Heart Attack Symptoms : Heart Attack Response: Take Aspirin

Heart Attack Symptoms : Heart Attack Response: Take Aspirin

Everybody has heard that aspirin will help
a person that’s having a heart attack, and that is true. Statistics show that aspirin
decreases the mortality rate in heart attack victims. Aspirin has anti-platelet or anti-clotting
effects on your heart; however, remember this, you should not take aspirin if you’re allergic
to it. If you’re sensitive because of ulcers or stomach problems to aspirin, you should
discuss this with your doctor, or maybe a lower dose would be appropriate for you in
this case. It is recommended in the United States that if you’re having a heart attack,
you should take 160 milligrams to 324 milligrams of aspirin. The best way to take this is by
taking baby aspirin, and chew four 81 milligram baby aspirins up in your mouth. If you only
have a big 325 milligram tab, let it dissolve underneath your tongue. Try not to use the
coated aspirin, because they take a long time to dissolve, and the aspirin is going to be
delayed getting into your system.



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