How Childhood Trauma Can Make You A Sick Adult

How Childhood Trauma Can Make You A Sick Adult

What we found in the ACE study involving seventeen
and a half thousand middle-class adults was that life experiences in childhood that are
lost in time and then further protected by shame and by secrecy and by social taboos
against inquiry into certain realms of human experience—that those life experiences play
out powerfully and proportionately a half century later, in terms of emotional state,
in terms of biomedical disease, in terms of life expectancy. In 1985, I first became interested
in developmental life experiences in early childhood really by accident. In the major
obesity program we were running, a young woman came into the program. She was twenty-eight
years old, and weighed 408 pounds, and asked us if we could help her with her problem.
And in fifty-one weeks, we took her from 408 to 132. And we thought, well my god, we’ve
got this problem licked. This is going to be a world-famous department here! She maintained
her weight at 132 for several weeks, and then in one three-week period regained 37 pounds
in three weeks, which I had not previously conceived as being physiologically possible.
That was triggered by being sexually propositioned at work by a much older man, as she described
him. And in short order, she was back over 400 pounds faster than she had lost the weight.
I remember asking her why the extreme response. After initially claiming not to have any understanding
of why the extreme response, ultimately she told me of a lengthy incest history with her
grandfather, from age 10 to age 21. Ultimately it turned out that fifty-five percent of the
people in our obesity program acknowledged a history of childhood sexual abuse. I mean,
that obviously is not the only issue going on, but it was where we began. And as we went
down that trail, then we discovered other forms of abuse, also growing up in massively
dysfunctional households, et cetera. The ACE study was really designed to see whether these
things existed at all in the general population, and if so, how did they play out over time? We studied 10 categories of adverse life experience
that were chosen because of their prevalence in the weight program: childhood sexual abuse,
heavy-duty childhood physical abuse—I’m not talking spanking—um, major emotional
abuse, recurrent humiliation, two categories of neglect, growing up in a home where, one
of the members of the household, uh, was chronically depressed, suicidal, mentally ill, or in the
state hospital; growing up in a home without both biological parents; growing up in a home
where, um, one of the members of your household was alcoholic or a drug user; growing up in
a home where mother was beaten; growing up in a home where one of the members of your
household was imprisoned during your childhood or adolescence. Those were the 10 categories.
In a middle-class population, one in 11 people has experienced six or more of those adverse
life experiences in childhood. So this is very common. Totally unrecognized.
It was difficult for us to accept their commonness. But on the other hand, these are issues that
most people never touch. And so who would know without routinely asking? But at a so-called
ACE score of six, experiencing any six of the ten categories that we studied, that person
was 4,600% more likely to become an IV drug user than a person who had experienced none
of those ten categories. Okay? Now, you know, you think, you read the newspaper, the latest
cancer scare of the week, prostate cancer or breast cancer increases 30%, and everyone
goes nuts. I’m talking 4,600% increase. The same ACE score of six produces a likelihood
of attempting suicide that is between 3,100% and 5,000% greater than the likelihood of
suicide attempts in someone with none of those life experiences. So the power of this relationship
is enormous. So ultimately the question arises: how do
life experiences in childhood end up with disease states a half century later? There
are at least two big categories to account for that. One is through the use of various
coping devices. One smokes to feel better; one overeats to feel better; one drinks to
relax, et cetera. And those things carried out in heavy amounts have major destructive
patterns, even though they may be immediately beneficial. The other broad category has to
do with the effect of chronic major unrelieved stress on the workings of one’s brain and
central nervous system. In recent years, this is relatively new, it’s become clear that
chronic major unrelieved stress can produce the release of pro-inflammatory chemicals
in a person’s body, and also can suppress immune system function. Of the ten categories
that we studied, any six of them produces a shortening in life expectancy of almost
twenty years. The magnitude of this problem is so huge, and the complexity of dealing
with it after the fact is so huge, that realistically, the only serious approach is going to have
to involve primary prevention. No one knows how to do that, but it’s the right question
to focus on.



