Hellblade: Senua’s Psychosis | Mental Health Feature

Hellblade: Senua’s Psychosis | Mental Health Feature

Stormy seas and lost souls. She’s dreamt of this before. They say dreams are visions of our memories,
thoughts and fears. As seen by our inner eye. But what if each one of us is always dreaming, even when awake? And we only see what our inner eye creates for us? Is this what Hel is? A world shaped by
Senua’s nightmares? Maybe that’s why people feared seeing the world through her eyes. Because if you believe that Senua’s reality is twisted… …you must accept that yours might be too. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is a video game about Senua, a Celtic warrior on
a vision quest into Viking territory. But what sets our hero Senua apart is that she
suffers from severe psychotic mental illness. The original idea for Hellblade was to create
a classic hero’s journey, a journey of suffering but one where the fantasy world is not another
planet or an alternate universe, but a world that is constructed in Senua’s mind. But to
do so would mean putting psychotic mental illness at the centre of the experience; a
subject that is still considered taboo and a challenge that was both terrifying and exciting
in equal measure. In Hellblade this starting point was a newly discovered Celtic Goddess
called ‘Senuna’ in Ashwell, Hertfordshire. When first discovered, her name was thought to
be ‘Senua’, a name which I liked and kept. I wondered if Senua might have been a Celtic
warrior like Boudica who stood up to the Romans. While the Romans had conquered all of Europe,
there was a group of Celts up in the furthest reaches of the Roman Empire that could not
be conquered – the Picts. And so the Romans built a wall called Hadrian’s Wall that spans
across Britain from sea to sea to keep the Pictish barbarians at bay. The Picts were
known for their warpaint, painted on with woad, and their matted hair, clumped with
lime. And so Senua would be a
barbarian Pict in this image. What’s your name? Senua. I haven’t seen you before. I don’t leave home much. Oh, Zynbel’s daughter. I have to go. Wait! Orkney is off the coast of Scotland and was inhabited by the Picts, steeped in
history and mystery, and so I made Orkney Senua’s home and set the stage for a crisis. In the late 8th Century the first Vikings landed on the Orkney islands. The population
of the Picts crashed thereafter, replaced by the Norsemen of the 9th Century. Were they
wiped out? We don’t know for sure, but it would seem likely given the reputation of
the Vikings. The Northmen’s brutality is legendary. High ranking leaders and chieftains of the
tribes they conquered were often offered as sacrifice to their Gods. The most brutal of
these sacrifices was known as the blood eagle. I imagine Senua as a young female warrior
who returns home from exile to find her partner, Dillion, brutally sacrificed to a Norse God
by these hellish warriors from a faraway land. I imagined the horror of this moment and
how it would’ve dragged her deep into mental torment. (You did this! You killed him! This is your fault!)
No! No! No! I came to learn that the Celts had a sophisticated and nuanced perspective on
the nature of mental disorder. One term they used was ‘gelt’. A gelt is a man or woman
who has been driven mad by a curse, battle trauma or grief. The gelt would take to a life in
the woods in search of penance, punishment and purgation. And so Senua became a gelt,
cursed by darkness, looking for redemption in the wilds. Another word the Celts used in reference
to mental disorders was ‘druth’ meaning ‘fool’ or ‘liar’, one who utters the words of God.
They tell of the mad sinner who flees battle into exile and takes on a beastly nature,
growing feathers on his body. The character called Druth in Hellblade is based on a little
known person called Findan, an 8th Century Irish Celt who was captured and enslaved by
the Vikings, but eventually escaped to Orkney where he became a monk. I will tell you my
stories of Hel if I may walk with you. Upon meeting Senua, it would be his stories that
fuel her quest deep into their world of Gods. The Northmen say the world will come to an
end. The sun will grow black. The earth will sink into the sea. The stars will disappear.
Fire and water will meet. Flames will play against the sky. The heavens and earth and
all the world will be burned. All the Gods will be dead and the warriors of Valhalla
and people everywhere. Senua, prepare yourself for ragnarok. For it is nigh. So the stage
was set for a new adventure, a journey into the Norse underworld called Hel. A vision
quest fuelled by madness and myth. A fantasy that was created by Senua’s own mind, and
one that we would experience through her eyes. This is your mission. This is your quest.
There is nothing else left. To make a game about a warrior with psychotic mental illness as its central theme was fraught with danger. Mental illness such as psychosis is still
taboo and rarely acknowledged in a century of cinema, never mind the new medium of games.
Where it does feature, it often conflates psychosis, and psychopathy associated with
a lack of empathy. It is unfortunate that these two words sound so similar that they are used
interchangeably in media. I must admit that I didn’t have to look very far to discover
my own ignorance of the subject. So we reached out to Paul Fletcher, psychiatrist and Professor
of Health/Neuroscience at University of Cambridge. Psychosis is a descriptive term
and it refers to having a loss of contact with objective reality. It’s characterised
by two main sets of symptoms: one of them is hallucinations where somebody experiences
perceptions when there is no actual objective thing out there to perceive. Who are you? And the other is delusions where somebody comes to very often bizarre, unpleasant, frightening beliefs when there’s no good evidence in favour of them. There’s no doubt about it. The source
of the darkness is in Helheim, and the Goddess Hela holds his soul there. We reached out to Wellcome, a biomedical research charity that spends billions on research and awareness
