• MindScoped

    Can you please do a video on Turkey Tail Mushrooms? There is a lot of evidence showing that it is extremely powerful to boost the immune system to fight off cancer (and any other types of diseases). It appears to have been FDA approved for cancer patients.

  • GSatiFan

    With 11 or 12 I had high blood pressure and my doc wanted to give me pills.

    My dad had bought only real shit to eat. 🙁

    I became vegan with 14. Now I am 24 & my blood pressure is at his best. Long live whole foods! 🙂

  • Wak Job

    It's so much easier to get someone off of heroin and/or crack than it is to get them to break free from their parasitic induced food addictions.
    I'm so sick of fighting with loved ones about their eating habits and its relation to their poor health.

  • xPeachii

    how to not die from heart disease

  • Raj Singh

    Very misleading. Plant based diet is bad for your health AND for the environment. Im from India where majority are vegetarians. It sounds good but it has the opposite result if you only knew.
    Its interesting that people still believe that cholestrol or saturated fat is bad for them and relate them to heart disease despite clear evidence that the problem is sugar or high carbs. Sugar is very inflamatory and inflammation is root cause of all diseases. Ironically study shows 75% of people who died from heart attack were in low to mid range of cholestrol..
    Automatically you are having more sugar by eating a plant based diet unless you eat only green raw vegies which is also bad. Another surprise is that high blood pressure is actually good and low blood pressure is bad. High blood pressure means more oxygen reaching your organs especially your brain and more. Anyway….Please do your research before putting your bodies into destruction by eating a plant only diet.

  • Sarina

    I enjoy watching this a lot

  • Karl Forehand

    I share this on Facebook at least once a month hoping one of the 600,000 that will dies this year from heart disease will make some positive changes.

  • Rosie Jonasson

    I just found out that I have high cholesterol. I am a 55 year old vegan women. I am 5'3" and 124 lbs. I exercise regularly and do not believe in processed food. I have been vegan for 8 months. I also suffer from arthritis. My doctor is of no help. Anyone have any advice? Am I just a unlucky minority?

  • lamadoo

    I love how the way he speaks, what an expressive doctor 🙂

  • Stella

    this doctor is a genius 😘

  • Michael Crosby

    I love his message, but I like how he delivers it even more. Dr Greger puts a smile on my face.

  • Jazzmin

    I am vegan and have heart pains

  • cate curl

    i love this video information (re heart ). thanks dr greger x

  • Phil Ad

    … Yeah!

  • love life fatty180

    I don't know I have changed my diet completely and been completely vegan for over 6 months my arms my legs my body still hurts horribly I've supplemented properly and still no improvement on anything, super frustrating!!!!—-#Fatty

  • Fanny Bass

    Thank you!

  • fmn2628

    Fatty streaks can be found in all newborn babies large vessels, as well as newborn whales.

  • Holy Atheist

    His speaking style reminds me of slam poetry.

  • Farzan Khoobchehr

    Thank you

  • James M1079

    No bullshit . Thats what i like

  • TheHealingPlantMovement

    What a Hero 🙂

  • SouthernRebel

    Is this guy channeling Agent Smith of the Matrix?

  • Paweł Wolnicki

    the manierism are hard to digest

  • Nmethyltransferase

    So… any vegan, whole-foods, plant-based diet (excluding coconut meat, palm fruit, and white potatoes), but supplemented with vitamin B12 (and vitamin D + algal EPA/DHA, just to be on the safe side), making sure to include seaweed (but not kelp/kombu), but completely avoiding salt (but miso might be okay, but not [even vegan] kimchi because cancer) has the potential to reverse heart disease?

  • Sarah Love

    Love this doctor.

  • Gigi Friedman

    Your knowledge provides hope and insight! Thanks for the illumination! Much gratitude to your work! ✨✨✨✨✨

  • Life pro Lover

    With all do respect, not all vegans are healthy¡ some eat lots of sugar , bread , 0asta and this will make the situation worse¡

  • Life pro Lover

    With all do respect, not all vegans are healthy¡ some eat lots of sugar , bread , 0asta and this will make the situation worse¡

  • Aris Valar

    Heart attack, heart disease coronary artery disease, You can tell by the naming that the medicine treats the symptoms and not the cause.. Well there is nothing wrong with the heart not even the artery. Arteriosclerosis is a slightly better word but it s all greek to most. Just name it "fatty blood disease" or even better eating disorder: Liporexia!!! People with this condition need a psychologist for support quitting bad habits more than they need a cardiologist.

  • PiratePete

    An EPIC short video with nothing but TRUTH in it, thank you Dr G!

  • Dr. Brian Jude de Lima, PhD

    Brilliant man

  • ambidextrousfapper

    Hom Jay Dinshah was vegan for 40+ years until he died of a heart attack at 66.

  • marko

    ok nice i would do the opposite of this

  • James Humphrey

    LOCK HIM UP !!! dTrump

  • GodShot

  • Pony Chaser


  • Andrea Wisner

    I checked. The AHA says that it's not possible to heal damage to the heart. But now there's new research on a compound that, when injected, helps the heart to heal itself.

  • FellVoice

    I've heard you mention a book for reversing heart disease in some videos and I want to buy this book for a friend of mine's mother, could you please tell me if it's the How Not to Die book or another one? Anyone who know what I'm talking about please chime in as well, thanks.

  • Joshua Johnson

    Your body healing itself is not magic, it's God's power working in us, as all modern medicine comes from minerals that God first created, so the best choice is to honor him for his healing power in our lives because we would never make it past 12 years old otherwise or even much much sooner. God is my healer, who is yours?

  • It's Wednesday, Screw Ironing

    God blesses so many with health; it's ironic that (for some of us) the mechanism for it just happened to be poverty!🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😉 #CarpeDiem #GodBless #LeafyGreens

  • Zineb


  • C O

    Cut the fkin drama & say what the diet is

  • Chris Namaste

    Thank you for all that you do Dr Greger!

  • Miss Mizer

    What supplements or foods would you recommend if you get deficiencies?

  • Miss Mizer

    Also can this help asthma without those damn inhalers?

  • Occams Razor


  • business pro

    Excellent video!
    What’s in a plant based diet?

  • Saidi

    Comes across as so fake, why drag this out with lame rhetoric. Seems so self indulgent and makes it hard to take information around death and heart disease seriously…

  • Jeanette Nejadi

    What is wrong with him?

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