  • hello

    In a free country you have the freedom to be reckless. I wish there were more strict standards and more help for parents.

  • Janay Monique Matthews

    My mother has bipolar along with narcissistic personality disorder. I suffered 25 and a half years of verbal and psychological abuse by her. From this I have dissociate identity disorder, schizoaffective depressive type disorder, and anxiety.

  • TruthSeeker

    Adult anxiety is the result of unconscious fears stemming from childhood trauma. Prayer helped me realize this. God is love.

  • manoftheworld1000

    A vastly – or may I say purposely? – 'underrated' researcher who conducted an evenly 'underrated' research project! 'Underrated ' despite data from more than 17,000 patients!

  • Rootje

    6 of 10 ✔
    That is why i became a therapist and schoolteacher… learn to see the signs peepz…

  • tribute act

    sadly after my experience as a child growing up with alcoholism in the family and the disfunctionality it inflicts,i feel am working with half a tool kit while wearing lead boots,robbed of my youth robbed of hitting my full potential.i suppose there's is worse things in this world. still frustrating that outside family didn't step in to stop the ongoing conflict.

  • MAJESTIC4LYFE Unistein

    I was about to be raped ao u know what i did? fun music i kicked him in the chest and grabbed him by the throat he went all blue but i dont care then punched his eyes and then i called the cops and i never saw him again da do fun music fades away

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    No wonder why I am so aggressive and angry. Good thing I joined the army. fuck my family 👍🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • Ana Maria

    As an adult who was abused as a child…i realized that this ran in my family. And the way I stopped it was by getting myself help so that I could be a better parent than my own were.
    I think prevention will come in the form of making information like this WELL KNOWN. This should be shown in schools, at awareness assembly's, at workplaces, in commercials, previews at the movie theaters ect.
    Educate everyone on how common it is, what abusive behaviors are, how to find help if you think you are an abuser, or of you're being abuser, and how to help others. And encourage people who see red flags to SPEAK UP.

    Also to make therapy easier to access. I know sometimes I can't go to therapy because I can't afford it and I'm sure I'm not alone

  • rltreasure

    I disagree with that number being 1in 11. The molestation numbers are much higher.

  • tubagus sujana

    My childhood Is suck and I don't want to have child…


    Try "Feathers" to erase traumatic memory in children:

  • The Todd Anderson SHOW

    Thanks to james walter morrison sr I have so much ptsd from him #liljim. He was a monster he lives in lake city florida now and I live in Oregon and its still hard

  • MR Sam

    Good to know! fuck yeah!

  • FiveFiveFive OneTwoOneTwo

    Based on Dawkins “selfish gene” humans are disposable genetic transfer vehicles. Most high ACE scorings people are a result of High R(Reproduction rate) low K(parental investment) reproduction strategies, based on “RK Theory”. Unsurprisingly most promiscuous people also have high ACE scores. Those who parents invest the most in their children have the lowest ACE Scores and also have fewer siblings.

  • Richtiger Feger

    when you wanna know about yourself, watch this video and find out you have a childhood trauma which passes six categorys (is that right english if not correct)

  • Edward Tagg

    This is cold and clinical…. If he hasnt experienced, then real compassion is virtually impossible… What we need is real people with real depth experience and feeling…

  • synon9m

    everything he learned by experiment was known and written about since the 70s and 80s.

  • Crystal K

    Why I have chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia now

  • Sherman

    Recovery from cluster B personality disorder is not likely

  • Michelle Carter

    I am interested in ready up on the study, your presentation was exactly the information I need that supports the impact of early childhood trauma and what it can look like when the abused/victim becomes an adult. Unaddressed early childhood trauma has a major impact on lifespan longevity. Can you share more about the health risk with risky behaviors.

  • Tanner Spellman

    Perhaps vaccines and cicumssions on infants might be stupid.

  • Whicker Friesian

    I decided at a very young age, that I would never, ever, have children.
    I had no concept of how to raise them, based on the ways I was raised.
    I knew I didn't dare risk siring/adopting a tiny person, a human being that would one day grow-up and become….?

