• jason lu

    this foo needs to lay off the cheese burgers and burritos after every smoke session. Eat a salad if your stoned and hungry.

  • Junior senior

    Kevin "6 brawny Fireman" Smith

  • TheFirstMuffinMan

    tl;dr weed

  • Twilight Sparkle

    god at the end just look at kevins humbled happy face. its great.

  • Jason Cr.

    It's a heart attack not a massive aneurysm. Jesiss.

  • Vejur9000

    Yeah. You have to admit Kevin is good at talking and writing. 🙂

  • FlappableBean

    How many times can one man mis-use the word 'like' in 10 minutes?

  • Lazarinth

    You can see Colbert tell him to wrap up his story at 8:46.

  • Peter Booth

    Master story teller

  • Simon Andersen

    Absolute legend.

  • Chud Maverick

    "You made Dogma, go to hell"

  • Kade

    this man is quite the story teller

  • Feather Wait

    I don't know who this man is but fucking hell can he tell a story.

  • Dotapro Russian

    FUCKING LOVE THAT GUY!!! You be well my friend and keep making everyone smile.

  • Ryan Wilson

    The man famous for being silent is the best talker.

  • TheLochs

    silent Bob talks a lot.

  • Shark Racing

    Wow, I'm out of breath just listening to this guy.

  • That Guy

    When I was in a motorcycle accident I was in shock and was super calm. I had bones sticking out of me and all sorts of stuff. But didn't even realise it. I felt sore, but not really in pain. I new I was messed up cause I couldn't move, but I wasn't worried about it for some reason. I even thought I was paralyised cause I hit my back really hard. (I was almost paralyised, but I'm not, spines just twisted) When the paramedics showed me my femur sticking out of my leg and my arm facing the opposite direction all I said was "well that's not good" the medics had to hold back a chuckle. Aparently I was a few minutes from bleeding out and almost dead, and here I was joking with the medics about people getting addicted to morphine. They couldn't even figure out what some of my injuries were at first cause I was so messed up. I didn't even realise it. The next day when I woke up after the first round of surgeries the nurses kept telling me how I was one of the most calm patients they've seen. And even the doctor said if I would've freaked out there was a good chance it would've killed me, cause I could've increased my blood loss.

    So the lesson is, if you're about to die. Just chill out, you've got a better chance of surviving lol

  • Ryan Cu

    That's the most I've ever heard him talk! ♥ That man.. What a sweet soul.

  • RodCornholio

    Storytelling like this is an artform.

  • Jeremy Pajot

    He's such a good story teller

  • Nixxon

    Director back in 94 "Kevin will act as silent bob! he talks to fucking much"

  • Tony Lang


  • Flealfy45

    This guy's most famous character is completely silent except one word for one movie, so I think he's compensating whenever he does an interview

  • MetalHead Reacts

    Its kinda funny really that this guy plays silent bob, but in reality he could talk for days on end.

  • Irish Slaves

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  • SirNutcase

    This guy is a Legend and always will be ^^ And if the T-shirt "Weed saved my life" ever comes out ill buy it !!

  • Triggered RaY

    Isn't it ironic that silent Bob stayed calm during a heart attack? A.M.

  • Just Stardust

    Long life to Kevin James!!!!
    I mean "Smith". Sorry dude!

  • Michael Jackson

    I never heard silent Bob say so much in my life

  • jeffescantube

    best interview ever.. just let the story teller do his thing. glad ur alive kevin smith

  • kaumudee

    I love how Colbert subtly indicated the time left on the interview at 8:47 without interrupting him so he wrapped up just at the right time! He just let him go through his entire story so that was able to say everything he wanted to. Riveting story told well. Great job!

  • T&DubbleG

    1:58 sounds like Mark Hamill as the joker

  • Lee

    Lol 🥰

  • ELKY

    omg thats such a mad story a very lucky man to be alive respect to you dude from uk here !

  • animalamu

    Colbert pointed out to him the clock, didn't he?

  • Jeff Alexander

    I love this show, and that was one of the best stories I've heard!

  • 8TK8 guy

    He talks extremely extremely FAST

  • sipioc

    Love this guy. Glad he is still with us.

  • nerdcity

    Dear Kevin, you're shrinking. Buy smaller clothes.

  • Rebecca Sickler

    I have watched this interview so many times and it's still funny. Thanks to the doctor and hospital staff and first responders for saving this man's life. This interview is proof that we need Kevin Smith in the world.

  • Jennifer Rigsby

    He is an absolutely fantastic storyteller. My goodness.

  • James Asper


  • shakizzle33

    That's amazing!


    Not much like mine , (65) .
    I was aware of my high blood pressure , and taking my meds, checking my bp periodically and all that but sure enough – awful pain , sweats, i knew what was up.
    I had to walk a couple hundred yards to get my neighbors house , hour plus to the hospital , get checked in and then the fun began .
    6 hrs later it still hurts like a mf, morphine , then an anti coagulant called warfarin. Awful stuff, blood thinner, 8 days in the hospital ,
    Did all the tests, didnt need a stent.
    And now i recover well.
    No more liquor, smoking weed,
    Got a blender full of artery cleansing stuff.. warfarin causes deep bruising im still working out weeks later, but im not dead.

  • antonio volpe

    go vegan

  • Jim Wolfgang

    Show's what a class act and interviewer Colbert is; he is so attuned to the person in front of him while knowing when to interject or let them rip. Excellent.