programs aimed at improving health. Mental health hasn’t always been presented in the
media in a way that is particularly helpful. It can be challenging to engage people with
the subject matter and there are a lot of preconceived ideas about mental health and
particularly schizophrenia and psychosis. So we hope our support allows the team to
continue to collaborate with Paul Fletcher and with those who have experience of psychosis
to create a game that provides a fresh perspective on the condition and allows audiences to engage with it in a way that just wouldn’t be possible in any other medium. What started out as a
brief consultation convinced me that we were only scratching the surface of an immensely
deep and interesting subject that could enrich and change the very nature of the game. Thanks so much for coming in. Pleasure, it’s really interesting for me and I’d love to be involved, I think it’s fascinating. Our understanding of psychosis is still very much a mystery and ways of treating it are still primitive compared to physical illness. After all it
is easy to see the pain and suffering caused by physical diseases or physical trauma. It
is not so easy to see the mental suffering and trauma of severe mental illness. But what
if we could find a way to see it? Games are capable of drawing you in for hours on end,
playing the role of a character who is different from you, experiencing their perspective and
actively involving you in a world that functions with a different set of rules. If we were to represent Senua’s psychosis we would have to simulate voice hearing, a common attribute. But how can we simulate something we have no firsthand experience of? Professor Charles Fernyhough,
a leading expert in voice hearing from Durham University, offered his help.
Hearing voices is an experience that is usually associated with severe mental illness. Crucially
we know that hearing voices is a part of ordinary life for many people who don’t meet the criteria
for mental illness. Yeah, that’s not him in real life. We know voices vary according to
where they appear in space, voices can appear far away, in the distance they can appear
right there in your ear, they can seem to be coming from inside your head. Based on the information
that Professor Fernyhough provided, I put together a sound brief and invited some actors
to the studio. We recorded the actors using a binaural microphone, which records the 3D
spatial position of sound, replicating the way sound is heard by human ears. It gives
you an incredible sense that the person you are listening to is right there beside you. Rachel Waddingham from the Voice Collective came to our studio with two young voice hearers
to speak to our team. They talked at length about their experiences and they listened
to our tests, giving us feedback on how we could improve on it. Everyone hates her. She’s cursed. It’s very hard to represent what this experience is like, partly because it’s such
a personal, intense, emotional experience. It’s testament to how Ninja Theory have been
listening to what the researchers are saying but also crucially listening to the experts
by experience. What they have come up with is so compelling, it’s by far the best representation
I’ve heard of what these experiences are like. (They’re coming, they’re coming now. You killed
him. You killed him) Other common attributes of psychosis are visions are flashbacks. We met with Recovery College East who work with and care for people recovering from severe
mental disorders. A group of service users gave us their firsthand account of what they experience. Sometimes the visions or what we’re seeing is too much. It becomes smaller and smaller until eventually we don’t see anything. The people we spoke to, the stories they told were fascinating, harrowing and
mind-boggling. The reality of what people experience was vivid, far exceeding what I
could possibly have imagined. We went away itching to represent some of these visions
and flashbacks in the game. *Deeper, by Andy LaPlegua* To refine our work, we continued
to hold meetings with Recovery College East over the course of a year and a half, showing
them what we had achieved so far and refining the in-game representations based on their
feedback. With their help, flashbacks, visions and changes in perception were woven into
the story and gameplay of Senua. The students who were involved in this project are incredibly excited about being involved.
They have described the experience as being important because
it values their lived experience and shows that despite what we have been through all
of that experience becomes valid that actually it’s something we should all be talking about. The experiences described range from beautiful to frightening beyond comprehension. I heard
of a girl who has to live with an angry voice screaming at her, slamming on her doors and
walls 24 hours a day. I met someone who would often see hanging corpses in a room, so real
that she would sometimes try to rescue them. The panic and fear that comes with such visions
is entirely understandable and it can be a living horror for some. Worthless, weak, pathetic.
Go on, feel sorry for yourself because no one left to do that for you. I was urged by one fellow that we should not shy away from showing his horror and so I was perpetually
torn in making Hellblade. Had we gone too far with our representations or not far enough? Broken and lost. Just like your sword. In some ways, voice hearing and visions were
the low hanging fruit so to speak. There’s another aspect of psychosis that is much harder
to explain, but one that I think video games are uniquely able to represent, which are
often called delusions. People begin to see patterns in the world, they begin to link
things that most people wouldn’t link. Most of the things that we might think would be
coincidence, or not worth commenting on. Nevertheless, that might have a particular salience or importance
to them. One individual described how every day words, sounds, colours and objects were
steeped in meaning to him, forming a strange and sinister puzzle that he was determined
