Heart Attack Grill LAS VEGAS – Eric Meal Time #242

Heart Attack Grill LAS VEGAS – Eric Meal Time #242

What does it say the world’s highest calorie burger almost 10,000 calories. Oh, yeah, we must be in Las Vegas, huh? It’s the Heart Attack Grill oh my You guys ever heard of this place the Heart Attack Grill Over 350 pounds eats free looks like I gotta weigh myself first I’m guessing I’m guessing about 175 I’ve been doing a lot of yoga and surf and lately so I’m thinking I’m pretty fit I’m ready for one of these big huge burgers all right. Let’s go do this Heart Attack Grill, Las Vegas, Nevada 191 let’s because I got all these all this money in my pockets, that’s why Loaded with cash. That’s why from all my gambling winnings. Yeah 191 out see if I can get up to 200 We’ll see. We’ll see you on our way when I come out of here (Nurse) So just to let you guys know this right here is our entire menu. Ok Cash only got to wear a hospital gown (Nurse) Patties are a 1/2 LB each, if you don’t finish your meal you get three spanks. Three Spanx if you don’t finish your meal oh boy Think I’m feeling about triple I like this place cash only plus 8.25% tax for our wasteful government to squander yeah These are the craft beers right here. That’s pretty cool. Huh? Yeah, you can order wine it comes from on a drip It’s a whole bottle of wine in a bag. That’s pretty cool You got ice cream floats. Yeah, look at that a half pound coronary dog very very interesting menu here Let’s have a look at the burgers now you start with a single it goes all the way up to An octuple you can get eight patties. Oh, man, and if you add 40 slices of bacon to that It’s just a $31 burger whoo look at this you can order shots here, huh 3.4 ounce shots Oh my gosh tequila jack danniels in no they got it all frozen shots cocktails jello shots You might die before the check clears the Guinness Book of World Records You know what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas oh goodness oh My God look how small it is he probably believes women tell him it doesn’t matter. Oh, that’s Hilarious, but this is even more funny. Oh yeah, and I really have to go Finish this meal I am stuck so that means I’m gonna get a spanking so enjoy Stop stop get out of here I gained three pounds Gained three pounds in there. It’s not fair. I don’t think I’d a single burger. What’s up with that? must’ve been all the onion rings All right, so here’s the deal guys I didn’t get a chance to really talk to you inside there and make a rating of the restaurant because of all the copyright music so Overall entertainment value that place is amazing. I especially enjoyed the toilet Did you guys like the toilet that was my favorite? And the burger wasn’t bad either So I’m gonna give it a total of six six out of six with the perfect six What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas you guys remember that and? Comment down below if you’d like to enter for your chance to win get some snack back Good luck and see you the next one



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  • DareToBeDeviant

    Yay! Another new channel to binge watch! ^_^

    It'd be really neat to have some sort of novelty (for lack of better word) restaurant where I'm at where almost everybody is just as heavy as the young lady in the red hoodie in the beginning of this video. Since everyone but me is also an alcoholic they'd dine here daily.

  • Itz Scar

    This is the most weirdest shit I’ve ever saw

  • Niklea DiCantio

    You said you could not finish your meal but after you got spanked and went back tour seat there was no onion rings left in the platter

  • Justin Nelson

    Remind me again why this guys famous. Please im so confused.

  • Communist Fries

    I want spankins for free

  • wooden crafts

    Y'all wanna know something
    Why should u give a shit about how
    You weigh and the doctors
    Tell u that u need to loose weight cause
    We're all gonna die any ways so why can't
    We eat damn milkshakes
    Fries and chicken nuggets and all the stuff
    Like bruh
    Like if u agree🥞🍕🍟🍔🥓🍗

  • Joey Ackley

    What do people outside of the US think of this?

  • KC Casey

    Far out..the "Hooters" of hamburgers!!

  • II Deathstar II

    I ate there about a week ago pretty dang good just eat all your food or ur getting wooped lol

  • TibTabToby

    I only disliked because it would've been the 500th dislike sorry I love the vid tho

  • Finnezy

    Fun Fact about Heart Attack Grill: The founder said most of the calories comes from the onions.

  • super23 super23

    Where the laptop Hillary?

  • Cryptom

    OMG look at his sub it’s 666kO_O

  • Daniel Wang

    666 k subs jesus

  • Bluejuggalo16 《

    666k subscribers.

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    So this is what Sting has been up to

  • Jorge

    Its like killing… but legal

  • joshmedina 12

    You couldn’t finish one fucking onion ring??!

  • IvoryTrance

    you might die before your cheque clears lol

  • Frank Miranda

    How to gain 3 pounds in one sitting? Come to the Heart Attack Grill! In addition, you can pee on Hillary Clinton for free

  • Danny Fed

    The funny thing in the bathroom the pic you Hilary

  • Danny Fed

    In the bathroom i mean

  • Faith


  • Greg Honeywell

    loved it when i was there. cheap considering what you get. i took the spanking even though i ate my order. plus the shots come in souvenir pill bottles with a label to match what you ordered. instructions were drink until happiness ensues. stop taking if vom.iting occurs.

  • WuzNab

    This is on my bucket list.

  • Anthony Torres

    Robin Williams?

  • Austin S.

    I am a heart attack though???

