For LGBT People, Discrimination Still Brings Mental Health Challenges.

For LGBT People, Discrimination Still Brings Mental Health Challenges.

You know, it wasn’t until 1973 that the
American Psychiatric Association, after a fairly lengthy period of debate, discussion,
and advocacy, voted to remove homosexuality as a mental disorder. Discrimination, you
know, comes in many forms. And the psychological and the social implications of those are,
you know, they’re not insignificant. So if you do surveys of physicians and health
care providers about their attitudes towards LGBT people, 20 to 30 percent say, you know,
“I’m really not comfortable providing this kind of care.” Does one come out on
an application to college or to medical school or to law school or, you name it. These are
questions that people struggle with even to this very day. 90 percent or so of LGBT kids
definitely say that they’ve experienced this kind of thing on, kind of on a daily
basis. Whether it’s being told or being called “faggot” or whatever, made to feel
badly because they’re different. These kinds of things over time, sort of add up. Discrimination, actual and perceived, then
this expectation that develops for those events, results in lower self-esteem, difficulty with
relationships, difficulty with one’s own, feeling happy about one’s own life. There
is probably a two and a half or so times likelihood of mental health disorders or problems among
LGBT folks. Depression, anxiety, substance abuse in particular. In particular for women
actually, about three and a half times rate of substance use disorders among lesbians
and bisexual women. There are higher rates of, certainly attempted suicide among LGBT
communities. Exactly how many of those are completed is harder to know. But I could certainly
say just from our clinical work over the years, it’s certainly not an uncommon kind of scenario,
unfortunately. There’s just no question that today is just 180 degrees different than
the way it was when I was growing up in small towns in the Midwest. As a middle-aged man,
suddenly I was able to fight in the armed services when DOMA went down in the 90s. Now,
today, I can actually be married in all fifty states. The fact that that has happened over
this period of, what, fifty years or so is really quite remarkable. As those negative
attitudes lessen, I can’t help but think that there’s going to be lesser mental health
problems among LGBT folks.




    I'm so sick of this gay rights bullshit I don't give two flying fucks who you stick in the bedroom as long as it not me or someone under age I just don't care do you & shut up

  • devwreck127

    I personally don't care what people do in their bedrooms, but shut the fuck up about it already. People are tired of having gay pride propaganda shoved in their face 24/7. Yes, gay marriage is now legal. No, you still can't force people to think it's OK or accept it. The battle is over, so move on.

  • Wyatt Nite

    Good to see Bill Clinton is still in work.

  • Mario mario

    why so many dislikes? most likely 12 year Olds who are trying to be edgy and whiny for no reason. these issues are STILL happening to people and prejudice occurs to many.sexuality prejudice in LGBT community being a big problem. some people need to grow up.

    good video.👍

  • Alex Morariu

    Wow, why all the hate?

  • Clint Eastwood

    I have to admit that I am really really really tired of hearing about the LGBT community crisis. I'm not saying that its not a problem, I fully support equal marriage and rights – It's the massive oversaturation by the media. The same thing happened earlier this year with the 100th anniversary of WWI. While its important and momentous, I am going to resent it if its thrown in my face over and over and over again.

  • Learned English Dog

    I feel as though the frequency of Big Think's posts about LGBT is at least partly intended to anger the edge-lords and chanscum. Drive them to exodus. Back to the comfort and affirmation of their favorite Youtube demagogues. It's ballsy, given how vicious these people can be when spurned, but it's for a good cause in the long run I reckon.

  • Matt Howell

    mmmmmmm Lettuce Guacamole Bacon Tomato

  • Nf1n1t1 Tha NERDSTAR

    you'll discuss the effects of this but ignore the effects of post slavery discrimination. tell them once they
    are slaves n have everything taken from them THEN maybe you can call this shit a civil right. just face it this shit is not right naturally & mentally buy i do I hate or discriminate against them no.

  • James Lanza

    When straight white people face adversity, its just called life. When LGBT/minorities/whatever face adversity, its discrimination and oppression

  • HeyHeyChey

    what a bunch of ignorants in the comments.

  • That Guy Again

    this is the most educational channel ever, yet its the most hated by retards

  • Rick Wolford

    Wow what a bunch of ignorant fuckers on here. Sad this got so many thumbs down.

  • E

    Big Think appears to have one of the most toxic, close minded, regressive and hateful communities on YouTube. Really ironic considering the content is targeted towards people who are open to new ideas and logic…

  • 216trixie

    Below: Find out what the Homophobes are thinking now. "Just shut up about it"

  • Fleezblarp

    why are there so many dislikes? everything this guy said was either a fact or very reasonable.

