How Do You Know If You Have Depression?

How Do You Know If You Have Depression?

Hey there! Welcome to Life Noggin. Depression is a serious illness that affects
over 300 million people worldwide. While everyone feels sad sometimes, people
with major depressive disorder — or clinical depression — can be down for weeks, months,
or even years. It’s not something they can shake by changing
their routine. For many, the activities that used to make
them happy don’t anymore. They may feel hopeless and exhausted, have
trouble sleeping, lose their appetite, or have a decreased libido. It can be hard for them to get through the
day or complete routine tasks. At its worst, depression can lead to suicide. I know this is a delicate topic, so I teamed
up my YouTube friend and licensed therapist Kati Morton! Kati, could you give us some insight on why
people get depressed? Sure thing! There isn’t really one particular reason
people slip into depression. It can be triggered by an event or stress,
but it can also start without a clear cause. Either way, it’s real, and serious. One in 10 people have been depressed at least
once in their lifetime, and it’s the leading cause of disability worldwide. For decades, scientists believed that the
illness was caused by an imbalance of certain chemicals in the brain, like serotonin, that
help regulate mood. Many medications that treat depression boost
these chemicals, but they often take weeks to work. This may be because the chemicals are actually
helping build new neurons and connections in the brain. Several studies support this theory, suggesting
that the root cause of depression could be problems with the brain’s circuits. One study showed that depressed people have
weak connections in the parts of the brain associated with reward and memory, and strong
connections in the areas associated with punishment. Another study found hyperactivity in the areas
controlling concentration and mood. This might be what causes negative thoughts
to stay at the front of someone’s mind, even when they try to push them away. Scientists are now looking for treatments
that target these circuits directly to provide better relief. But depression can be more than just bad feelings. It’s also been linked to chronic pain, immune
system problems, heart disease, and hormone imbalances. In fact, physical symptoms are often the first
sign of major depressive disorder. In a study of roughly 1200 people who met
the criteria for depression, nearly 70% went to the doctor for physical symptoms, not mental. So, does depression cause physical problems,
or is it the other way around? Well, It may be both. For example, researchers have long thought
that stress can cause stomach issues, but there’s also evidence that irritation in
your gut can trigger mood swings. Since the mind and body are so closely linked,
mental illness is often felt physically even though there is no illness in the body itself. Those physical sensations are called psychosomatic
symptoms. Some scientists believe that physical and
emotional pain share similar pathways in the brain, and it’s necessary to treat both
types of symptoms to get relief. No matter how depression manifests, the most
important thing is to get the right help. Many people suffer silently because they think
admitting to depression is a sign of weakness. But it’s not, and you are not alone. Talking about it with a professional is one
of the main things that can help, and most forms of depression are treatable. If you know someone who might need help, or
if you need help now, you can check the links in the description for free resources. And please, speak to a professional. Depression can be very difficult to live with,
but there are lots of ways to get help. Thank you so much to Kati for helping with
this video! She’s a great friend and is helping people
every week on her youtube channel. Her channel focuses on mental health and being
your best self! If you wanna dive right in, i highly recommend
starting here or click the link in the description.



  • maryrosenotrosemary

    i am 13 and i do not listen to billie eillish,(i listen to trippie redd, clairo and doja cat.)
    but i have clinical depression.
    it freaking sucks. i fail to understand why all those other "edgy teens" would want depression because it seriously makes you feel like a month old carton of milk wanting to give up all the time.

  • Sabeen Moeed

    i sniff self diagnosing teens

  • EyeZackZin

    If you don't want to waste your time to read sources in the description box, here's the simplified version of it:

  • 사랑해serendipity.

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  • Gassan Gasimov

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  • Rusli1659 LP Soldier

    wtf in the comments? Don't talk about Billie eilish! Billie eilish has died in October 24, 2019.

  • XDucklyX

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  • B!ts

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  • Marcus Juanillo

    I found a song on YouTube that says “do you love ur life? Yes I love my life” and I was like nobody loves their life…..

    Even rich people 🙁


  • American Pride

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  • Jameson Buzzini

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    I hAVe DePpResion

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    You sound like you have depression.
    BUT…… time later your fine.

