Give them a heart attack.. | Splatoon Warm Up 12 (Funny Moments)

Give them a heart attack.. | Splatoon Warm Up 12 (Funny Moments)

KFC King… oh- and- and- but… alright I kind of want… I kind of want chicken… on my side because even- even if we lose I can just eat them *cricket chirp* Alright, Kentucky Fried Chicken Let’s- let’s get in there, come on Don’t let me down! Use the power of grease, give him a heart attack if we have to haha. Yeah, we can- we can Booyah, we can do that It still looks like we have a chance to win. Yeah, it’s been a while since I just, like, sat down and enjoyed some Splatoon, I’ve been doing some Sonic stuff, I hope you guys have been liking that, it’s kinda- Woah, what are you doing sir? Alright, that’s probably breaking some law in the- Can you stop- what you’re doing- with that? Thanks. Thanks. There’s another one?! He’s got range, I see oh- they’re definitely pushing, oh boy. No, please don’t. The way you’re- is she, like, puking them out?! Oh, my goodness. No, I couldn’t get away, but that push though! Good job! Oh, no, no, Neko-kn-oko? M, mm, mmm, tasty name. Come on, KFC, let’s do it! Get your chicken legs ready! Uh-oh, uh-oh Alright, oh, no. We’re still doing this? Darn, SomeonE got me. Why is that so amusing? Why is the E capitalized? Do you have to, like, shout that? Is it like, so-MEONE? Oh no, I feel like something bad is gonna happen, can we break this? Yeah. Let’s- no, no What’s happening? You know what I haven’t used at all? My- my Tentateker. Tentateker? That sounds like something that you get from KFC. Riiiight there. That looks like a good spot Three out of four, it’s a pretty decent deal. I’ll take it. No, stop. Stop. Woah, alright. Hey, I kicked someone’s butt though! I’ll just- kind of do this so they don’t see me maybe Oh darn! Oh these missiles are coming right at me! Thank God they didn’t, can you not come up here though? Not allowed. I’m sorry. Whoa, do you have a passport? I don’t see your passport, so you can’t come to this- this vacation hotspot. I need to get my special, is what I need. There we go. Oh, no. This is not good, this is not good Yep, that’s me. I did not mean to activate it there. Oh, manual, probably should have read that first before I got into this match. Neko, come on, we’ve still got- nothing. Just wanted to reconfirm our lack of inventory at the moment. Give me this-
what are you doing? Good help is so hard to find, sometimes you just gotta do it yourself, you know? Hey, I know okay, I was going there before you said This Way- whoa What are you- okay? Thank you, God for, you know, gracing me with your death Man, I love the dualies. Like, I don’t even have to be scared. I died anyways regardless so… I don’t fear death! Jaedon, stop showing off, okay? Show off when I’m not recording! No, what happened to my double dodge? Oh, well, oh, this is bad. Can I put this somewhere? Anywhere, yeah, you guys will work- I mean, I wrapped- I made a nice little present for you guys, anyone, as long as someone takes it. Hey, nice with the double! Let’s get them! Let’s go! Oh, watch out for that- where are you going man? Like, we’re ready to push over in this direction, but alright. Fine, fine. Can we- can we push? We should probably push. Oh now’s the time, now’s the time- what happened? Do we- do we win? Or do we- I mean, we have so much turf- Okay, I didn’t even know Neko- Neko – Neko- Taco (?), SomeonE and Peachy. It’s a pleasure. Jobs done, awesome. Hope you guys liked this episode, expect the next one next month. Well, that’s a good start.



  • Brayan Carvalho

    Nice Dualie skills! I'm more of a Splattershot guy myself. I really need to better my aim tho :/

  • Snipersona

    I doo vian

  • SkellyAlly

    Nice squidly content. :3

  • Valerie G

    4:30 I see a fellow Hightide Era fan 🙂

  • Zinomon


  • Angel the Pink Wolf :3

    Yes Sploon again! And you know what's better than the power of KFC on your side. . . The power of chocolate on your side! Yay! 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫 and also vian when is the next Sploon stream coming up I would really like to play with you because last stream I didint have the time to join ;-;

  • XementumU

    Nice dodge rolls you got there, buddy! And I thought I was good playing with them xD

  • Ada Geer

    Dang it. Now I'm hungry… XDDDD BTW I love these so much!! And if this was a try not to laugh I would have lost right when the video started (:

  • Generic Commentary channel


  • Domiyu

    Did not go on 1st special individual lesson and yes I got individuals cuz I was dignosed with social problems like cannot go outside or to school but if my brother wich has the same lessons and the same reason about having them would go with me it would be easier. #Understandable

  • Sunset Bow

    I shouldn't have went to sleep at 8

  • Super Woomy

    I missed this series 😁

  • Sunset Bow

    Aaand Polish subtitles submitted! It might have took me 3-4 hours, but it was worth it!

    I'd also like to note that I had to do this on my phone and it was laggy as hell and I'm drowsy from my cold medicine so sorry if it's not correct

    I'd like to note again that I'm screaming because they are now there

  • Melonboi Kek


  • Nomi

    KFC King? I know him. He has a YouTube Channel to

  • Laurel Good

    Time to get A in ranked

  • Tuna


  • Sou Sou

    live splatoon2 ??


    Why are there Polish subtitles?

  • Splat Tim

    boneless chicken

  • Sunset Bow

    I know this is my third comment and all, but I just wanted to say that I'm on a roll with these subtitles like, I've watched this video about 10-20 times to write English and Polish subtitles, I'm proud and disappointed in myself.

  • Laurel Good

    Can you please let me know when your online? I really want to play with you when ever.

  • Star Ranger

    Lol I just played s rank tower control with you (I think I was testing out the goo tuber) then I tried to friend you

    Didn't work out so well

  • YouGotNoJams! :3

    Can I Come To The Vacation Spot? ˏ₍•ɞ•₎ˎ ˎ₍•ʚ•₎ˏ

  • Gamer5955

    KFC Hero is Wesley MK I think

  • Melonboi Kek


  • Jakoob the Noob

    We have the Tenta Tenders, the Tenta Nuggets, and the Tenta Sandwich. All cause diabetus due to salt

  • Jakoob the Noob

    Does KittyDog like Tenta Tenders?

  • Jonathan G. Dungan

    So, just so you know, I was "KFC KING." I'm now [WUT]Mikey, but I had fun playing you and not realizing it, Vian! Also, Thx for the shoutout!

  • CallieAndMarie

    Yes victory or losing chicken

  • Thatjustan GT

    Squidward party 😂😂😂

  • [OB] me?

    I was going there before you said this way woah

  • The Lone Doge


  • Rosie Gonzalez

    finally someone
    loves the dullies

  • *Insert Creative Name Here*

    Chicken Nintenders

  • ZyloskPlays

    Isn't KFC KING Wesley MK?

  • Inner Agent 3

    Please reply me a pun vian

  • J Graeme Campbell


  • Fuukuma YT

    Mmm; some yummy Mar- TENTA TENDERS…. TENTA TENDERS YEA.

  • Kerry Gilbert

    Can I have some ketchup with that KFC oh wait mayo won (Sigh)

  • Annabelle Lo

    SomeonE … Again???

  • Niitrogxn


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