Hip Thrust | Nuffield Health

Hip Thrust | Nuffield Health

To perform a hip thrust start with your legs
under the bar, roll the bar towards your hips. As you place flat on the ground, use your
elbows to lift your upper body on to the bench, ensuring there is a straight line from your
shoulders to your knees. Then lower your hips to an inch off the ground
then return to the start position and squeeze your glutes at the top.



  • Mischa True

    brie larson can do 400 lb hip thrusts

  • Lety M Hdez

    I don’t understand why the gyms do not have a machine to do that exercise? It is not safe to do so. You can hurt your waist.

  • Aleksander Dev

    U need to talk about hip posture, flattening out the arche in the back this dude has.
    He should tilt his pelvis forward

  • Murada

    I bet he's thinking about that chick as he does these.

  • Veronica Geer

    This workout right here really gives me a burn. Seriously lol

  • Gergana Penkowa

    Why your feet are not at a 90-degree angle? 🤔🤔

  • Tahmeed Rahman

    Loved how short and simple this video was

  • Damo

    Whenever I try and do hip thrust even with a pad and light weight It kills where the bar is sitting so much so I cant complete a full set. Does anyone know what i'm doing wrong? Appreciate any advice

  • XO


  • Jungle EnT

    This is what type of workout videos i want no intro just straight into the action

  • Mohammed Shafei

    A perfectly designed video. No nonsense, no hi guys, no "let's get right into it…" then 3 minutes later nothing. Just perfect.

  • AboutThatLife KZ

    How to prevent slipping? 🙁

  • gab perron

    must be doing something wrong i did 135lbs the weight dont feel good on my crotch i can press it just feels horrible

  • Tyrone Fan

    That soundtrack is lit too

  • I'm 6'2

    Dropped a like cause the vid was straight to the point. Great video

  • TheMrrobustus

    Short and sweet! Subscribed

  • Colours of Cover

    guys, the form in this video is wrong. his feet need to be directly in line with his knees when thrust on the top. his chin needs to be tucked in. I am surprised this is coming from Nuffield Health.
    This video explains it better

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