How Millennials Are Dealing With Mental Health | Taboo | Refinery29

How Millennials Are Dealing With Mental Health | Taboo | Refinery29

Do you want to feel less stressed out? Do
you want to regain some emotional balance? Do you want to have better relationships with your peers and with yourself? These are all things that can be improved through counseling. Hi, I’m Patricia and I specialize in psychotherapy for young adults, adolescents, and teens. I focus primarily on issues of anxiety stress related disorders and depression. There is absolutely no shame in going to therapy. In fact, I’ve been in therapy since I was 8 years old and I know I’m not alone. I go to therapy. I go to therapy. I go to therapy. I go to therapy. I’ve never been to therapy, but I kind of want to go. African-Americans and Hispanic Americans use mental health services at one half the rate of Caucasian Americans. I’m still on the fence and I’ve always wondered, do you only seek therapy if you’ve endured a trauma? And I don’t necessarily have any of those things so I’m wondering if a therapist is the right avenue for me. There’s this common misconception that you have to have a disorder or a mental illness to go see a therapist. That’s not true at all. Plenty of people just want unbiased, unfiltered advice from a professional. I go to therapy because it’s the perfect time for me to really dive in to what’s going on in my mind and just having kind of that neutral party that I’m able to talk to every other week. For me the best thing about therapy has just been the relationship. I really trust her. And being able to trust somebody who I see once a week. It’s just been incredible for me. I’ve had really bad anxiety and OCD since I
was 4 or 5. I have pretty frequent anxiety. I take medication for it. The good news about anxiety is that it is highly treatable. Getting a diagnosis of something is really important because you can think that you have something you can self medicate or self prescribe. It didn’t feel real until someone told me. I’ve worried if I have anxiety but I’ve been
told that I’m just a bit neurotic and that it’s just a symptom of being a well-bred Jew. Many people that I work with have had complicated or difficult childhoods and they want to rehash kind of the family dynamics so they can move forward in their life and you know kind of start new. I remember being in a session with a therapist I was seeing back when I lived at home, where she said you can’t pick your parents. And
that was probably one of the dopest things anyone has ever said, let alone a therapist. I always felt kind of like the black sheep and my therapist basically made me realize that just because you don’t have the same relationship with your family that your friend might have with hers doesn’t mean that you’re in any way flawed. I think that many people still believe the only people that go to therapy are people that are “crazy” and that are potentially institutionalized, when the truth is the bulk of people that really do seek out treatment are high functioning young adults. I think it’s one of those things that if you’re like oh we’ll I’m going to therapy. People are like, “Oh shoot. Something’s wrong with Katie. Oh she must be going crazy.” You truly don’t have to have a psychiatric disorder to get help. It’s really not a big deal at all. You’re just sitting down with someone and you’re just talking about X, Y, and Z. Like, “Hey this is what happened this week at work. This is what’s been bothering me.” When, say I first started practicing, say 20 years ago, I would have clients that would only come on Saturday because they didn’t want anybody to see them walking into the office. Nowadays middle schoolers, teenagers, they’ll come to me and they’ll say, “well my friend’s therapist says this. What do you think?” You know, so it is becoming less of a stigma. I’m radically open about going to therapy. Oh I talk about it all the time. I begin every sentence with “my therapist says.” It’s not something that I’m ashamed of and it’s definitely not something I hide. Finding the right therapist can be a process sometimes, so don’t give up if you don’t like your first therapist you visit. Find someone that you connect with and that you feel comfortable being honest with. If you’re not feeling helped or supported,
seek help elsewhere. The therapist I saw in high school actually
I think that she was violating her professional ethics She was a friend of my mom so she was on my mom’s side with everything. I would complain about something my mom would do and she’d be like, “No I know your mom. She would never do something like that.” Really just
not helpful and I definitely support trying to see a therapist who works for you. If you are interested and want to go to therapy I would say talk to a parent or an adult that you trust. If you live far away and/or don’t
have that kind of relationship with some of the adults in your life. I would speak to your school counselor. Also I would speak to your primary care physician. If you need help. There are people you can ask for it and you definitely shouldn’t feel afraid to do that. What I love about being a therapist is that the world is filled with a lot of interesting people with wonderful stories and to be a part of helping someone to, you know, reach their dreams and potential is an absolute gift. Self care is of the utmost importance. So if you feel like you should go see a therapist then don’t be afraid to speak out and seek
help. See ya next time.



