Fábio & Nuno 16 United Voices, Divided Hearts (EN.ES.FR) Trailer

Fábio & Nuno 16 United Voices, Divided Hearts (EN.ES.FR) Trailer

“Silent Night” Is it done, doctor? – As good as new! Can you get me a mirror, please? Thank you, doctor! It’s espectacular! Excellent! Seriously, doctor! Thank you very much. If it wasn’t for you, I’ll be screwed. You looked so good without a tooth. You looked sexier… Like a macho man! – Do you think so? Of course! A macho man from the suburbs! Now you got back your “mister right” appearance… And that’s so gay!… – GAY??? No!… NO! “Silent Night” Hey! What do they have to talk so much? Don’t tell me that now they… – What do you have to do with it? Oh! What a bad vibe of yours! – Be careful not to loose your new tooth, with so much curiosity! – Oh, so funny! It looks like you see me… As a sister… How did you want me to see you? Indeed, that clinic does miracles! Now I just need the whitening and then: Boom! I’ll be just like Tom Cruise! – Are you going to make a whitening? Yes! – But you just spend a fortune on your new tooth! – It’s a gift from the clinic! – What? Yes! What’s the problem? They offered me the whitening! Why? Wait a second… You’ve tried that contest I told you about, didn’t you? – Me? – Yes! This is really funny: first you made fun of me and then you tried it! To Mrs. Alda! – To my new tooth! – To Christmas spirit, which must be arriving any time soon! To love! – To all of us! And you guys… Despite making my life hell on earth and taking my years of my life… I like you very much!… We like you very much as well, Papoila. – I hope the good energy of this house may continue like this forever!



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  • Ryan Fisher

    I liked it

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