  • Seye Joseph

    Um Kev you need to write StarWars

  • Sarah Shae

    Perfect wardrobe choice for this story!!!!

  • Sarah Shae


  • JaggWolf

    That was one of the best stories I've ever heard, I'm glad Stephen let Kevin tell the whole story without really interrupting

  • Lawrence Cole


  • Cool Cat

    Can this guy ever dress like an adult ?

  • proszę bardzo

    This might be the best story about heart attack in human history!

  • Chloe Jaikaran

    My teachers name is kevin Smith:-:

  • Terri Wyeth

    Love the fact that the jersey has a heart ❤️

  • Fleurs Sv

    I’m so fucking glad he didn’t die

  • Adrian Tayag

    “you made dogma, go to hell” hahahaha

  • MercyReaper

    What do 8 hate this guy?

  • DT DT

    St. Peter is going to kick him square in the nuts when he gets to the front of the line.

  • Carolina Romero Chacon

    Jay and Silent Bob fans!! Join your local Legion M members at 1 of 2 Fathom Events on Tuesday 10/15/19 or Thursday 10/17/19 for a screening of #JayandSilentBobReboot in a single showing or as a double feature with #JayandSilentBobStrikeBack . Both Kevin Smith and Jay Mewes are #LegionM members, so get in on the fun and get some free stuff. Click on the link to join a meetup near you and receive free fan swag like the #ChronicCon lanyards and badges from the movie.

  • Fresh Beginnings

    You get calm when you think you are dying. It's a calmness that's hard to explain. The brain releases chemicals to ease your pain and thoughts. Our body and brain are quite amazing.

  • Irene Tanya

    Poor guy talking about his small junk and body shame issues

  • Vince Evans


  • Sten Brown

    Jason Mewes destroyed himself. How embarrassing. Also Kevin Smith is weird now that he's skinny.

  • Jennifer Michelle

    It is amazing what doctors are able to do now without life altering surgeries and greatly limiting the risk of infection.
    I owe my life to my doctor. I am grateful to have found him. Thanka

    Intervascular Radiologist. These folks are truly amazing!

  • Ghost MyloshEK


  • Andrew Rook

    One question, one interview

  • nosha47

    Legends has it Kevin was still telling his heart attack story

  • Alexandra Boucher

    Dogma 🖤

  • HopeJstone

    KEVIN | God would've welcomed you with open arms. Glad you're healthy!

  • Stephen Walker

    Imagine how talkative he would be without the weed to chill him out 🤣

  • Bob Will

    Best heart attack story ever.

  • Raym Loves Eggs

    Fascinating details about the heart attack symptoms. They should show this video in schools to kids.

  • Robert Haney

    This is how I wish all talk shows were, let the guest really tell a story and tell it well. Felt genuine and was nothing but entertaining.

  • Brian C

    I didnt realize he had health problems. Thank God 🙏 he's ok now.

  • Cappinator

    Best heart attack story ever 🙂

  • Rampage7

    3rd time I’ve seen this since it was uploaded; only this time noticed that Colbert’s producer robber ya of extra story… it’s a recorded show Jim (producer); this is a rare time when a hard cut/rejoin would’ve been completely justified!

  • That Fard Guy

    I love how Stephen, near the end, pointed Kevin to the stage manager off-screen signaling to wrap up instead of flat out telling him on camera. Sort of like giving a comic the light so that the story can organically end.

  • ChunKeyPeachezz Z

    Kevin was talking during his heart Attack lmao I love this man

  • R D

    it's sad he hasn't made any more movies. Because a real director can talk for hours.

  • dustyb58

    interesting! the video has 1,359,971 views, and kevin said 1,359,971 words in the interview

  • Jeremy Peeples

    "He disappeared into my crotch and saved my life, man!"

  • A Certain Anime Index

    No joke when i went through massive alchahol withdraws weed saved my life it prevented me from having full seizures

  • girlygamer

    How small is his pee-pee that he was too afraid to let anyone see… That's all I will think about when I see him

  • Adrian Jasso

    "You made Dogma, go to hell."

  • holidayonion

    fastest 10 minutes of my life. i could listen to kevin talk about anything for hours.

  • Yamakazi

    It would have been very sad had Kevin died that night

  • Steve Austin

    To the people that don't know, Colbert is pointing at the Doc that saved his like at 8:47.

  • Alternative Universe Cuts

    When is Stephen going to shut up and let Kevin get a word in!


    Kevin Smith= one Man show!

  • Robert Frost

    Colbert just mentioned how he only asked ONE question on Kevin's last appearance, had to fact check that.


    that joint saved your life ! owhh do tell?😂😂😂😁

  • Megan Ripley

    "That joint saved your life".
    "I'm putting that on a t-shirt".

  • Migue byte

    3:50 Have you ever been in a Hospital? Mmmm.. Not as a Patient – You are going to love it.!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH

  • ebsen raptzski

    good story

  • DannyWithaY

    I literally could listen to Kevin Smith tell one story for three hours.

  • Asle Fjeldstad

    I’m out of breath from just listening to that. What a legend.

  • Brian Wild

    this story needs to be set to animation. somebody please call blank on blank

  • Mike Quackenbush

    I could listen to Kevin Smith talk for hours.

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