How it feels to have hypomania | Laura’s Mental Health Story | Mind

How it feels to have hypomania | Laura’s Mental Health Story | Mind

I think it can be really difficult to explain
what hypomania feels like, to other people who don’t experience it because some of
the ways that you feel and behave when you’re hypomanic can seem relatively normal. They’re
things that a lot of people do some of the time but, with hypomania, they’re a lot
more extreme. For me, first and foremost, I’m a lot more active when I’m hypomanic.
I want to do more things and I feel really capable of doing a lot of things and of cramming
a lot into my days. Recently, this has taken the form of doing a lot of baking all of the
time when I’m hypomanic, which I guess, is a relatively wholesome activity to be doing
and to be channelling my energies into. But it can be problematic as well if I get home
from work and just want to bake all the time and then bake into the early hours of the
morning and then, doing the same the next day. Then, it can start to affect my sleep.
I’ve also ruined a lot of people’s January health kicks in the office because I quite
often take the proceeds into work. Sleep is, I guess, another problem with hypomania
in that I feel like I don’t need to sleep as much and some of the time, I don’t sleep
as much. Quite a lot of the time, I get ideas that whatever I want to do, I can just stay
up all night, doing that and I don’t need to go to sleep at all. So, really have to
try hard not to do that. Generally, as well, I feel a lot more confident when I’m hypomanic.
I feel wittier, I feel like I’ve got a lot of interesting things to say and I probably
talk more and post a lot more on social media. Some of the time, I can feel really focused
and I get more done than usual and particularly, at work.
I guess, as well, I do get rushing thoughts sometimes. My internal monologue goes a lot
faster and doesn’t stop for a breath and I guess, just in general, my head just feels
really buzzy and I just feel really energetic and… Yes, I mean, those kind of things are
not always a problem in themselves, in hypomania. Particularly if it’s accompanied by a euphoric,
happy feeling. It can be really nice, obviously and it’s really nice to be able to get a
lot done but there are also things that can be more difficult.
Some of the times, I can feel really irritable when I’m hypomanic. I can also feel really
restless, insatiably restless and that’s really a frustrating way to feel. And I guess,
another thing I feel that isn’t particularly nice is sometimes, I feel like I’m not quite
in control, that the world is just happening really fast round about me and I’m caught
up in it and carried along by everything I’m doing. But I can’t really stop to think,
which is slightly unpleasant too. I think, though, the main worrying, problematic
thing about hypomania to me, is the risk that it can escalate into a more extreme way of
behaving or thinking. I think the worst it’s got for me was, a few years ago, I started
to think that I had special powers. Specifically, that if I was to fall from quite a high height,
that it wouldn’t hurt. That I would somehow… That I was somehow invincible, that I would
bounce or something. So, obviously, that’s quite a dangerous way to think. And I would
really hope that a hypomanic episode would not escalate to that point.



  • Southside Bookworm

    I sometimes have mixed feelings about social media, comparing ourselves with the images others present on Facebook can leave us feel wanting in comparison, but I think the video selfies project imparted useful information in a very accessible and approachable way, so people would feel less alone. Since I have bipolar myself ( thankfully with meds no manic episodes since 2005) this one especially resonated with me, in fact making me want to support Mind with a very modest donation ( just £10 since I'm not working, not like the time I spent £300 sponsoring a seat at the Glasgow Film Theatre for Act for Tibet when manic. * sigh * wish I had more money sense during those episodes). Anyway MIND is doing great work , good luck in using both new media and tried and true methods to raise awareness and help people.

  • Lovasz

    Sounds like cocaine

  • Raab Savage

    You keep saying "when I'm hypomanic"

    You mean it goes away for you? Lol

  • Potassuim_Cation

    That sounds a lot like me.

  • Michael Orozco

    i wasted maybe a little over 1 thousand dollars on records in the summer i did not think about it i just kept going over and over to the store i was energetic i wanted to go out alot then after the summer i went to a state of depression rn i just want to be alone… also all my life i was bullied as kid does that have to do with anything

  • Olivia Jane

    good video. kept it on point 🙂

  • puck4877

    When I get hypomanic it's like I'm in the zone. High concentration level. And I feel like I can do anything. I tend to have a higher sex drive. And speak faster. And my mind races with thoughts. And ideas. I also get very irritated easily.

  • magic bear

    I see colors more brighter and vivid too

  • alliterati1

    I feel like I might get that. I've had BPII vs MDD suspected and I really wonder if that's not the case.

  • michael ramondetta

    I can't believe how well you put it…. spot on…

  • Brad Marschall

    People pay good money to get that feeling

  • Brad Marschall

    Why do u smack ur lips so much

  • Bipolar Corner

    I actually recently just filmed myself being hypomania on my channel thanks for sharing your experience

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