High Blood Pressure, Prevention and Management with Dr. Arnett

(heart beating) – Hypertension first is
an asymptomatic disease so you won’t know that you have it unless you check your
blood pressure levels. And so the other reason, is
that it’s a very important risk factor for stroke, in particular, and for heart disease, as well. So elevated levels of blood pressure do contribute significantly
to both the incidence and mortality from both of those diseases. When your blood pressure is high, it’s adding increased stress into your vascular system, your blood
vessels and your brain and your heart and your
legs and your arms. So it’s increasing the
pressure in your system which increases the atherosclerosis, that is the plaque
development in your arteries. There are many ways that you can prevent high blood pressure from developing or if you have high blood pressure, to maintain it and control it. So first and foremost, you
need to eat a healthy diet. That’s a diet rich in
fruits and vegetables, low in sodium and rich in whole grains. Secondly, you can exercise. Exercise actually reduces
your blood pressure level. Most importantly, you need to maintain a healthy body weight That means your weight
over height needs to be below an index called
the body mass index of 25 kilograms per meter squared.



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