t be like that.) Are you an actress?
-Yes. Ghost:I’m glad to meet you. Elkie: can you act one more time? YOU CAN SEE ME RIGHT? YE: Really looks like a ghost. YE: Are you scared of ghost? EB: No, I’m scared of people. Crew: Let’s prepare for the opening It’s okay (Actress sorn is happy.) CLC Hidden Camera BIG SUCCESS SY: You guys are so bad You, really, I’m speechless.
(LOL SORN) SY: Fan Heart Attack Idol TV audiences, Hello everyone We are CLC. (Greeting in Chinese) Please look forward and watch our program. Chinese Fans I Love You. Thank you Let’s have a self-introduction! Hello everyone, I’m CLC vocal, Oh Seunghee. Hello everyone, I’m CLC leader, SeungYeon Hello everyone, I’m CLC subvocal, YuJin Hello everyone, I’m CLC Happy Virus, Elkie Hello Everyone, I’m CLC Rapper, Ye Eun, Nice to meet you all Hello Everyone, I’m Sorn who comes from Thailand. Hello Everyone, I’m CLC maknae, EunBean Let’s start off with the Idol TV official welfare! (Official welfare) ‘Promise me’ Start! YE: Each member Please say “Please look forward to us” with aeygo EB:Aegyo Battle? EB: Look at this.
/SY: I have confidence YJ: Let me be the first one. SY: COOL Please look forward to us (AWWW LOOK AT THIS KID) YJ: Aegyo just like this is fine. ( My Unnie is fantastic.) Y’all, It is not so hard, Just follow Yujin’s aegyo. Please look forward to us (Run away after watching SH’s aegyo) YE:Pretty! SH: I think I did better than YuJin! YJ: It’s SeungYeon’s turn SH: Really, Why your cheeks turn red? Am I embarrassing? SY: It’s ME embarrassing. (SHIVERING) Please look forward to us (Aegyo Attack) SH: Were you talking Thai? Please look forward to us (Seals Hands Clap) SY: It’s the first time I saw her doing aeygo YJ: It’s Yeeun’s turn.
YE:Please look forward to us. You guys are being cuter than the previous one, so I am embarrassed. SY: How old are you? YE: I’m 19 years-old YJ: I was being the first one to go aeygo but I’m 21 years-old YE: The next one is the King od Aeygo (SHOOK) EB: NO~~ Hurry up~~ Please look forward to us. YE: no~~ You are used to be good at this!! SY: It’s still cute YJ: Maknae!!!!! SY: Like this like this Please look forward to us. SH: Really, It was cute YE: Many people want to watch our Busking’s stage EB: Unnie, aren’t you guys tent to play guitar at car when you are bored? SY: Then let’s show it SY: Let’s say “Please look forward to us.” then start it? SY: let’s start (“Payphone” by CLC) (Seunghee & Yeeun Harmonization) YJ: Thank you SH: Success!
SY: It counts a success right? YE: Can we continue performing it? SY: Whose guitar is it? YE: There are ” N x Speed Dance” requests SH: N x Speed dance? 2 x speed dance? SH: It’s the first time for us to show ot7 ver. dance SY: Really
YE: This is the first release YE: Your arms are really long YJ: Wait a minute, There is not enough space for me SY: O O O It started! SH: This is 2x speed? This is not right? SY: No
SH: Why it sounds so fast to me Let’s go Let’s go (“High Heels” 2x speed dance) (“High Heels” 4x speed dance) YE: More more more faster please (“High Heels” 10x speed dance) (“High Heels” 16x speed dance) “Speed dance Mission Clear!” (Oldest Unnie is exhausted.) SH: WA This is really.. DAEBAK YJ: But It was interesting. It works unexpectedly. SH: It was interesting YE: It was INTERESTING YJ: ” Whispering game?” SY: Monsta X has done it before YE: What is Whispering game? EB: I know! That one which needs to wear headphone YJ: Jang Seung Yeon STUPID! SY: Why “Jang Seung Yeon STUPID” SY: Choi Yu Jin STUPID! YJ: Yes Just like this! (CLC Whispering game start!) SH: “Which one do you like, that cute one or the pretty one?” SH: You knew it already? YJ:”Which one do you like, that cute one or the pretty one?” SH: It’s the first time to hear her being that loud Which one do you like, that cute one or the pretty one?” YJ: Cute cow? Pretty cow? (cow? what?) Sorn: Are you saying ” cute soda or pretty soda?) Sorn: Cute soda, pretty soda Sorn: Cute soda or Pretty soda? SH: It’s hopeless EB: Cute girl turns to be pretty? EB: Cute girl turns to be pretty.
