Finding The Way Forward – Mental Health Counseling – Lutheran Family Service

In 2015, I was a victim
of sexual assault. The hardest part was telling my family. It’s not easy to express what you feel after it happens ’cause you don’t understand it and you shouldn’t have to. I remember just feeling numb. It was just nothing I could explain. It was just exhaustion. I screamed a lot. Somehow the release of pressure seemed to feel better. I kind of expected it
to be the same situation as I had had at the
previous therapy office. Kind of indifferent. I didn’t expect to
create any relationships and it might have just been
something that I was doing to humor my mom at the time. My first experience with Jen I remember knowing that day that this is who I wanted
to continue my therapy with and to this day I don’t
think I could share that experience with another person and she has taught me
so much about not only just like how to handle being
a victim of sexual assault but anxiety. I’ve taken her words, I’ve
quoted her to other people who have mental health problems and you know I believe in her words. Now that I am okay. I’m good. I’m happy. My life is at a very happy place. Somewhere that I would’ve
never dreamed of it going. So I owe a lot of my current
happiness to the process and the services here at
Lutheran Family Service.



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