• Michael Y

    Thanks for sharing…might be investing in one soon for the same reasons. And great shirt!

  • Philip Sober

    from one Phil to another, I was able to cut my cholesterol in half and bring my blood pressure below "normal" within 2 months(without meds!) by eating a plant based diet. I now eat meat or dairy once a week at most and maintain. Please watch the movie "Forks over Knives", I believe it's on Netflix.

  • Bernie Houle

    Thanks for the review. Can more than one user use this or you tied to only one person?

  • Robert Schulz

    I hope they have recommended lifestyle changes as well, exercise and diet can also go a long way toward controlling your BP.

  • MrMobile [Michael Fisher]

    This is some Dr. Crusher-level ish

  • Davin Laroche

    The cuff looks like some sort of speaker sitting on the shelf! 😁

  • Brian van der Werff

    Good for you Phil! Nice weight drop btw πŸ˜‰ Question though after watching your video, how does it handle multiple users? Just curious.

  • Will Ginn

    I started using my cuff January 7, 2016. Love it, no issues and works just as you described. I use it everyday.

  • Dr.Strangefreak

    Fun fact, Withing is owned by Nokia.

  • Christopher Poitras

    is this big enough to wrap around your leg?

  • Rick D

    Nice Misfits shirt Phil.
    Like you even more now!

  • Brook Robinson

    Are there any blood pressure monitoring wearables you'd recommend?

  • Edgar Rodriguez

    Great video, is the reading accurate though?

  • Tech It Out

    Liked as usual but a little extra info that could save a life. Placing the cuff on a person who you believe to be having a heart attack can apparently lessen the damage and aid recovery if the patient receives the proper medical assistance to survive the attack of course. Try Googling blood pressure cuff heart attack for details.

  • Nate Reinitz

    First off, I love your new show. I am a long time listener of the Android Central Podcast and reader of the Android Central website and glad to see you moved on to bigger and better things. As a Modern Dad myself (though my kids are a bit older), I enjoy your take on tech products.

    This video was very helpful. I myself have just entered into the world of needing to care about my BP. This video saved me time and money on trying out these products, so thank you.

    Suggestion for something I would like to see is a desk organizer system. I work in the IT world and have multiple (a lot) of devices, computers, etc in my home office. I would love to see some of the products you use or think would be useful in keeping all that stuff organized.

  • Jim Travis

    Nice job Phil. I have purchased 3 high end blood pressure digital monitors, 1 wrist, 2 cuff. According to the 3 devices, I have normal pressure, and if I had been sitting for awhile, the pressure borders on low blood pressure. I go to my doctor who uses the manual method, and I have high blood pressure. My doctor (and other doctors / nurses I have asked) told me that the consumer grade digital BPMs are inaccurate. I have sat in the wait room for about a half hour after obtaining a high reading to insure the high blood pressure was not due to the white jacket syndrome. My pressure was still high when the doctor took the pressure again. On the next visit, I brought one of the devices, and did a reading with the digital BPM immediately after the doctor did using the old manual method. I then did a reading with the digital BPM immediately before the doctor did another reading the manual way. In both cases, the digital monitor was 15 to 20 below the reading the doctor obtained using the manual method. My doctor says I have high blood pressure, my devices show normal to low BP readings.

    Have you checked the accuracy of this tested device at the doctor's office vs the reading your doctor measured? I assume your doctor uses the old manual method, or a pro model digital. I have already spent $250 for the 3 devices, and do not use them due to the inaccurate readings. Before I spend another $100, I want to be sure the device is accurate so I won't be obtaining readings at home that border on low pressure when I really need to be concerned about high blood pressure.

    Thanks, any info on accuracy would be appreciated.

  • Debra Dukes

    Absolutely Awesome I keep very close eye on all my readings .I have had only one bad incident with one time that my blood pressure sky rocketed and they actually kept me for few hours.But what is really weird is I never had it again for Year's Now. I definitely think this is Awesome product for anyone especially if you are trying to keep Health Consience.So I am all for something like this especially for your Health and safety and you can never be too safe. I have had family members have same thing so I say anything that keeps you Healthy and going I'm all for. I say this to anyone of any age as well because I have heard of even young having issues so Phil Excellent product and it does not matter any age Definitely enjoyed Awesome Review Thanks so much for sharing Deb πŸ‘βœŒοΈ

  • NevadaScrubJay

    I purchased and returned this item from Amazon. My personal experience was that the readings were inconsistent. My old Omron device readings seemed more accurate. I will probably buy a newer Omron…

  • Shawn Matello

    Just bought this using my end of year FSA money…can't wait for it to arrive. Thanks for the recomendation

  • Arthur Kirk

    Thanks for pointing out the cable attachment. Good to know if wireless gives up the ghost there's a backup.

  • Cathy Cameron

    Was convinced to buy this product until I found out Nokia bought the company and since then no one likes the app and it's functionality on the iOS app store. Unfortunately the app and functionality is a very important part of a BP monitor for me. I've been using the iHealth Feel BP5 til the battery finally bit the dust. Very accurate and has a great BT app. Anyway, back to the 'Withings' BP monitor. Sorry Nokia, but I won't buy it.

  • Adam Cohen

    Excellent video. Just one thing the blood β€œpump” in the arteries not in the veins. Thanks for the video!!!

  • Stefano Ghezzi

    I own one…it fails 100% of the time because it cant get the meausurement

  • Jorge Teixeira

    Does it work during exercise? Or it only gives valid values at rest?

  • Mac Kettner

    Just the kind of recommendation I've been looking for. Thanks so much.

  • erdingtown

    i bought this when it first came out. it was great. but i noticed, that all of a sudden they changed their interpretation of what high blood pressure so almost everyone has high blood pressure now. this is what the ama does. they change the normal ranges so they can sell more meds for a disease you don’t have. you now have stage one high blood pressure at 131 over 76. everyone is supposed to have blood pressure of a teenager. remember when high cholesterol was over 240? and then they dropped it to 200. wow did statin drugs make a lot of money.

  • Ron Brittany

    Well done along with good advice.

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