  • PoorguyFridge 29

    This should be the vid for a society where emotions are important or concerned

  • Jamms_ skrrt

    Someone: I’m depressed
    My friends: yOuR LiFe iS fInE tHouGh

  • S6N 6F G6D

    i accept Billie Eilish's music. but if teenagers go like "i'm depressed" because they listen to her…
    we had emo's for that. it teenage depression. and often the worst kind of depression that exists. it mostly gets better after the age of 20.
    and if its not… then it stays the same.

  • hola amigo

    i want to live i just don’t want to live right now…i want to live in my future i just don’t see a point in living right now..

  • Arctic Fox

    Life Noggin talking about depression warms my heart.

  • wes11


  • noche

    I was diagnosed last February with depression and insomnia, and am currently on medication for both. The only people who know are my parents and sister. Not even my closest friends. I’m in high school, and I can’t even tell you the amount of people I hear say they’re depressed because they looked up the symptoms after their boyfriends broke up with them and that tell all they’re friends they’re depressed just for attention or because they’re just sad. Being sad is not the same as depression. It’s not sadness, it’s loneliness, it’s a lack of interest in anything. You’ve just given up entirely. You don’t want to eat, you can’t sleep, you’re tired. It’s not a way to live. If you know anyone who is legitimately depressed, they don’t bring it up every time they meet a new person. We’re not open about it; most of the time we’re ashamed about it. We don’t want to use something that’s been haunting us as a sentence starter, we want to put it in the deepest cellar in our heads and throw away the key. But it keeps coming back. It always does.

  • Just chillin

    Actually I'm not diagnosed, but it's been around for a year, and I'm worried that if I go to a therapist and in the end I'll be healthy that I'll embarass myself or think that I have been lying to myself.

  • Luigi Cotocea

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  • smart tea cup

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  • hakuxas

    I hate how depression even affects your immune system. I am sick all year long

  • Kootayy

    My birth-mom has depression and she has told me about it.

    I feel like I have it, but I haven’t told her. Why? I feel like she will say I’m joking because of my age.

    Then, my Mom. She is my grandma but she adopted me…she has said several times, “Your life is so good, you have a good house, good family, and aren’t sick. Look at others who are poor.”

    My mom is a good root to my sadness…she has said a lot of bad things. Adding on to that, the expectations she gives me are WAY too high. Higher than my brother. My brother doesn’t even HAVE expectations!!

    I vent too much in the comment sections of these types of videos.

  • The Spider-Man

    "Oh my @#$ I'm having depression!"
    -Me 2 years ago

  • Robiezz

    i dont want to kill my self why is this recommended to me

  • Rosey Dreams

    My parents refuse to take me to the doctors to get my diagnosed. They think it’s not real, no matter what I tell them. It’s awful because I feel hopeless and just want to die. I can’t feel anything anymore

  • Denis Vasiloiu

    yeah i had it for 1 year but i finnaly got out of it

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    I have depression I can get really depressed it effects my eating

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    Because no one will cure me

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    Gachatards : angry idiot noises

  • Nagito Komaedon't

    How about people stop telling the teenagers that they can't possibly have a mental illness and that they're faking or it's just a phase. Didn't all of you go through the same thing? Do you not remember how terrible hearing "you'll get over it" or "you're not really depressed" feels?

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    Of course I'm not subscribing to kati moron

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    The main cause of depression for most young people


  • Alfie Bean

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  • X4_ Mask

    me: I'm depressed
    my "friends": YoUr To YoUnG fOr DePrEsSiOn
    nobody is too young for depression. I skipped 2 grades so I'm 10 with 12 and 13-year-olds and it's very stressful.

  • Spencer Cross

    why do friend of mine always say stuff that isn't that nice about themselves

  • Kitsumu

    I know this is just my opinion, I have the right to comment. But I think Depression jokes aren’t funny. Like, if your gonna put a Billie Eilish Joke, go ahead I don’t mind but it’s really annoying and not funny in general.

  • CaptainScout

    3:05 Why u touchin' her a55 man?

  • Pink Lobster

    Why am I watching this?

    I'm actually clinically depressed.

  • weakwoe

    Hey, you reading, if you relate to any of these, before you self diagnose go see a doctor.

  • Just call me chez Something

    how did I just notice I have depression

  • Ash Dark

    Oh i know how you can find out! (This is a joke)

    If your a 14 year old.