  • zymethpwn

    Would someone kindly explain to me why the fuck half of everyone dislikes this video?

  • Stefan Charon

    Homosexuality is evil, as defined by the Bible. If we don't use a moral standard, all things are permissible, murder and rape, for example. Big Think seems to be trying to remove the use of a moral standard in the name of "coexistence", saying that no religion is better than any other (and implying that no religion has any meaning; if my belief that after death, people go to either heaven or hell is just as valid as a Buddhist belief that people will be reincarnated on earth after death (two views that obviously can not both be true), then, if they are both equal, then they must both be false, as they can't both be true. Big Think however, does not promote murder or rape (a good thing). This being true, they are being logically inconsistent. they realize that murder and rape are indeed evil, showing that they really do, in their hearts, know that there is an absolute moral standard. But without God, there can be no moral standards. Hopefully you can see the inconsistency here.

  • ITSbigwillystyle

    I think discrimination or societal ridicule can be factors in the mental health issue for LGBT individuals, but we mustn't rush to say it's the only cause.

  • xAbominationx

    So.. if people, on a daily basis, call you names that are in our culture the worst thing you can be, they call you sick, a pervert, family rejects you, politicians and religious zealots endlessly try to legislate your rights, in many cases you're subjected to both sexual and other violence, and it affects your mental health? Shit, who'd have that was possible?
    They for got to add "- Well Duh." at the end of the video title.

  • Asinine

    Of course it does, to be expected. Even in my native country of the Netherlands, which is quite progressive, there are issues. These issues cannot be fixed by enforcing change, only through time. We'll get there, just look at what's changed in the last 100 years.

  • Shawn Ravenfire

    Once again, I really don't like the way the music and title cards keep interrupting.  Big Think was much easier to watch before they tried to stylize it, when it was JUST people talking.  The music and title cards just make the videos look cheap.

  • UniQuE TV

    @some retardos in the comment-section
    if you think that being homosexual people are bad you're retarded af and dont deserve to live

  • wayfarerpg

    Everyone gets discriminated in this world some just decide not to talk about it but instead choose to deal with it.
    It is called growing up.

  • Psychopath

    Step #1 | Go to the comments section
    Step #2 | Tally each use of either "scum" or "toxic"
    Step #3 | Drink a shot of whisky in equal frequency to said tally
    Step #4 | Die in agony as your liver bursts from your abdomen to escape

  • Blazed Calibre

    Meh. I don't know how I feel about the whole "LGBT movement" nowadays in America. I've been bisexual all my life. And now that our community has achieved legal equality with all other citizens, what exactly are we asking for? People to treat us kindly? While I agree that it's awful that some kids get shit for coming out when they do, are we really using the right methods in order to achieve this? Religious fundamentalism, which is where the vast majority of this hatred comes from, isn't something that can just be changed through social conditioning, protesting, and making "activism" videos (that generally just spew the same deluge of information that the majority of the sane, rational public already fucking knows.) Generally, the sorts of folks with incredibly polarized, extreme opinions, such as those who hate "the gays," don't care about these sorts of things. They have an echo chamber that they like to surround themselves in, and care not for dissenting opinions. I've found, anecdotally, at least, acceptance comes not through these sorts of videos, but simply knowing someone who is Gay, Bi, or Trans, and coming to terms with it themselves. And still, part of me wants to let the crazy religious folk believe what they believe. Call it "internalized homophobia," or whatever the SJWs would dub it, but I honestly feel the need to defend freedom of religion as a matter of principle. Being an atheist, I value such a concept, and I imagine those who truly are spiteful towards LGBT folk do as well. All in all, though, I think the most powerful weapon for the LGBT community now is time. Trust me when I say things will change a few generations along the line. This too, shall pass.

  • oobligah

    It will be a mental health issue even when discrimination stops. Everybody is discriminated against for things that they do, it's a normal process called social ostracism. Get over it. When you deny your genes to continue to spread, you are inevitably going to have "mental health problems" because it is a mental heath problem to turn your back on your entire species and say "no, my genes don't deserve to reproduce"

  • haku

    doesn't this go for any kind of discrimination?


    Whiny liberals want lgbt superiority

  • Curious Alien

    Are the other forms of bullying not a cause for mental unrest either or is this thing you call LGBT a special case? Is this what is called social agenda propaganda?

  • Quetzal

    And the comments for this video are evidence on how there is a lot to be done yet.

  • Drexler

    This is important basic information that everyone should be aware of. It saddens me that people are still so against lgbtq when it doesn't affect their lives in any way by allowing them to live with the same rights and opportunities as everyone else.

