Gardening: The Great Mental Health Experiment #8

Hey guys, it’s Your Beth Friend again. I’m here with Toby. Welcome to The Great Mental Health Experiment
and today, we’re gonna do some gardening! We’re gonna do some gardening! Yaaaay! So, some of you might be asking me “Beth,
why gardening? That is a boring old people thing.” No it’s not! Shut up. Gardening is actually really good for your
mental health, and there are a lot of different studies and a lot of people out there on the
internet telling us why. First off, it gives you a sense of responsibility,
you know, looking after something — oh my gosh, Toby. Secondly, being relaxed. This is what gardening’s
all about. Mmm, that’s peaceful. Also it makes you happy. It releases those hormones we were talking
about earlier – dopamine and serotonin. All of that comes into play when you’re gardening
and you’re having a happy time. And also, it’s good for releasing anger, cause
you know, who needs to punch a pillow when you can hack away at a hedge? And lastly, it’s easy! Like, it’s really easy. Anyone can garden in one sense or another. It’s simple as. At the moment, yeah it’s just a normal day.
Feeling pretty good. Have to say, I’m probably a seven. To do gardening, you will need these things. Hand socks. So that your hands do not get dirty — I think,
I did this the wrong way. Uh– thats… We got this, guys. You will need… these. I don’t know why. Big spoon. More snip snips. And lastly — this thing! To put your leaves and stuff in. And preferably– ooh there’s a spider in it!
Uurrrggh! Oh he’s moving everywhere! Um… ooh, ooh, ooh…. Um I don’t know what I’m doing. Let’s get started! So, I’ve got a couple of things to put in
this garden, which I think I’m gonna put here cause there’s quite a lot of clear space. So I might just clean up the space a bit,
so I can just have access to the soil. I don’t know if this is a thing or not, but
we’re gonna do it. Yeah. We gonna do it. I’m done! Cleaning the garden. So now we’re gonna get the plants! And put
them in the dirt! I got them! Mmm, leafy. From what I’ve seen my mum do, now I think
we just dig a hole, and then we unwrap the newspaper, and then we just chuck it in and
then we just… I think. I don’t know. I’m new to this. Help
me, guys, help me. Someone just come and help me, I just don’t
know what I’m doing. We’re just winging it, we’re winging it! Aah! Where’s my big spoon? Rhubarb, what are you doing? I’m not into
you like that. Buy me a drink first. Thank you for helping, Toby, I appreciate
it. Hey! Piss off. That’s not too bad, I think our hole will
be perfect. Out of the way, you. Out of the way. Ah, she’s falling! What do we do? Quickly, just put her in. Ooh yes. Nice and snuggly. Excuse me. No. One down — three to go! Have you ever had apple and rhubarb crumble?
That’s a good time. With some cream? Damn, that’s good. Ugh, it’s covering his leaves. That’s mint, yo. Rhubarb was lost in battle. Oh Rhubarb, you’re just causing me so much
hassle. That’ll do. Okay, last one! Dig dig dig! We’re done! I had no idea what I was doing. But it was a lot of fun. It’s nice to be outside
because it’s been raining a lot lately and I think it’s gonna rain again. Overall, I really enjoyed mucking around in
the dirt. I think secretly I’m quite the outdoors person — no one would ever know. I think if I had maybe done a bit of research
about the plants — I don’t know if this is an appropriate place to grow, I don’t know
how big they grow or anything, but like, it was still cool. I felt, starting off as a seven, I actually
now feel like a nine. Like, this was a lot of fun! Maybe this is my adult hobby. Gardening. Gardening, for your mental health, I’d say…
yeah, I’d give it a four out of five. So not only is it mint, but it’s mint times
four. So, my challenge to you guys at home is to,
if you can, go outside and do some gardening, go help mum, or if you wanna try and do it
by yourself, give it a go! I did, without mum, and I don’t know how I went. Sorry mum. If you’re at school, mostly schools always
have local gardens that you can volunteer and be a part of. Or go volunteer in your
community, it’s quite a beautiful thing. I’ve seen a lot of different projects like that,
where they do that, and that’s awesome. So yeah — go out, do some gardening, let
me know how it goes. And if you’re a gardener yourself, tell me what you love about it! So, I might carry on — I’ve got some lettuces
over there, but I will see you guys next week. Much love. Peace!



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