• Pondart Inc

    Va told me they couldn't renew my meds because they were too busy to get me appointment.
    I ended up in the ER. That must be much cheaper, right?

  • Praetor_Fenix420

    PTSD does not go away. It chews away at your soul. These brave men and women deserve better. They gave it all, the least that we can do is ensure that their dedication was not in vain. If they need help, hope or kindness give it to them with the same generosity that they committed their lives in protecting us.

  • drew w


  • mary jones

    first, let me thank all of our veterans for their service. we respect and honor you. second, putting limits, 'productivity goals' on this type of care is ludicrous. every individual heals at a different rate. there are thousands of variables involved, cookie-cutter treatment is unrealistic, to say the least.

  • David Ellis

    Veterans & their mental health issues have been disgracefully under funded for years. A blight on the country.

  • Shoeless b

    We run our own support group for Corpsmen and Medics at our local Vet Center.
    Sometimes a staffer sits in, sometimes not. We really don't actually need them as this is a peer group.
    It's nice that they let us use their place for our 1 day a month " here and now " group.
    Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq, Afghanistan, Panama, South America. All are welcome.
    If this facility wasn't available to us we'd find somewhere else.
    It's more important to participate than to complain about who is providing the space.

  • rohjo

    Mental health care is long overdue for many more parties than combat veterans:
    The Project for the New American Century (PNAC) prepares for 9/11


    TRUMP IS AGAINST VIETNAM VETERANS! i am a very conservative 71 year old 100% disabled veteran. About 3 years ago The National Academies of Science and Engineering announced several more disabilities that are related to Agent Orange. That agency is the agency that the U.S. government appointed to study those issues and make those recommendations. { nobody knows more about Agent Orange than that science/medical agency } Trump is refusing to allow Vietnam veterans to receive what they are due. Most all of us are over 70 and we are dying by the hundreds daily. Trump was not with us when we were being shot at and he chooses to be 100% against us today.

  • NASAgoldeneye

    we need a VET CENTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO MATTER WHAT.

  • Amanda Jones

    Productivity goals is an issue across the country in mental health.

  • International Harvester

    I thought Cadet Bone Spurs was getting the job done?
    Oh wait, he lies every day.

  • Rick Frost

    As a Veteran, This story really makes me Angry!!!

  • Puff E. Upagus

    USMCR OIFII AL ASSAD AB 2004. I've been laughed at, by VA docs. My first year at Spokane WA VA med center, 3 of my primary docs left and no one ever let me know. I had a psych appt when I was suicidal and deeply depressed, set an egg timer for 15 mins and told me to start talking. Had another doc spend 10 minutes on phone w her son. I almost threw her out the window. I was well known at that hospital for my outbursts. VA has denied me since 2005. I gave up on them. The VA exists for profit only.

  • John Smith

    Government workers just want to do nothing and get big fat pensions none of us get. 25 meetings a week is not unreasonable. And any visit is better than no visit to a wounded vet. Resources are limited. These %[email protected]#ing government workers are just so lazy.
    And no, this isn't a business model. If it was you'd just be fired for being useless.

  • Inez Qtaish

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  • John Smith

    Perhaps we should just close down the VA. Then perhaps everyone could stop complaining.

  • Laju Lee

    Please thank our Veterans whenever you can. Metrics provide the wrong “solution”.

  • Athena GM

    I just can't fathom why our vets are being pushed away. They do need the support and guidance these places offers (and then some).

    If you are a vet, my fam and I thank you for your service! We respect and wish you all a stable, healthy well beign!

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  • Taylor

    We all deserve better.

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