to solve but could not quite get to the bottom of. It’s not just brain dysfunction, it’s
not like the system shut down, it’s actually an incredibly creative process. The person
creates a world populated with voices and phantasms and terrors, and they’re completely
immersed in it. They believe in it. We often invite people into the studio to play the
game. In one of our playtests they played through much of the game, making associations
between runes, secret messages and the threat of darkness that stalked them. There are many
things that happen in the world of Hellblade that make perfect sense within the context
of Senua’s mind – the dark rot that’s killing her slowly from within, the secret runes of
the Gods that block her path to Helheim, and strange associations that exist in the game
to confuse you. To complete Senua’s quest you have to internalise and accept the logic
and meaning behind these things to progress. Afterwards they said that they didn’t see
much evidence of mental illness in the game. People with delusions of all sorts would argue
the same thing, that they are not aware of their experience being abnormal in any way. I need this sword, it’s important. Representing perception changes and thinking patterns within Hellblade gives us a set of symptoms common in psychosis. But people with lived experience
were keen to emphasise another point, that it is wrong to define a person by their symptoms.
Quite often the illness comes not from the symptoms, but from the stigma, isolation and
mistreatment that comes about from the rest of society. They say that I’m cursed.
What if they’re right? I needed someone to portray Senua, someone who could believably internalise her suffering. Melina Juergens, our video editor, had been a stand-in for Senua over a few months whilst we perfected our motion capture techniques. Without realising it,
she had already auditioned for the role and I knew her well enough to know that I didn’t
have to teach her to act but to relive her own internal pain. As often is the case, those who have suffered mental anguish are never far from us. My hope is that by creating a
compelling and aspirational character in Senua
who feels very much real, albeit in a fantasy
setting, we can provide a lens into her reality, a different one to yours, and this is where
storytelling comes into play. I imagined her life based on common threads in real people’s
lives. She was always prone to psychosis as a child. Her mother Galena also heard voices
and had visions so perhaps there was a genetic aspect. Or perhaps it was cultural as she
lived in a world without science, of Gods and superstition, as exemplified by her druid
father Zynbel. Psychosis developed in her late teens to early twenties and was exasperated
by stigma and isolation at the hands of the clansmen and her father. This darkness, it’s spreading. The trauma of seeing her lover Dillion sacrificed tips her over the edge, making her remodel
her reality around a concept that connects everything: the darkness. So
the question ‘is what Senua experiences is real?’ can only be answered by saying ‘yes,
it is real, it is her reality’. All of her suffering will have been for nothing.
It’s just a matter of time. Towards the end of the project, service users and professionals that had collaborated with us were invited to see the near final game. It was a chance
to see if the game had reflected their views or if it had misrepresented them. For me, being involved in especially developing Senua’s character has been really important, and being
able to bring in my perspective and what I see and what I hear. Having that built into
the game has been a real privilege. It’s gritty, and it’s meaty, and there are some tough subjects
in there that are being tackled with honesty. I was blown away by it today, absolutely blown
away. It was fantastic to get the opportunity to use our lived experience in a very creative
way. There’s nothing tokenistic about the work we’ve put in. It feels like we’ve been
listened to, things have been taken on board, and I think there is a lot of realism in the
game itself and it feels very authentic. Hellblade will give people a good experience of what
it’s like to hear voices and have those experiences. I’m glad that the guys at Ninja Theory have
asked us to come along and help them build an experience that’s positive. When it comes
out, I’ll get myself a copy and have a go. I think all the way through I was really inspired
by how the conversations have translated into the game in a way that I think I didn’t imagine
was possible, so… wonderful. Really wonderful. I really hope that others will follow the
lead they’ve set, and use the power of something like a video game to change people’s perceptions,
to increase understanding, and ultimately to make some of the stigma around voice hearing
and other experiences go away. For me it was really exciting to see something that I explore scientifically being represented so beautifully in a character who’s trying to penetrate the
mysteries of the environment in which they’ve been placed with all of this strange uncertainty
and noise and conflicting information that they’re getting. I’m very excited by this
way of trying to represent mental illness because I think it actually might be offering
us insights that we wouldn’t get from pure scientific explorations and actually giving
us quite an empathic view of what it might be like. Mental illness has been with us as
long as we’ve been on this planet, but why? Why hasn’t evolution stamped out this weakness
from within our gene pool? I often pondered this question until I realised that this question
had an inbuilt flaw. It assumes that being and thinking differently is a weakness. The
only reason we have computers, spacecraft, medicine, poetry, art and yes, even video
games, is because in the visuals we’re able to simulate new abstract realities in our minds
and share them with the rest of us. We need people to be willing to see differently
in order for us to progress and survive as a society and we need to be open to these
new ways of seeing. It is this spirit that motivated me to create Senua’s story and share
it with you.