    That was how I broke the chain of abuse and neglect.

    Dealing with all the emotional, spiritual, and physical burdens throughout the 50+ years I have been alive?…

    I've never figured-out how to become a happy person. For decades, I was a functioning one.

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  • selmaセルマ

    Have had some bad experience as a child. Really ashamed of it when someone raises their hand and I instinctively cover my face cause I think they'll beat me.

  • Dane Rose

    This was integrated beautifully in The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk. It is the most pressing concern in our country, when we realize how many disfunctions of our president relate to childhood trauma and neglect in a world who would not protect him then, and is subject to him giving back the lies and abuse to us now.

  • Tha_SilverBlack_16

    It can make you a sociopath. It can make you suicidal. It can make you sick. It can make you antisocial, angry, bitter, all kinds of things. It is hell.

  • Quinefan

    The ACE stuff is extremely important. But on weight it is known that people who lose it usually gain it back. You shouldn't for a second have thought you had the problem licked after a few weeks. There was zero evidence to support that belief.

  • Lil Narm

    I wonder if I was sexually abuse because I'm constantly having thoughts about my cousin(who was abused by her father)and I can only remember certain images. But it is extremely exhausting, I'm tired of thinking about it but maybe it cant be helped😔

  • Stephenie Hamilton

    He's describing everything about me! I'm 52 now and it's like all this is rushing back to me and I can't get help. No facilities around where I live. I feel like I'm losing my mind! I was a high functioning adult! College and a great job for 23 years, but now I'm struggling to even live! I'm not an alcoholic, not a drug user, but have colon problems, headaches, Vertigo from head beatings as a child. I'm tired all the time. The joy is gone from my life. 😢

  • Ellie Mathews

    My therapist used the EMDR technique for some of my childhood abuse and it worked very well. Just make sure the therapist is experienced with this and knows what they are doing.

  • Yao Mung

    selfmedicate for life lul

  • Claudia Patricia

    Maybe one should introduce parenting tests, making sure parenting is something future parents deserve.

  • The Hypest

    Being from England I came into this video under the assumption that it would teach me how to turn my trauma into some mad skating skills or something

  • Catherine Fitzgerald

    see Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families (the groups and the books)

  • Nisha Halai

    Anthroposophical Therapies helped to heal my' ACE' 'symptoms', specifically Eurhythmy Therapy, Art Therapy, Clay Modelling and Stone Carving (very grounding, safe, gentle, empowering, artistic and I'm in charge of how fast or slow I choose to go, and supported by people who understand the forces inside the human being).

  • Shayne Stewart

    It all starts with childhood. First time parents raise your child properly, upright, firmly, and awareful. Teach them about the world. Be involved but don't shelter and clutter them. A good Childhood carries through a kids life.

  • dawna lohbihler

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  • Christopher Schwab

    What are the implications for the hundreds of million of circumcised men who were cut as a baby without anaesthia?

  • care bear

    I have trauma based harm ocd . From my teenage years. Depression and anxiety 2 nervous breakdown s. But it has driven me to be a good mum to my boys. I could never ever treat my boys like I had been. It has taken 20 years to be finally diagnosed with harm ocd. I wish there where more awareness about this as I didn't understand what was wrong with me. I was too scared to tell my doctor about my intrusive thoughts

  • katakis1

    So… I'm fucked then?

  • Elizabeth Di Francesca

    Too bad the common doctors do not discuss this or treat their patients holistically so they can get to the bottom of their real healing needs

  • T Slap

    It takes away part of your manhood. Takes away your joy. Takes away your ambition. Makes you not trust anyone. Makes you promiscuous. Makes you hate the world. It leads to drugs. Makes you extremely depressed. Makes you think of suicide. It gives you a terrible outlook on life..

  • Miss Tery

    It's all well and good to say this but trying to fix is too hard. I feel a million pieces of me are shattered beyond repair. Why don't therapist understand that sometimes there is no way to make a person trust

  • ANsOn II

    You can help trauma stress and maybe situational depression. You cant do much for clinical depression and other mental illness. They are genetic

  • Curtistine Miller

    Yes,Your Childhood Can and usually scars you for life..Hurt people Hurt people and the cycle goes on and on until generations of families are extremely dysfunctional!