    Edit: you're

  • Adithya Madhu

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    How do you know you have depression

    Your bully thinks everything you do is a joke to him and everyone else

  • Ahmed Ghazi

    I don't know why I even entered I am just sad I am not depressed I am not much of a talkative guy I avoid must of the social encounters and prefer to stay alone must of the time and I miss my mother hella a lot. Man world is cruel and shitty place to live and I have tears in my eyes almost all the time I am alone at my room.

  • dayana bridal

    Remember to love yourself by Kim namjoon , for the haters i dont wanna fanwars or saying people koreaboo or what. I wanna say to love yourself no matter what, be strong if u need someone talk to someone well i dont have to talk with someone because i have a artist that make me love myself i remembered that in the past i cut myself but its nonsense to do that. This world is almost end and you should use those time to be happy and you should dont listen to depression music so much because it may bring depression or maybe suicide feeling, i know everyone should try the happiness because i was in depression too. I dont belong to yt or what im belong to a army . Not a fighting army but i am a bts army , Our universe Army . Remember to face yourself, love yourself or maybe speak yourself. 💜💜

  • offensive-

    My stomach feels sour when something is about to happen, it doesn’t hurt or anything just feels weird

  • Daber FriendsYT

    A suicidal person is commenting this is emotinless! And telling my therapist is not helping! Yayyyy!!!!!!! Isn’t that great?!?!?!

  • ЧикаБошко

    Most likely some of children have depression beacuse of parents. Imagine,not being let to go outside,to do stuff you like just beacuse school,imagine telling them that you feel sad,and them making fun of it. It really is ridiculous how parents don't care about stuff we like,they just think we must study always whenever,when we do not need to and when we should. School can cause depression,beacuse of all tasks you are forced to do,or beacuse of not having friends.

    What is point of this?
    Parents are idiots.
    School is useless.

  • Piotr Raszewski

    Every-day I wake up and ask what's the point of life followed by me cutting myself then lying in bed until noon getting up eating like a snack and crying myself to sleep 😀

  • ETSH Films

    lol I’m not even slightly sad and I’m watching just because the sole purpose that life noggin made it 😂

  • ay ru

    life noggin: explains if you really are depressed or not

    13 yr old girls that listens to billie elish and are not depressed: im still depressed…

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  • Wandering Engineer

    imagine making fun of depression because of it's stigma.
    you guys need to stop.
    it isnt funny.
    depression is a serious topic and it isnt something to joke around about.
    so to those of you saying: "its a joke, chill" thats like telling a crippled person to get up and walk.
    please, re evaluate your humor.

  • Carnage Mode

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    *click noice

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    Umm Idk why am saying this but when I was depressed (which am still) I wrote in my journal I have offically bein diagnosed with depression

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    "stop looking for sympathy, idiot"
    Depression has leveled up

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  • Don't Click my profile picture

    Damn I have depression

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    13 year olds on Roblox: I’m depressed leave me alone

  • Betsy

    i have dysthymia and i feel guilty sometimes for feeling sad cuz i think about how much worse it could be and i feel so tired and empty
    been diagnosed since 11
    going to psychotherapy tho so it’s getting better. my religion helps too.
    sorry just wanted to share it.

  • Noatry

    Send this to every 14 year old girl

  • Ronald Weasley

    My nephew has depression and has tried to commit suicide

  • I am Yashasvi


    Happi = non depression

    Sad = depression

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    By this im depressed

  • fotnitegamer7

    I have all these symptoms but i dont feel like i have depression and that makes it worse because i feel like i dont have a reason to be sad
    edit: well i do have a reason but i just think it isnt bad enough and im not trying to glorify being sad this is just the way i think

  • Terror Nights

    I actually have depression

  • Brianna Taylor

    I'm pretty sure that I have depression but I don't want to self diagnose it so I had a conversation with my dad, since i'm still a minor, and asked him if I could see a therapist and he asked why. I gave him a long list of reasons as to why I think I have depression and I've even had many many thoughts about suicide that I've even shared with him in the past, don't worry I haven't had any since February this year, and his response is "You just have normal teenage anx". Point being, even when you reach out for help, sometimes they still don't listen or care.

  • Wolfie loves Games

    I think I might have small depression

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