  • John Smith

    percieved discrimination is their own problem, and how come minorities like blacks and all that dont have the same higher rates of mental illness, even though they get discriminated against? maybe the mental illness is linked to their skewed sexual preferences.

  • DocTavia

    It's fucking hilarious you all subscribe to a modern philosophy focused channel and get upset when new, progressive ideas are portrayed.

  • kd1s

    I'm gay and haven't suffered discrimination because of it. But then I'm the type that if you make it an issue you're gonna have to deal with the ration of shit about to be rained upon you.

    And in my office where I work – a place with a couple hundred people there are two of us known gay.

  • Donza Thompson

    That's an incredible arrogance , that the whole world is wrong , and 2 per cent of the population is right . And based on what ? Those of us who know perversion when we see it have human history and biology on our side . And gay marriage had nothing to do with tolerance because the Supreme Court had no tolerance for the constitutional process or national tradition

  • Hercules

    Ler me dress up looking like a woman so we can be gay Men together..

  • macgyvershe

    Thanks, as always, for keeping science our main focus.

  • edymasta

    You don't like the content? Well unsubscribe and don't comment about it. It's free content for you watch

  • Gossamer Lights

    so, I have a history of stone of the mental health issues he was talking about and I also happen to be pansexual. he was saying people in this community are more likely to have these issues, is there any statistics about how much these issues are caused by LGBT reasons? I never felt like any of my depressions or anything was in anyway linked to my sexuality

  • ulktz

    People are sick of social and political issues being forced down their throat endlessly by videos like these.

  • Thomas Cameron

    I have Attention Deficit Disorder. I demand equal rights as someone who has trouble staying focused and on task! Everyone should know this so that I have an excuse to whinge about for when things go wrong. Troubled past at school, depression. You name it I have had it! So you should be worried that I don't have a tanty in the middle of the office. Make sure to take extra special care of me!

    Ok enough.

    I DO have ADD. It is a serious disorder and I did have depression and trouble with schooling. But you know what? I learned how to deal with it and eventually came to love it. I walk into the office and make everyone's day better (because in school I learned how to hide my sadness and ineptitude with good social skills). 

    I feel as though (and this is controversial) giving a specific group of people that have historically (according to this video) had significant problems with mental illness to much attention, the attention ceases to be beneficial to them.

    Feel free to add your two cents, but please! Keep it civil.

  • unlabuntenga

    Enough pc garbage!

  • Drab Majesty

    Emos have questionable mental health

  • Gerald Boxer

    The anything goes that makes me happy has to stop! You want to treat your body like a toilet don't expect others to not recoil in disgust. Limits on speech are being enacted to accommodate the most disgusting, murderous and powerful organization that ever darkened our planet. LGBT are a means to an end and unless you are a member organization "It" could care less. Sexual perversions are so damaging according to one study that 11 years of abstinence and aversion therapy is needed to address the issue. There is no gene. it is your choice. choose to stop! Homosexual men live on average 25 fewer years. A life lived in error will not see a fullness of years. Arrest these behaviors while your young. Ask yourself; have I loved anyone for their sake truly I say to you a Just and Merciful God is waiting for you to admit your error and embrace righteousness according to His scriptures.

  • Peace, Justice & Love

    Not a mental disorder? How about an aberration of nature? Yes? No?


    Should rename this for Liberal Think.
    First it was that guy that wanted a gun ban. Nobody cared to bring another dude to give another point of view.
    Now this.

    Oh well. Unsubscribed. This is not about science anymore.

  • anthony smith


  • Salvatore Escoti

    what about the suicides and depressions WITHIN. the gay community. Because of body fascism shallownes and mostly superficial and hedonistic people, interested only in their six packs and their next holiday on a gay hotspot. We became even worse than the hypocritical straight community. Our Gay male community has its own, VERY rigid stencil, based on youth, muscularity, penis size and drug abuse, if someone doesent fit in, he will be ignored and/or rejected!

  • Abram 134

    yeah after I tell people i take pills they stop talking to me

  • Caligula VII

    They are mentally challenged. "Discrimination" or not.

  • Daryehl

    It's funny how people here are claiming homosexuality to be a mental disorder but no evidences are proposed. Dummies. XD

  • Gage Shock

    Just leave a bunch of idiots fucking and moaning. They need to be hurt. It shames me t see so many in our community weak and not seeing we have the biggest dicks and the smartest. Everyone is the descendent of a homosexual- that's why it's so hard to find a gay gene. An MD that stupid shouldn't even be practicing medicine.