  • Nana Aisha

    I did not experience so much physical abuse but the most painful part of my childhood is sexual abuse my mother doesn’t know about it. Isuffered from bipolar and ptsd from what phidophilles have done to me the domestic abuse between parents do not affect me but the problem is when i remember how i was molested and raped is still traumatizing me and my social anxiety is getting worse if we can not handle it we have to reveal it my delusions are also getting worse i don’t want to become schizophrenic or suicidal because the ugly truth hurts i won’t reveal only not if mental heath profession knew about it.And i hope anxiety wont make fear worse.

  • Curt Christensen

    I had ptsd in the 1960's

  • Ivan Bryan

    Being alone is awesome 😊🤗

  • Ti Y

    #11 — adoptees

  • Ratacatavious Brown

    Plain, simple fact, Americans don't give a damned about their kids. They like to pretend they do but they really don't. This probably explains the obesity epidemic.

  • Joyce Hewitt

    This what I Said unless you walk in somebody else shoes.

  • Joyce Hewitt

    I was a foster child in my teens started gaining because the home before lock us in a room could hear her kids have candy next home I could eat what I Want just the last 10 years starting to lose . Me thank God I waxent SEXY abused my food was my drug

  • Joyce Hewitt


  • Slaiden Heller

    I grew up in a home with all the above and more

  • LovelyPolishPerson

    Every single day I recall a class where my teacher humiliated me. She first asked a few tall & handsome guys to translate "I am handsome and girls love me" from Polish into English. She then painted at me and told me to translate "I wish I was handsome". I was not good looking and I have always felt depressed about it. And now this blow. She never suffered any consequences. Every single day I dream of killing her (but I am not going to!!!).

  • Titz MaGee

    I was beaten, starved & more from age 2-10 years old. I didn't have children, I was never 'ready', this choice was the right one for me. I've been married twice, neither husband's had kids. I've been married for 18 years with my 2nd husband. I'm 46 years old & have started experiencing Flashbacks of the abuse. Mine is a twisted tale filled with trauma & misery that didn't stop at age 10. I stopped the cycle, by not having kids, I'm proud of my choice.

  • Mika

    Yeah. I started going down hill at 25

  • Tim Auran

    What about going back farther? Behind most big doses of childhood trauma in the US, we find an equally hefty percentage of booze and/or illicit drugs meandering through a bloodstream or two. Just ask the first responder, police officer, public defender, parole officer, judge, clinician, local drug dealer, detox center, nearby bail bondsman, hidden away battered women's shelter or tow truck yard, neighborhood bartender, hospital ER, Uber driver, funeral parlor or county jailer. Without alcohol and drugs to fuel the trauma and abuse that creates anxiety, depression and other psychological disorders and disruptive and eventually criminal behavior that affect millions-and which sustains a litany of million and billion dollar industries, where would we be?
    QUESTION: If the American medical community and medical professionals at large classified alcoholism (AMA 1956) and addiction (1986) as a "disease", then why don't they treat it? Since 1930's when AA sprang to life, the entire medical community just gave up on alcoholism. To this day, medical research and medical assistance and treatment is relatively non-existent for the 30 million Americans who currently suffer from this terminal illness. Sadly, without treatment, all 30 million souls will die of their disease. Don't believe me? Wonder what I've been smoking? In comparison to the top 10 fatal diseases in America, medical professionals are doing nothing. Ask your doctor. Then imagine a bar tab in the Trillions of dollars. That's what the aftermath of overly intoxified individuals costs Americans every couple years.