  • papa johns

    You should've told that nurse your hot damn

  • randogamer boi

    He pribably WANTED to get spanked… You know what I mean

  • Sir Khamelot

    So close by to avoid the spanking by one onion ring.

  • Almond 2397

    He wanted that spanking tho

  • Yo Mama

    I liked the toilet

  • mehmet bilgel

    Çok güzel türkiyeden 👍

  • John A Neufeld

    that place looks like so much fun if your hungry lol

  • Nur Muhammad Bin Emran

    You must be enjoying

  • Comarity

    0:55 person in back weighs 267

  • Glen Wei

    I’d probably not even finish those onion rings 😂

  • xMourningStar

    You big fat liar. That was only a single. Not a triple bypass burger! Wtf man??

  • Lrays Lrayss

    Been there while in Vegas. Neat experience, but food is not that good. Go to In & Out if you’re in Vegas and get a much better burger and fries for cheap.

  • dan burbidge

    He left that one onion ring on purpose 😂😂

  • tomoko tomoko

    I want to go there!! And want to get spanked!!

  • Isi Hosena

    How could anybody put themselves through this voluntarily?! I feel ill watching this.

  • Gordon Macy

    That place is beyond repulsive.

  • Karim - Roblox

    i will gain 20 pounds sniffing the air in there smh

  • William Lew

    that place killed people!!! watch a video about it plz

  • Pokemon2019

    I randomly started daydreaming about titties for about 2 minutes during this video lol
    I forgot what I was watching

  • Demi Swift

    Find a top lip

  • Anonymous Three

    They should put trump in the urinal

  • michael

    I'm a progressive democrat and even I laughed at the urinal. I wonder how the MAGA chuds would react if it was Trump's pictures up there instead?

  • II-50_Shades_Of_ Swift-II

    Them Toilets Haha Bloody Funny

  • David Banner

    The original spokesperson died after leaving the restaurant heart attack

  • Shiinz

    I should bring Africa here

  • Gavin star

    Could easily of eat that one onion ring fucking pervert 😝😛😝

  • koban4max

    Triple? Wuss

  • Scott

    Fun to pee on Hillary but then shit down Trump's throat.

  • Fanny Buster

    Do you have to pay extra for a glass with ice for your drink of choice? I notice that everyone drinks straight out of the bottle

  • Morgan Lovsey


  • Chip White

    Been there with my son and we loved it,hamburger was simple and thats what made it good for us

  • Axe Hole

    Eric the PERVERT!

  • chris hammond

    If I still weighed 350lbs I would definitely eaten for free now I am 270lbs

  • Lil_asian Jeff

    You could of finish but u just want get spank

  • annaya 17

    Really would've loved to see Matt Stonie there

  • kaygi Bull

    0:58 fool was happy to weigh 267

  • Yeti

    He totally wanted to spank on or else he would have finished the one more onion ring

  • Belle Daniels

    bro this guy looks like trump

  • lamar doss

    Gta burger shot

  • マークジョン

    Holy you just gained 3 pounds for that burger that aint healthy

  • Miso Mama

    i want to work there. where else could you take out some of that rude tourist disrespect frustration on said same ass.

  • Roland De Verrec

    With nurses like that, I'd never finish a meal.

  • David T

    Heading back this summer. This place is great !!

  • al brokenomoney

    🤣👍screw Hillary

  • yung pump

    That food is nasty

  • yung pump

    I would never eat that slop cause they put goo in there

  • moonlight pet shops

    This is literally a hospital themed hooters

  • Erwin Rommel

    The bitmoji was kinda annoying

  • Foxɪo99

    If there's a rehab for anorexic people. This is the place they should be sent for.

  • MR Fire and explosions

    I wonder if people there spent money just being spanked

  • Eyuel Yiferu

    I live in Las Vegas

  • -ToxicRocket_29 -


  • Chris Johnson

    what would gordan ramsey say

  • Merina Cortes

    I’m sorry but he looks like Donald trump??

  • Mark Maxwell

    Have to visit this place so awesome.

  • Niino T

    thats a cheap name bro!!! copy cat!!! i did like the episode!!!

  • Randale cole Bittle

    There not a girl out there that can get to this guy see the best of the best Jefferson Has know show case and im able to play some hoops with my V in a knot.

  • Jovan Alayon

    We wanted to see you take on a huge ass burger weak sauce bro

  • Preserve Nature

    You weighed 3 extra pounds because the food is still in your digestive system and probably the drinks

  • Allie’s ASMR & Art

    Hooters Who?

  • My Phone

    I see they have a replica of the toilet Trump installed in the white house!

  • QueasySkate 4869

    Ahhhhhh this restraunt it too healthy, they add tomatoes in their burgers, and they have a vegan menu!!!

  • sniperjay0916

    Girls look much better than Hooters girls. Maybe the uniforms are new to me but it looks like fun.

  • Thorsten Krause

    the nurses are hot! did u eat anything? i have to watch it again!

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    Wow a bitcoin atm

  • Corey Glimpse

    Loved the toilet..

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  • Super Slovak

    i wont finish just for the spank

  • Destiny Rose

    If they try to hit me I’ll punch them so hard in there face they wouldn’t be able to breath 😂🤣😭😑

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    By the way this restruant will kill you with heart attack

  • Mr.Green

    Someone died their and the owner dose not really care


    Get off the drugs dude or don’t get tweaked before doing a video

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