Fighting Anxiety and Depression | Mental Health Awareness

Fighting Anxiety and Depression | Mental Health Awareness

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Englishman today’s video is going to be very
different from my regular videos it is the Mental Health Awareness Week in the
UK and I want to take this opportunity to throw some light on mental health
awareness and share my experience battling anxiety and depression a lot of
you would be wondering if someone like me could ever go through anxiety or
depression the answer is yes and this can happen to anybody and one of my
biggest aims with this video is to try and normalize this illness and I don’t
think it is brave of me to come out and talk about my illness because I think
you know once you’ve made peace with your reality and just normalized it in
your mind saying that if something can happen to my body it can also happen to
my mind I think there’s no stopping you from trying to recover and I think that
is what I want to do even if one person out there is empowered through my
journey in that he or she becomes just tries to dissociate the stigma from you
know mental illness and I think change will have begun so I was 19 years old
when I realized that I was experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety it
was very hard for me to believe that someone like me could ever go through
mental abuse or mental turbulence so abused in that you know I was just not I
was crying for hours on end I felt helpless I you know had lost all hope I
did not like meeting people so it was a battle with my own mind fortunately in
my case my father asked me to go and see a psychiatrist he told me that there was
nothing wrong in seeking medical intervention and that
I would be alright I believe not a lot of Indian parents you know do that which
is why I think we really need to spread awareness about mental health and just
tell people out there that you know it is okay to go through negative emotions
and to seek medical help there is no harm and there are times
when you know there is some kind of a chemical imbalance in your mind which
leads to a lot of you know negative emotions or some just adverse emotions I
would say so I think if you seek help at the right time there are chances that
you know you come out just fine but on the contrary if you try and just go on
with that problem without seeking any kind of help you know it will be
difficult to reverse the damage that has been done so I urge you all to be as
sensitive towards mental illness as possible and look for those symptoms in
maybe within yourself or your family your friends and see care about the
earliest so yes in my case I was you know not happy on the academic front I
was pursuing science and you know I persisted with my studies despite not
liking what I was doing and you know I felt helpless but it was only after one
and a half years that I realized that you know I was going nowhere with my
career or studies and that’s when I decided to make the switch to us so but
it wasn’t all that easy I it meant that I had to you know forsake those two
years that I had devoted to studying science and just starting afresh I also
was you know why I am so around that time I was gaining I was just losing all
my confidence I thought that people around me were doing
better than me you know I had lost hope to an extent that I felt that you know
nothing good can happen of my life so this was the one in the making of you
know my illness and but things were getting better soon I went to a
psychiatrist you know after he took the advice of my father and I underwent
therapy I also took medication and I was doing
better soon I also made the switch to us so I started doing better academically
and things are started looking better so I think it’s just about time that you
know we give ourselves some time to realize that this can happen to anybody
although it’s me it came in the form of my academic journey it can happen to
anybody and everybody so and there’s no shame in admitting that to yourself it’s
a journey with your mind and you must admit it to yourself I don’t think it is
a brave attempt to come out there and share you know my journey with anybody
and it’s completely fine as long as you know you’ve admitted the reality and you
are trying your best to overcome the struggle that you are going through a
lot of you would wants also want to know if I am completely over that phase you
know I am 95% over that phase I’m still not there I’m still trying hard to
become completely not completely but to become a well balanced you know you mean
somebody who can keep her emotions in check although we all have you know our
old bouts of maybe just anger or this frustration but that is okay for me they
are far and few between today and I am really happy with you know my journey
and you know how I have overcome this I like we live in the 21st century and we
live with so much competition there is so much pressure from all areas of life
and if all of that was not enough we have the social media that is you know
adding to all the pressure so you know it is these things are bound to take a
toll on the human mind so the chances of somebody suffering from anxiety and
depression or any other mental illness in today’s generation are way more than
you know what they used to be a couple of decades ago so and I think it is just
you know we we have so much access but you know we still forget we are so very
connected but we still forget to look at the you know smaller joys of life one of
the things that I started doing after I woke him this battler was you know to
acknowledge the people around me I was filled with gratitude when I realize
that you know the people around me my friends my family you know the work that
I do it’s important for me to acknowledge all of that and not just
look at the larger picture as an independent woman I like to acknowledge
the fact that you know okay I can do all the chores by myself and not just think
about appraisers or you know getting at a certain stage or competing with
anybody it’s very important to keep that in mind okay compete with yourself do
not look at others and try to you know set a bar for yourself that will not get
you anywhere everybody is different and just celebrate yourself every day of
your life life would be much easier and yeah just be happy interact with you
know good people and just just just kind of find comfort in the smaller joys of
life celebrate your life every single day eat healthy and now I hope that this
video helps you all understand you know what mental here
is all about and how important that is to each one of us and to look out for
symptoms of mental illness within yourself or you know in your family
members or your friends and just you know be careful that be aware more than
anything else so that you know you you don’t really have to regret your
decisions later so I shall see you guys very soon goodbye



  • M P

    Growing up is a journey… and ups and downs are always there… but going down in that deep hole of depression, try to find what makes you happy and do those things..we can’t always worry what other think of us. Every person is different than you. So look up and feel proud of yourself 👍

  • Mr. Advani

    I'm so proud of you Bags! You've come a long way ❤

  • sai naware


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