  • Tim Auran

    These diseases and disorders are intertwined with another, much larger disease/condition/disorder: Alcoholism and illicit drug addiction. No one wants to talk about it, it has a 100% mortality rate and medical scientists, doctors and healthcare experts and officials do nothing. Read on if you dare:

    My original QUESTION: If the American medical community and medical professionals at large classified alcoholism (AMA 1956) and addiction (1986) as a "disease", then why don't they treat it? Since 1930's when AA sprang to life, the entire medical community just gave up on alcoholism. To this day, medical research and medical assistance and treatment is relatively non-existent for the 30 million Americans who currently suffer from this terminal illness. Sadly, without treatment, all 30 million souls will die of their disease. Don't believe me? Wonder what I've been smoking? In comparison to the top 10 fatal diseases in America, medical professionals are doing nothing. Ask your doctor. Then imagine a bar tab in the Trillions of dollars. That's what the aftermath of overly intoxified individuals costs Americans every couple years. Public services such as EMT's, police and fire departments, government officials such as judges and attorneys and their staff, our penal system with 2.5 million prisoners, property damage due to burglary, theft, car crashes, domestic violence and violence, US Department of Defense "War on Drugs", the ATF, CIA and FBI involved with trafficking, seizure, arrests and equipment, productivity lost at work and school, hospital ER's every Friday and Saturday night, psychiatric services, Medicaid and Medicare, funeral costs, 1000's of caskets every day, I'm sure I left out a few $100b categories here. But make no mistake: we are paying TRILLIONS of DOLLARS for clean-up duty caused by a "disease" that our medical community refuses to address. Do the math. Add up the annual death rates, number of patients, research cost, medical treatment costs, factor in societal costs for the top 10 traditional most deadly diseases in US–heart disease, cancer, lung disease, stroke, influenza, Alzheimer's, liver disease, diabetes, kidney disease, COPD, septicemia, then add then all together, any which way you see fit. The total we spend on research and healthcare or the annual mortality rate of the entire top 10 list of deadly diseases is a fraction of the number of Americans dying right now from the "disease" of alcoholism and drug addiction. Keep in mind, it might take 5 or 20 years for the disease claim it's victim. Trillions and Trillions. Poke holes in this rant, argue facts, get pissed off, defend the medical community, do some research, prove me wrong. Although my credentials, experience and level of understanding are solid, my "reply" is subject to scrutiny. But one fact is not: the cost to endure, rather than cure the "disease" of addiction in America today is Trillions. Hundreds and thousands of billions are going up in smoke and down the drain every year or two.,

  • Toughen Up, Fluffy

    Extinction should do the trick.

  • Angela Burton

    Have you read the book called "In comfort of Mary" by Bethany Ford its on Amazon and when you look it up always put the authors name in as well as the title of the book and its now on YouTube now and you can read chapter one on YouTube now and it's all about healing and how to move on with your life after physical and emotional abuse which it relates to this case.

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    Thank you very much for the upload
    and all the best to you!!

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    …FULLY aware :'o(

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    This is what I like… someone who realises the seriousness/ long term effects of childhood trauma.

  • Marcus NL

    I’ve come to realize that behavior that was absolutely normal 50 years ago, society is now condemning this as being mental-, sexual- or physical abuse. Severe physical punishment was a way to control kids, bad kids deserved to be corrected. Nowadays we know that this causes trauma. Same thing goes for neglect and sexual abuse.

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  • xon tyr

    Nice video. Thanks. Ya, childhood sexual abuse can create some dark individuals. Wish I was alot more bright inside. However sadly I dont feel much. I'm not a psychopath. I'm just really use to a cold world without trust and being abused by humans. Wss told I was crazy, so got sent to the psych ward as a child. Than I was 23, and spent the night at my dads place and had him sneak into my room at 4am, the one time I didnt put s chair in the door. Great times. Now I dont trust anyone. Dont really care about people. He beat me to, and put me down constantly. I didnt smoke, didnt treat people badly, was shy and quiet. Was told I'm handsome. I worked hard, yet I spent my early adult life living in the worst part of the city, and becoming friends and dating prostitutes. That's where I thought I belonged. I also got along with prostitutes well since most of them came from trauma that was similar. Alot of them were good people that just had addictions and didnt care about the world either.