Elkie: what? EB: CUTE GIRL TURNS TO BE PRETTY! Elkie: Cute girl turns to be pretty. Cute girl turns to be pretty. Elkie: Cute SY: Cute? Elkie: .. girl…/
Elkie: Cute girl.. SY: Cute girl..turns to be pretty SY: Cute girl turns to be pretty SH: the ans is “Which one do you like, that cute one or the pretty one?” SH: To be honest, It was still right when it’s Yujin’s turn SH: It becomes “cow” when Yeeun’s turn YE: I heard “Cute cow is a pretty cow.” EB: I heard “Cute girl turns to be pretty.” YE: Why did it come out like this?
Sorn: I heard “soda”. Sorn: “Cute soda”, that soft drinks Sorn: I heard that lol SH: Only Yujin got it right. YE: I want to exchange position with Eunbin YE: She is horrible SY: Eunbin AH Please do well~ SH: you are the one who need to do well lol SH: “Goodnight~ Please dream of me~ Let’s meet in dream~” EB: “Goodnight~ Please dream of me~ Let’s meet in dream~” (Use of Body language)
SY: “Goodnight~ Please dream of me~ Let’s meet in dream~” SY: “Goodnight~ …. “Goodnight~ Please dream of me~ …. SY: NONO haven’t finished yet! SY: “Goodnight~ Please dream of me~ Let’s meet in dream~” SY: Please repeat my words YE: “Goodnight~ Please dream of me~ Let’s see each other in dream~” SY: Let’s MEET in dream! SY: MEET! MEET! YE: “Goodnight~ Please dream of me~ Let’s meet in dream~” YE: “Goodnight~ Please dream of me~ Let’s meet in dream~” Sorn: “Goodnight~ Please dream of me~ … Elkie: Hello? Sorn: Goodnight… Elkie: *Hello in Thai*? Sorn: Goodnight.. dream of me.. Dream of me.. Elkie: Because of pretty?/
Sorn: in dream Elkie: In dream?/
Sorn: Meet~ Elkie: goodnight Elkie: dream of me Elkie: What was it? Elkie: In dream… Elkie: Meet! SH: Its right! “Goodnight~ Please dream of me~ Let’s meet in dream~” EB: Please give us gift! Yeeun: This gesture is very special “Goodnight~ Please dream of me~ Let’s meet in dream~” (Elkie is still talking “sawadeka”) SY: Right SH: Thanks for all of you who left comments for us SH: It was interesting SH: However, this is not the “main” filming of today. SH: Finally, Let’s start the main mission! Please give us the mission! YJ: Please read the mission out ~
EB: Please read the mission out~ YE: Today we need to bring happiness to fans through some “Legendary Variety Show in the memories”. SH: Legend in the memories?/
SY: give it to you(Eunbin) (A Mission to test for the ability of response, wisdom through cooperation games.) SY: We need to divide into 2 teams EB: team Unnie VS team Dongsaeng SH: then team Dongsaeng please come to my side/
SY: team Dongsaeng~~~ (the real team Dongsaeng) SH: alright~ come here~ YJ: This is the Team Donsaeng and team Unnie EB: then we are the team Unnie/
YE: we are the team Unnie! SH: We all at the same age! Team Unnie(?): We are the real, strong Unnies! (Team Kindergarten’s children) ( 1st Mission: Remove the Memo!
Stick 100 Memos on the body and remove it by body movement in 1 minute!) can we stick all of them? YJ: Sorn… Can you help scratch my face? Sorn: where? SY: It’s so vivid (The memos are sticked) SH:She looks like a Paper-made doll (Lots of memos are sticked on Yujin’s head.) YJ: I got shivering (Even shoes cannot escape from being sticked.) YJ: Was it Done? EB: Don’t move SY: Done~/
SY: AH it drops Ready… START SH: There are memos over your skirt SY: Head! HEAD! SY: Your hair! There are memos on your hair! (Memo, Why don’t you drop??) SY: HEAD! (Babies, I’m still here~) SY: Do it like this! Continue! SH: Continue! (ELKIE starts to speed up) SH: Inside your hair! SY: Hair!! (Dancing in the club) (Why are the memos still on my head??!) SY: Yujin ah, spin your head backward for 10 times.. Start! (I am the best Rocker here!) YJ: It works It works! SY: they are still here! (EUNBEAN’s hand lol) SY: YA What are u doing?! SY: Come here!! (SY was going to stick the memo but turns out helping Team Unnie win the game.) What should I do… YJ: That one sticked on the hair is way too firm! SY: WOAH this stickiness is just DAEBAK SY+SH: What brand is it? EB: That one was sticked by me! YJ: It’s okay, there are other games SY: AH at the end because of this memo.. YJ: Team Unnie is young! SY: She is angry (Memo’s owner is satisfied.) SY: Next Game!! GO 2nd Game – Relay game:
1. Flim a Apple CF
2. Squeeze the balloon
3. Team Rope Skipping
The fastest team will win the game SY: Let’s start? I’m nervous (Team Aeygo Babies Start) SH: I’m nervous
YJ: We can do it Sorn: OMO Don’t eat it! Leave it for your skin!