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    Yes!!! Love it

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    Have you ever been in therapy? Comment what Taboo subjects you would like to see discussed here!

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    Love this video 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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    this is amazing!!

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    but its so damn expensive

  • April Martinez

    My mom had those "Is there something mentally wrong with you?" thoughts when I decided to go to therapy. I had to really inform her that going to therapy isn't just for those who have a mental illness. I chose to go because I had a lot going on in my life at the time & I really needed some guidance & advice from someone on the outside, if that makes sense. My therapist helped me realize a lot about myself that I didn't notice at the time. Also, my mom is the old school Mexican type so she didn't believe in counseling whatsoever! But after having a few talks with her she started to understand & become more supportive 😊

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    Thanks for the video! ♡

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    Therapy is not productive if you have a high IQ and have read up on psychology trying to help yourself. You will spend a lot of money to discover they have nothing to say you didn't already read and other than an advanced degree in psychology, they are most likely of statistically average intelligence. In my case, you are talking about a ~40 IQ point differential; frustrating and exhausting.

  • Xtal

    I'm 28 and have been struggling with depression and anxiety for the last decade or so, just now finally decided to go to a psychiatrist and get on some meds and will be starting therapy soon, the meds have helped immensely with depression even after the first few days of being on them, and I was told that it could take up to a month before I noticed a difference. I'm excited to start therapy, and if you are struggling with these issues and are just self-medicating, PLEASE just try it out. Don't waste your entire 20s like I did.

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    But not everyone can afford therapy, like me.

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    Would have been great to have some resources? Am I missing something – didn't see any links other than videos in the description.

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    This helped me feel less scared about seeing a therapist. Thank you for making this video!

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    School counselors can be real bad

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    Any small or big Youtubers want to support each other?💜🌸

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    I have stress post trauma, anxiety and depression. All that since this year. 2018 hit me hard lol. Well im doing physical therapy for relax my body, taking antidepresive, relax pills and pills for headache. Im in my second week from that treatment. Still not started therapy sessions but with this video i want to do it. It really sucks to be sedated big part of the day and dont confront my trauma for a good living…

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    So the title says mental health but most people featured in this video are totally fine and seem to even boast about going to therapy.. It's good for you yes, it's definitely not cool

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    I love this video! What's the difference between counselling and therapy?

  • Lou

    …Excuse me but you don't have to have a mental illness to see a therapist? Would you book weekly appointments at a doctors office if you're 100% physically healthy because you like having someone who listens to you? If therapy is nothing but "sitting down with someone and just talking about XYZ" to you, then… I really don't even know what to say, that's just bs and not therapy.
    There are people with severe mental illnesses not in therapy because they can't find a therapist that has time for new patients. No insurance should pay for you to get treatment if you're not sick. No professional should waste time on treating healthy people. Sure, if you think you might have a mental illness or even if you're just in danger of developing one, go see a therapist. But if you know that you're not sick, don't. This is legit making me angry, therapy is not a joke or some hippie finding yourself bs. It's a legitimate medical treatment for people who need that treatment.

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    This is SO important to be getting out there. Glad to see it. Therapy is cool and critical, and we should all be so lucky to have the gift of getting to experience it. xo

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    OMG, Everyone is an emotional cripple, everyone is imbalanced, everyone needs pills and shelter, everyone is so fucked in the head. FTW

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    The snowflake generation metely needs to grow up and stop playing the victim

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    I wish I could afford therapy

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