High Blood Pressure : Lifestyle tips to control hypertension | Dr Mahmoud Abdul Rafi Nephrologist

High Blood Pressure : Lifestyle tips to control hypertension | Dr Mahmoud Abdul Rafi Nephrologist

Hello Viewers Welcome to our Channel today dr. Muhammad Abdul Rafa is with us Consultant Nephrologist and
hypertension specialist hello Doctor hi maam how are you
yeah I’m fine thank you how yourself it’s good doctor what is high blood
pressure high blood pressure is we all walk around with blood pressure blood
pressure is important okay but when it goes beyond the normal range which is
generally accepted to be around 140 90 and above that becomes hypertension okay
and for those who check their blood pressures at home it is not 140 90 but
it is less so those who are measuring their blood pressures at home 135 over
85 and above is considered hypertension so anybody who walks around with these
blood pressures needs to be treated why should we treat the hypertension it is
important to treat hypertension because it has been shown to affect there are
three vital organs in the body one is the heart second is the kidney third is
the brain okay and all three are at risk for disease if we walk around with
higher blood pressures so when it affects the heart it can cause heart
failure and heart attacks if it affects the brain it causes brain stroke if it
have it cause affects the kidney it causes kidney failure that’s why to
prevent these three major diseases that are prevalent in the world we need to
treat hypertension okay doctor what are the causes of hypertension there are
many causes of hypertension but the most important cause is one thing is age it
is age related also as we grow older our blood pressure starts to go up but that
doesn’t mean that we should not treat because this is coming with with the age
it should be treated and those who are obese they get hypertension
have diabetes they get hypertension those who eat a lot of salt they develop
hypertension so nine nineteen ninety-five percent of the time it is
sort of a generated we do not know clearly what is the cause of
hypertension in five percent of the patients there are known causes we know
some chemical imbalances there that needs to be treated okay doctor how do
we treat the hypertension hypertension so there are two major modalities of
treating hypertension one is non pharmacological approach that means we
are not using medications this is an early stage of hypertension and second
is where we use medications so first when we evaluate a patient with high
blood pressure we look at what is causing his hypertension okay if he is
obese we know that if you gain 1 kg of excess weight then your blood pressure
goes up by one one point so a patient comes to me he’s obese is for example 10
kgs excess in his way then if I can bring down the 10 kgs why am losing
weight then I can bring down the blood pressures also so so we look at the
lifestyle okay eating healthy will help him to reduce blood pressure lowering
the salt now in salt what is important is a maximum amount of salt that we eat
is hidden okay so any preserved food for example pickles or pop art or ketchups
these will have huge amount of salt okay eating out most of these restaurants
they add more salt then then it is required because they want to make it
more spicy for for their clients so if we can cut these things down this
preserve food and eating out we can cut this cut it down then there is a
possibility then the blood pressure will come down how to diagnose our high blood
pressure yes blood pressure can be diagnosed with
simple blood-pressure machines that are available in all the hospitals and these
days digital monitors blood pressure monitors are available very cheap in the
market and some of them are especially those that are certified by the British
hypertension society and American hypertension society these monitors are
very good and they can be used at home to identify those who are having hypo
hypertension what died we should mind him for high blood pressure yeah yeah so
since high salt diet is a risk factor then we should cut down the salt like as
I mentioned earlier the preserved food should be removed from our diet that way
we can reduce the salt okay so what precautions were taken for high blood
pressure the most important once again lifestyle change is the most important
thing that we should intervene one is cutting down the salt not eating out
much cutting down the sodas Coke Pepsi they have a high amount of salt
producing weight and for reducing weight at least twenty to thirty minutes of
brisk walking every day is important now in some studies they have shown that
eating more vegetables and fruits will also help in cutting down the risk of
developing hypertension or those who already have hypertension to reduce the
blood pressure the reason is the foods and vegetables have more potassium in
them naturally-occurring potassium so when you eat potassium the pad salt that
the sodium is removed from the body through the urine so that way our blood
pressure comes down so eating healthy is very important losing weight is very
important exercise and walking is very important this way we can prevent and
control operation thank you so much doctor thank you I hope you liked this video if you liked it please like share and
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  • NaturalHI

    We don’t control the “hypertension.” We control the “inflammation.” This is why all my pharmaceutical drugs for hypertension did not work because my digestion is not working right which is inflamed gut, gastritis. I cannot digest right, food sits there creating gas and inflaming my gut.

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