Headache Care Near Shelburne VT

– Hi, Doctor Heather here from Wellspring Chiropractic
Lifestyle Center. Today we’re talking about headaches. The most common way in our culture that people manage headaches, is through over the counter medication, like Tylenol, Ibuprofen,
Motrin, like Advil, those are all called NSAID’s. Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs. And even though they’re over
the counter many people think that they have very little
side effect to them, but actually there can be
a danger in using those to manage your headaches. And if that’s the only way you’re living around those headaches is just
to start popping those pills, for the first part, it’s
not correcting the cause of the problem, it’s just making the pain. So there could be an indication of a more serious concern
that is being covered up. But the other concern is that if you’re using
over the counter NSAID’s to manage your headaches, the World Health Organization
actually has a lifetime limit on how many your body can tolerate. And so that number is between 1000 and 1500 pills in a lifetime. I know people if they’re
popping three pills a day, they’re using that up in a year. So it’s a really important factor because the cause of death that can occur– early death that can occur
from the over use of NSAID’s is factors that may be causing
liver damage, kidney damage, stomach bleeds, and even can contribute to certain forms of cancer, and even can contribute to certain forms of heart disease as well. And so if that’s what you’re relying on then you wanna watch out very carefully, and I’m gonna encourage
you to look for a solution that’s gonna get to the
cause of your headaches, so that you can not have
to rely on those NSAID’s, because of how dangerous they are. So I hope that you found
this information was useful. If you’re curious about another solution that can really, really, really
get rid of your headaches, by getting to the cause of
it, then please consider clicking on the link below,
that’s a new patient special that we have and we can check you and see if we can help you. So just click on the link, you
can find out more about it, and I hope to visit with you soon. (upbeat music)



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