  • Jesse Reiter

    What about my feelings you faggots make hurt in the pit of my stomach. Being a homosexual is wrong and when I was younger I was called a fag but that hurt because I was not one I guess it hurts if you are one. There be more mental health problems because its natural to feel guilty when in your heart your doing something very wrong. Like fat people eat more to feel better but they get fatter. Most atheist say they don't believe there is a God but the truth is they hate God and themselves. Is it better to have sex while alive and burn in hell? When I was 5 a family down the street sent down there daughter to play the frist thing I did was take off my clothes she said did not want to do the same. My mom came in the room and was very unhappy. I asked her why was it wrong she I would burn in hell. You people need to grow a pair and take over your desires learn discipline are your unhappiness is just beginning fact.
    Try taking notes over time and you will see. And quit calling sex love it isn't.

  • douglas carpenter

    When you choose to do something that's not normal you can't expect to be criticized for it.

  • that bitch

    why does homophobia even exist? like get a job. as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody, why should we care??

  • Pegasus

    Don't have gay sex or gay partners and you won't be discriminated against . The discrimination is natural and normal and healthy government cannot tell people by law or by Force to take away their natural feelings which is to repel homosexuals because it is natural

  • David Jones

    Being dicriminated doesn't cause mental problems being LGBT does

  • channelofstuff

    a group of gays made them remove being gay from the book.

  • King Challenges and More


  • Lilly Taggert

    If they weren’t mentally ill they wouldn’t be gay. I mean seriously we already know this. We KNOW this. It’s not up for debate anymore so why are we pretending it is?

  • Van Nocturne

    Interesting how this video doesn't cover the bullying within the lgbt community. The lgbt community has to stop acting like a bunch of victims, when most of their problems are from within the community and not from outside of it!

  • Iman Denial

    Just call what it is ..Queer..

  • devekut2

    And we're supposed to care, why?

  • Patrick Shiner

    i justwould say that lesbian that know said it was funny that a straight male which is me said it was funny that a staight male had mental health problems.

  • Joe Lim

    At this point, being Gay isn't the problem anymore. Its the sissies that want us to call them "Maam" a problem. Gays can still act like mens or womens, they just have different preferences. I'm ashame to live in todays society as everyone thinks abnormal activities are natural and ok. Fuck no, you don't choose what you want to be. You were born into this.

  • Gwyn, Lord of Cinder

    Blaming discrimination for all the mental disorders they have is a farce. They have a lot of mental disorders because of cognitive dissonance. They know deep down they aren't normal, and they can't accept it.

  • Arthur the aardvark DJ


  • paul sturgess sturg gaming

    The entire lgbqt should be put back into hiding

  • Yahul Wagoni

    Homosexuality IS a mental disorder. But we must remember to hate the disorder, and not those who suffer from it.

  • e haight

    It's not a mental disorder. It's a sin disorder.

  • e haight

    The Constitution guarantees that you can treat anybody however you want. Suck it up

  • Rosa Gonzalez

    John Ramirez ex satanist

  • Kitcat_007

    Statistics gathered BY gays or j-ws, regarding society's opinions related to "acceptable or tolerance," CANNOT be trusted or reliable. It is a major conflict of interest for gays to PRETEND to conduct "LEGITIMATE," opinion data on straight people of any society.

    2019, gay orgs are reporting that mental illness is rampant or common in their community. Clearly, this PROVES the 1970s data stating that homosexuality IS A MENTAL ILLNESS.

    If 100% of society were ever to "accept" homosexuality, gays will still have higher levels of depression and suicide because their life expectancy is decades shorter than drug free straight people. Also, gays have more of their friends die of suicide or disease, than straight people, these FACTS, would make anyone depressed. Also gay relationships do not last as long as straight couple's relationships. All of these reasons among others (never being able to have a child WITH THE SAME SEX "partner" they actually love) , is a guarantee that gays will have higher rates of mental illness and suicide than straight people.


  • Gwyn, Lord of Cinder

    Bullying is less for the mental disorders and more has to do with cognitive dissonance. LGBTQ is against natural evolutionary design and against our hard wiring as a species. Have the courage to admit what it is, a behavioral disorder caused by a warped cognition.

  • DSNCB919

    Discrimination doesnt cause mental issues with them. Homosexuality in it self is a mental condition .

  • Irish guy

    Heh irony they have a disorder then when tried to be cured they make up another.

  • Bunny’s K-Life

    I’m tired of the drama from LGBTQ people. I’m gonna stop watching these videos because the drama and hatred is unbearable. I’ll just let god be the judge of your life. Idk man. This is stressing me out.

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