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    This game is literally unplayable with a mouse. =(

  • veevee306

    Senua's Sacrifice also did something very needed and profound: It showed that truth doesn't always lie in objective fact and reality. Truth is in many places and takes many forms.

  • Khal3dking

    I hate you ninja Siri 🖕

  • ctrlfg

    Game very cool, girl beautiful, eyes big!! love

  • Keith Deel

    Hellblade is honestly the best game I have ever played.

  • Jarod Gazza

    Please make RAZER!

  • ElTioBatmanYT

    The best game since its history, development and completely the game of the century!

    Great job, congratulations!

  • Pawan Maurya

    We waiting for a new game

  • 김이기

    This game is not support NVIDIA RTX DLSS. Who is Liar ? https://www.nvidia.com/ko-kr/geforce/news/geforce-rtx-dlss-new-games-september-2018/

  • Matthew Summers

    DmC 2 make it happen

  • Catalin Simina

    Don't know if ilness or not, we're all Senua to some degree, I guess is just life!

  • bluemusic039

    Just wanted to thank you guys for the incredible game! Your work and the experience by it really inspired me and I decided to write my bachelor thesis about it. (greetings from northern Germany)

  • Judah Breese

    does anyone know the name of the song at 12:10? I can"t seem to find it anywhere

  • Sina Hurley

    I have the deepest respect for everyone involved in making the game for taking the challenge of such a neglected and stigmatized subject.
    Thank you for everything, especially the outro at 22:55 .

  • edgar vivar

    Totally wonderful, I loved the game and I will play it again and again. Thank you for this wonderful experience.

  • Carlos Vieira

    Yes Nintendo switch, please português brasileiro idioma. The Best version with gameplay on the go

  • Bronson Vertigo

    I felt the game in the first minute

  • Yana Mitseva

    Lovely! Thank you.

  • Jackson Deep

    Amazing game ! Super top!
    Cheers from Brazil.


    Microsoft will destroy ninja theory.

  • puccamaiden

    I suffer of anxiety and major depression, and play the game and be Senua, it's was overwhelmed, touched and excited, her voices are similar to the intrusive thoughts I do have all the time, it's really difficult to find things than can explain what it feel have a mental illness to others and you made it so accurate,so beautiful, so real, thank you for develop this kind of game, its wonderful how you all could create such a great game ❤️❤️❤️

  • Luis Otávio

    Masterpiece in terms of sound and level design especially knowing the context. This dev team definitely set a bar on this topic and it will take a long time to anyone even top this.

    Besides, makes videogames an art form even stronger on society eyes with having this depth of story telling. There's only two words to give Ninja Theory and the dev team for this amazing experience which is thank you.

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