Heart Attack Survivor Celebrates Recovery, Kicks Off Heart Month

Joel King had a heart attack at the Cowtown Marathon. A year later, he kicked off Heart Month 2018 at Medical City Fort Worth by raising awareness of heart attack symptoms and recognizing the medical staff who saved his life. And what they did for me was
just professional and kind. Um, I’ve totally relied on everybody else. It wasn’t me, and I’m thankful to the Lord for using you to save my life, in essence. He was very lucky. I mean, if he hadn’t been
in the emergency department. If he hadn’t been around professionals that could but on a AED, I
mean, he would have died and not come back. And it came onto him suddenly, but if he hadn’t of been
here at the hospital when his heart stopped,
that would have been it. And I’m just so thankful
for all the good care. I mean it was just, it was
such a shock to all of us, ’cause he was 56 years
old and very active. I have five sons, and he would have probably
been the least likely that you’d think would
have a heart attack. Yeah, things like this, you know make sure and check
up with your physician. (Heart Health Tips) – Make sure you do Annual Check-Ups, and – make sure those high
blood pressures under control. – Make sure that your
cholesterol’s under control. And again, – not smoking because that’s a major risk
factor for heart disease. MedicalCityFortWorth.com



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