  • samantha maney

    I remember when i was 6 seeing a pamphlet with a little girl on the front. She looked very happy and i automatically was scared for her. I didnt know why, but now i do. When i was 6, i started gaining weight up until 2 years ago when i developed an eating disorder. Both my overeating and undereating have been triggered recently due to flashbacks to sexual trauma that occured when i was 2 or 3.

  • Mark Oliver

    Dear, Dr. Felitti, your presentation is if you had watched me as a child and saw the trauma I suffered. I had the major signs of a boy who had been sexually molested before the age of six. I had the stretch marks on my private part of an adult male involved with pornography when I was six years old. When I woke up to life I had these stretch marks and so whoever molested me did so possibly when I was a baby. Additionally, I was held back in the 3rd grade because of an inability to focus and learn. My mother told me I should have been put in treatment for depression when I was in grade school. Doctors would have seen the stretch marks, gym teachers, and swim teachers would have seen these stretch marks. The Child Protection Act of 1974 required teachers and doctors to report the sex abuse of children. I was in school in 1974. Nothing was ever reported, and I never received any treatment for the early childhood trauma I suffered. This has had a tremendous negative impact on my entire life. I believe it is possible I was sexually molested on purpose and there never was a plan to treat me for the trauma. I believe it is possible I was the object of a hate crime because I am a white heterosexual male of German Christian heritage and those that hate German males created a network whereby I would be degraded and ridiculed and they could advance themselves in comparison. The taboo of not discussing the sex abuse of a child had have played a major role in why no one said anything about the obvious signs I had of a boy that had been sexually molested.

  • Anthony Sherritt

    I can attest to Dr. Felitti's assertions.

  • gildog

    My grandmother sexually molested me for 3 years until I ratted on her. It was hell keeping that incest a secret. I want to kill myself around the clock. Don't want to, but so painful, feel so worthless. Feel like it's a matter of time and I will.

  • Amber Ace-Shamp

    I want to see and talk to you I grew up to two parents separated and when I lived with my father I fractured my skull fell off a slide at day care at the age of 3 and can't remember my childhood but can some. I found out when I was three a copy of newspaper article copy in my father's court papers.

  • Heather K.

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  • Michelle Nar

    Now my suspicion has been confirmed. My fibromyalgia is definitely induced by life experiences.

  • Michelle Nar

    Big question is how do we spread AWARENESS about the severity of this vital information? Definitely for prevention but to medical professionals and like .I have been unable to work for the past 5 years as my health has been dramatically reduced and to such severity that I work in the same profession for almost two decades and once chronically ill had to seek assistance from disability insurance (which I paid into for 25 plus years ) and was denied multiple times with multiple doctors confirmation of disability due to the several medical conditions some being chronic and had to appeal , once in front of appellant judge he degraded me , spoke with sarcasm , and sent me into emotional relapse and fibro flare along with traumatic triggers related to PTSD. He denied my claim , it took 4 years to get an answer for my claim . This was not justice. I still have conditions unresolved ,undiagnosed, and suffering daily both physically and emotionally. Is this even real life that im living ?

  • Angel's Thing

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  • Phil King

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  • Lova 3201

    It is hard to deal with getting sexually abuse I was when I was kid for 6 years or and more by the years the first be sexually abuse me I thought it was over it was not the second one does as arose and then the third I got rape by brother friend I’m 12 it hurts still I mean I don’t have no trust even with family i fight a lot and to bring it all I abuse by parents they hit me but still we are trying are best to get rid of that we trying to help our selfs it’s really hard like me I don’t use that as excuse it hurts tho 12 years old this happens to a lot people

  • Cherry Ice

    I barely show my true emotions in front of people…but some days I still wake up crying.

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    Omg this is what happens to me and don’t know who to talked to I need help

  • shivani balram

  • Connie Stapleton

    Thank you for this critically essential study. I am a psychologist who works with those suffering from obesity and also those who deal with addictions (food, sex, alcohol/drugs, etc.). I stress the need to deal with the ACES. Most professionals do NOT want to acknowledge this as a factor that affects weight, addiction, etc. Those of us who know will continue to work to educate those who also need to know!

