High Blood Pressure Tips & Treatments : What Is Blood Pressure?

High Blood Pressure Tips & Treatments : What Is Blood Pressure?

We want to talk about what blood pressure
is. Blood pressure is divided into systolic pressure, and diastolic pressure, and those
pressures represent different aspects of the cardiac cycle. When you get your recording,
you may get 120/80. That top number is your systolic pressure, and the bottom number is
your diastolic pressure, and what those pressures represent is a pressure within the arterial
system. This is the beginning of the arterial system, which is the aorta, and this is a
representation of the pressure in the aorta when you take someone’s blood pressure. So
the systolic pressure is the pressure within the aorta just after that heart contracts.
This aorta is filled up with higher amounts of pressure. So it’s the pressure within the
aorta or the arterial system; more so the brachial artery; after that heart contracts.
The diastolic pressure is the pressure within that arterial system just after the heart
relaxes, so we have constant contraction; right here in this ventricle; shoots blood
up through the aorta, and then it relaxes. The pressure decreases, so that’s why the
diastolic is a little bit lower. Now we’re going to take an actual patient example, and
see how these pressures relate to someone’s actual reading.



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