High Blood Pressure Tips & Treatments : High Blood Pressure Diet

High Blood Pressure Tips & Treatments : High Blood Pressure Diet

We talked about blood pressure, and it’s affects
on the arterial system. Now we want to talk about dietary approaches you can use to maintain
healthy blood pressure. When talking about this, we need to keep in mind that we’re working
on two basic mechanisms here. The overall volume in the arterial system, and the overall
resistance in that arterial system. When choosing the diet for this blood pressure, the National
Heart Lung and Blood Association looked at these two basic mechanisms when they were
trying to isolate dietary plans. They found that blood pressure was reduced with a plan
of low saturated fat, low cholesterol, low total fat, a diet that was high in fruits
and vegetables, low fat dairy, and there’s another portion of the diet where they actually
reduce sodium. This diet is called “The dietary approaches to stop hypertension. Its acronym
is the “dash” diet. As you can see here, the diet focuses on fruits and vegetables, and
you want to get six to eight servings of those, you want to get around twelve servings of
your grains, which is here. We have some rice, some grain cereal, some quinoa, and you also
want to have some nuts and seeds, and what we don’t have here are lean meats. You also
want to get some lean cuts of meats or poultry, and we also have some low fat dairy. Now we
want to talk a little more specifically about how each of these components might be affecting
those two basic mechanisms; the volume and the resistance.



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    Nice vid. Go vegan!

  • Him Bike

    what diet is homeboy going to use to save his hair? sorry i couldnt resist.
    back in 1975 when i was going veg. i was mocked and called every name in the book by society, now look

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