(Pass) (Dolphin high pitch explosion) (Pass) (3. Team Rope Skipping)
SY: YA Yujin ar Go inside quickly! (Stumbled by foot, Failed) SY: Do it again! QUICK OMO Don’t eat it! Leave it for your skin! 2.Balloon Squeezing 3. Team Rope Skipping (Got stumbled when hesitating) SY: Do it again~ SH: I think I can’t do it (It’s already the third time) OMO Don’t eat it! Leave it for your skin! Sorn: let me be the first one (failed in light speed) OMO Don’t eat it! Leave it for your skin! (failed within a second) YJ: What should we do OMO Don’t eat it! Leave it for your skin! SH: Excellent! Expert! (Yujin pass, Sorn Pass) SY: move forward! (More than 5 times, Mission Clear!) (Elkie celebrates together) (Team Aeygo Babies 2mins58sec) YE: We can win if we are faster than them) SH: My heart is in pain SY: Team rope skipping is the main round. YE: I’m scared Swallow it. OMO Don’t eat it! Leave it for your skin! YE: it doesn’t break. YE: Kids 1 2 3 4 YE: Continue OMO Don’t eat it! Leave it for your skin! SY: swiftly swiftly SY: Do you two love each other so much? SY: One by one YE: Eat the apple! SH: She even spoke Banmal(informal language). OMO Don’t eat it! Leave it for your skin! (Team Strong Unnies Mission Clear!) (Team Strong Unnies 1 min 17 sec) SY: Look at her. ” 1 min 17 sec”!!!! SY: She is happy YE: We’ve done a great job~ SY: We together YJ: These games are hard even by imagination
SY: We’ve done it It was interesting! SH: We did well in Rope Skipping. 3rd game: Personal specialty Show Off! Personal specialty Battle just for attacking fans’ heart SY: There is no any limitation in types. Do anything you want! FREE! Let’s prepare in your own group. YE: I think they will be very funny EB: sort of freestyle dance or hyper dance YE: What should we do? I can’t think of anything YE: Should we go to have a peek? go~ YE: UNNIE what should we perform?! Please help us! YE: Really can’t think of anything! SY: “CAn YoU SeE Me?!(imitating Ghost nim) (Team Unnie is worrying.) (Team Aeygo Babies are not worried) SY: So here is our last session – Person specialty Battle YE: I can see the new side of Elkie EB: Chinese music instrument YE: Making Chinese music instrument’s sound by mouth SY: Really? YE: It echoes with instrument’s sound when you close your eyes and listen SY: Then we should listen with eyes close YE: We still have something to show Eunbin can imitate Duck’s sound EB: Crow’s sound as well~ EB: Also the mist’s sound. 1. Duck’s sound 2. Crow’s sound SH: I’ve never seen any crow like this SY: Can you give me some water? YE: What we want to show you guys is… YE: “3 CF in-a-row” YE: Also, as we are the maknae YE: We will be very cute Please look forward to us~~ SY: as expected…Maknae OMO Don’t eat it! Leave it for your skin! It becomes elegant. Let’s go on diet with me YJ: Fans’ heart was attacked SH: You freak me out SY: I forgot the theme of this program. It is Fan Heart attack. YE: I think it’s good SH: We think it should be funny SY: We look like the Budaejjiggae SY: omg I feel like giving up YJ: No~ Fighting! SY: Let’s start from greeting! YE: so good SY: It’s not the end SY: we also… “Please look forward to us~” YE: We can do it too SH: Why so random SY: I’m so shy What is the marks? Crew: fans will tell you It’s the end of today’s program.
YE: it’s so fast SY: What do you think of today’s filming? SH: Today we all shown our best (even making fun of themselves) YE: There are 10 groups of idol in total joining Fan heart attack IDOL TV The group with the highest views will be the winning group Please watch our CLC episode!



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