How telling my story helped my recovery | Juliette Burton’s Mental Health Story | Mind

How telling my story helped my recovery | Juliette Burton’s Mental Health Story | Mind

Hello my name is Julia earthen I am a docu-comedian:
documentaries mixed with comedy. I’m an actress and writer as well and I’m
going to tell you about what helps me with my mental health problems. So I still am in therapy, in fact I’m about
to talk to my therapist on Skype. I know also that talking to my friends really helps, so
being open and honest with people around me I’ve surrounded myself with so many wonderful
people who really accept, maybe even some of them actually understand my mental health
problems. Quite a few of my friends have experience of mental health themselves so they’re really
awesome, so I reach out to them. And reaching out is actually a really important
thing for me, to do that to make sure that I’m not isolated with my problems. I also find that practically for me I find
that regular exercise really does help. It helps with my breathing, it helps with some
aggression. I’m becoming a bit of a fan of boxing at the moment. For me because I’ve struggled with depression
and anxiety that kind of cyclical thing and also anorexia, bulimia, compulsive overeating
and I know that in the past I’ve over exercised I’ve kind of become addicted to exercise
so I often actually have found that having somebody else helping me to exercise, to train,
is really helpful to contain that. Writing about my experiences whenever I’m
really stuck if I’m going through really black, black time, if I write about it then it’s
like exercising a demon. And then nowadays people want to publish my writing, which is
awesome. I love that and then people read the articles and then they contact me via
Twitter, which you can too if you fancy it. Or they come to my shows. And writing about
my problems within the shows. Kind of making it accessible to other people that’s actually
given me a purpose and makes me feel like I’m not alone. And I love, I love hearing
that what I do helps other people not feel alone either. So that’s just one of my favourite things,
it’s given me a purpose and helped me really want to keep fighting because it’s not like
you suddenly get better. I’m not better, like you know, magic cure but I want to fight against
these problems now. I don’t want them to get the better of me, because as hard as it is,
and every single day is still really hard, in different ways either with depression or
anxiety or the eating disorders, or even the self-stigma that I put on myself but which
can be really hard. And I can be a real bully to myself sometimes, yet I really now want
to keep fighting, keep going, because I love performing, I love writing and I love breaking
down barriers, and hopefully having a bit of a positive impact on the world. So I hope
all of that helps you guys.




    She is really pretty and I hope she gets better soon x

  • Raiken Xion

    Well now I know atleast Im not the only good looking person with mental health problem

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