High Blood Pressure Tips & Treatments : Calculating Resting Heart Rate

High Blood Pressure Tips & Treatments : Calculating Resting Heart Rate

We talked about needing to figure out what
your intensity of aerobic exercise will be. For beginners, you can just use the simple
brisk walking technique; where you are still able to carry on a conversation, but you’re
having a brisk breathing sensation. Another way to do it is to actually calculate your
target heart rate. To do that, first you need to calculate what your resting heart rate
is, so you need to get a watch with a second hand on it, or that calculates digitally,
and you’re going to isolate your radial artery, which is here, and place your index finger
on it. Don’t use your thumb, because there’s a pulse in your thumb, and that will confuse
the sensation. You’re going to place your finger on there, and count the number of beats
you feel in a ten second interval. For instance; if I feel ten, I’m going to multiply that
by six, so I would get 60 beats in a minute. It is important to take it when you are at
rest, so first thing in the morning would be best, but that would be your resting heart
rate. We’re going to use that to figure out what your target heart rate is.



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