  • Tracey Bee

    My score would be 8. Thank you for the confirmation and being able to listen to this spoken out loud. I am now 51 with no children, living in another country away from all of my family. I renewed my faith in Jesus last year and found my joy, while experiencing real unconditional love with Him. I have true peace for the first time in my entire life.
    God bless you all who are here for the same reason I am. Acknowledgement.
    May you ALL find your Joy and Peace.

  • It's Me, Steve

    It's not a disorder. It's a different reality. Truth is the ones who weren't abused as a kid could never understand how it felt. We live in 2 completely different worlds. And it's not all the same. Its a spectrum of abuse. From incest, rape, covert incest, emotional incest, verbal abuse, physical, psychological, neglect..etc. People will tell you have a disorder when it's not true. A disorder is relative to what you're comparing it too. Truth is we have seen a dark place and have lived to tell about it, but truth is social media and the world can't accept it. They put us on medication, label us handicapped, mental, too stupid.

  • David simon


  • Anna Nordin

    This imbecile actually laughed at the obese woman's situation. Completely insensitive. What a jerk.

  • Ty Sldtva

    It totally messed me up… I felt not like my peers bcuz i knew that what happened wasnt right and i became suicidal and cut myself so much and i became so confused and on top of that there was being physically hurt and i couldn't even speak to begin with and i was scared of everything my whole life and couldn't speak and then being hurt and id rather not say but even some friends would do this and just i dont trust ppl and I am totally confused by life and what ppl will do to one another idk what think about ppl and im still scared of them

  • Kirsty Waskahat

    Im antisocial i dont like big gatherings unles im with ppl i know i only pitty my kids i worry so much about them this behaviour can b delt with im healed i used to do things im bipolar with emotions but i try not to let them get in the way i have a wonderful husband i think messed up tho i waz verbaly abusive emotionaly abused alot inused to b suicidal but now im terified of dyeing im into jesus i just feel alot of ppl dont like being around me so i stay home alot i feel like ppl talk about me or stare to much i get angry sometimes im like why do u have to stare i get anxeity n angry in public sometimes so i stay home with my husband of almost 5 years im still dealing with stress n constant thinking

  • Robert CROSS

    All this suggests to me that bringing up a child to be healthy, both physically and emotionally, is a lottery.
    It is the luck of the draw and there are no certainties.
    The one human thing we should cultivate is a tolerance and sympathy for anyone struggling with their life.
    Why make scapegoats of victims?

  • Karma girl

    Its not only problem about parents
    Most people in this earth just evill and stupid
    And trying to judge me even if they dont know anything i really hate this world and Humans They think they more then animals but my opinion is most human stupid and animals are more more better then humans its what i learned while living in this earth.

    If you have problem and trauma
    Dont talk to people about what you have been in past and What you have deep scar and still you really sick

    Even if you feel so lonely and so much sick so You want do whatever make you feel better but there are No way to better with PEOPLE

    Just be strong more then others
    And be cold and dont be kind to strangers

    i know you are just natural at Kind and pure heart so you wanna Help each other with your experience

    But who dose helps you? Who cares about your problem ? No one

    Just live like monster even if you not monster dont trying to be helper so hard it will give you just hurt

    Just admit it and accept it

    This world is really shit no matter what some people are talking about this world its bulishit
    They dont know what is really hard to live with really deep trauma

    They will not admit it untill you get out of head so you are in hospital

    Just remember i understand you and i know what is feel like

    But Nobody will help you so Be stronger and believe yourself because your part of so broken but you are not bad person like your parents you just born not like the way its true isnt it? You watching yourself so you will know it

    Whatever happend dont Get hurt
    Dont give up yourself dont think you made mistakes so you cant keep going
    There are more then just mistakes about you

    I love you, friend, world is cruel but Its not only You so live strong untill you get over this situations

    If you cant , im so sorry about this, my friend.

    ( p.s Books helps me, only the books.
    And i think this world is like this

    Born angel, Died by people its really happend a lot But Dont let yourself to be that not for world , just for yourself you are really worth then others )

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