How I look after my mental health as a Doctor I Mental Health Awareness week I The Junior Doctor

How I look after my mental health as a Doctor I Mental Health Awareness week I The Junior Doctor

Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel My name is Ezgi and I’m a 29 year old GP trainee working in North London today I wanted to talk to you about how I as a doctor look after my well-being One of the most important things for me is to talk whether that being with my friends my partner or my family It helps me to get things off my chest and allow my family to understand the struggles I may have at work and the second is to get active Even though it may be the last thing I want to do after a long day or one of night shifts I try to push myself to go outdoors and get moving. It does wonders to de-stress and getting fit is just a bonus When choosing a place to do my walk my run or my jog I try and ensure that it has some nice scenery so that I can stop by sit down Enjoy my own company and do some mindfulness My favorite thing to do on the way home is to pop to the local coffee shop and get a barista made coffee Tastes even better because it was free on my Vodaphone up on this note It’s really important to take time out of your day to enjoy what you like doing in your own space Whether that’s having a pamper session reading a book or watching a movie you’ve been intending to watch for ages one of my favorite things to do that I often tend to neglect is to pamper myself and That can be done simply at home. I myself run a bath and follow that up with a face mask It really makes me feel like I’m looking after myself My least favorite, but the most satisfying is to clean my space here. My living room is quite untidy. So I’m just putting things away Tidying things up taking away the dishes Although please ignore the clutter on the left-hand side of the screen Thanks last but not least I make an effort to cook fresh meals from home and more prep for the week at work It saves time at lunchtime because I don’t have to worry about buying food and I can make my meals nutritious and healthy Right guys. Those are my simple and easy ways. I look after my well-being They are very simple, but often hard to implement just because work can be really busy and tiring I have to remember that after a long day at work looking after all my patients. It’s now time to look after myself



  • Zahra

    Thing we need a channel name change to ‘The GP Trainee’ 😂.
    On a serious note though- this video is so important! Even as a medical student, I feel I’m always overthinking or thinking about what I’ve got to do next. Taking time out is SO important!

  • Doctor Nosa

    Your video was relaxing to watch. Does watching this count as destressing? Lol…But yeah, so important to destress as a doctor, still working on the exercise bit x

  • Vivekananda MS

    Is the book Sapiens good ??


    Good morning love! I thoroughly enjoyed this video, I definitely take on these tips to relieve stress. Can’t wait for next vid 😊

  • umair hafeez

    Fav blogger ❤

  • Canavar Banavar

    hastaneye kendi yemeğimi götürmeye başlamamın ikinci gününde bu videoya denk gelmek süper oldu 💖

  • Nena smiley

    How many hours on average is the work week?

  • Nas __

    Great video . What advice do you have for studying bio Chem and maths at a level and balancing school with home life 🤗💕

  • maryam barfei

    The things I do : close my eyes and breath deeply for 5 minutes with a super calming sound, be active using the fitness blender channel, get as fresh vegetables as possible and finally the most important one, pampering myself! Hair mask, face mask, foot massage , manicure and using nail polish 😬

  • iihijabqueenii

    Can you please make a video on how to get good grades in exam


    Your video quality is much better than your subscribers
    You deserve more

  • yahya urrahman

    I wish you study about Islam during free time, and i am requesting for that.
    I will say that there is no happiness in this world but the only happiness which our soul wants from us is to know about the creature of this world.

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