How to become a mental health professional | Kati Morton

How to become a mental health professional | Kati Morton

– Hey everybody, today
I want to talk to you about how you can possibly
become a therapist. (piano music) So like I said, I want to
talk to you today about how you can become a therapist. I hear from many of you all the time, Kati how do I become a therapist like you? How do I get into the mental health field? Or how do I? So there are obviously
many different paths and many different ways
you can get involved in mental health as a whole. But what I’m going to share with you today just for the fact that
this is a video and I kind of want to keep it
streamlined, is how I, myself, became a marriage and family therapist. Like I am today. How did I get here. And I obviously live in the states, so if any of you are in
other countries and you have information on the paths that
people take in your country, can you let us know below
because I know I have International viewers
and I want to make sure we have the most information out there, so that everybody can get what they need. Now, the first thing is, you have to go to a four-year university. And for me, I majored in psychology and music because I like to sing. But all you have to major in is psychology or I think we even had
someone in our masters program who majored in sociology,
but I would encourage you stick with what you want
to do, major in psychology. And from there, so you graduate
with a four year degree, yay I have my bachelors yay,
but you’re not done yet. Then I took a year off
and I studied for my GREs which in the states is
the kind of the SAT or ACT for grad school. So it’s your basic entry
level exam where you get your little score and you put it on
your grad school application. And it kind of helps you get into the grad school that you want. So once you’re done with your four years, you want to find a graduate program that has either a masters in
marriage and family therapy like me or a masters in clinical social work which is a very similar realm to mine. So you find a couple of universities, I think I applied to four grad schools. So, your going to want to
find a couple of options. You’re going to take your GREs, you’re going to attend graduate school. And what they don’t tell you
in graduate school is that the field you’re going into
doesn’t make a lot of money. And I’m sorry, I wish I
could report that I’m rich and I own a house, but I don’t. Its very depressing, but I like helping people
and its honestly what I enjoy doing most, so that’s what I like to do, but don’t be fooled if they
tell you this is like the best thing ever and you’re going
to make a gazillion dollars. Because unless you’re Dr.Phil,
that’s just not happening. I’m sorry. So, we finish graduate school
and at that point even when you’re in graduate school you
begin working with clients. And you’re going to see your
first client and you’re going to be so nervous. Mine was a nine-year-old
girl, and luckily for me it was a kid and so she didn’t
even know I was nervous, but I was really nervous. And so you’re going to
see your first client and they’re going to talk you through it. You’re going to have supervision groups and you’re going to continue
that out of graduate school. That’s part of your 3,000 hours. For many of you who have been
following me for a long time, you know I finished my
3,000 hours over like a year and a half ago and then I had to study for my licensing exams. So, so far just to summarize and make sure you’re following me. We have a four year degree,
we go to graduate school, get our two year degree,
and then we get out and we continue to gather our 3,000 hours. After that’s done, you
apply to the board of Behavioral Sciences in your state and you sit for your licensing exams. Now, ours is a two-portion exam, which I believe in all 50
states it’s all two part exams, but there are different
requirements on the number of hours that you have to accrue. Like I know in New York, its 1,500, but in California, its 3,000. So then we sit for our licensing exams and then we’re free agents. I have my own license, I
can have my own office, I don’t have to have a supervisor anymore. And that’s really how
you become a therapist. I you want to specialize in something, really the main way you become specialized is by working in the field. I worked in a eating
disorder residential program, I worked in a eating
disorder IOP PHP program, like on the outpatient basis. I see them in my practice. I also worked in a hospital with more schizophrenic-bipolar patient
types, so it’s all up to you. So when you first get
out of graduate school or when you’re in graduate school, I would try out different places. Don’t go in thinking I have to specialize in this and this is the
only thing I can do, because I initially
though I wanted to work with kids and do developmental psychology. And I had my first run in with that and that did not work for me. So, be open to different
options and different specializations because we don’t
know until we do it, right? But don’t worry, if you yourself
have struggles of mental health in your past, that’s
not going to prohibit you from being in the mental health field. All that I would really
encourage, encourage isn’t even a strong enough word, I would
urge you to work on your own issues before you get into
the field because we can’t help others if we can’t
help ourselves, right? And if I didn’t practice what I preached, then I don’t feel that I’d
be a very good therapist. And I have people that
I’ve referred clients to and they felt like they
were trying to work out their own issues in their therapy session. We want to make sure we’re not doing that. We want to do the best
thing for our clients, so if you want to get into the field, the first thing I would do
is find your own therapist and start working on your own stuff because we’ve all got
our own stuff, right? But nothing should stop you from achieving your dreams and getting
the career you want. So, I hope that helps, I
hope that that kind of gives you a little guidance and
a little road map about what I did to get to where I am. And know that you can be here too. Have a good one and
I’ll see you next time. Television should go off
three hours before bed time? But that’s just not realistic
for me, maybe it is for you. Hey try it, let me know.



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    I loved hearing about this! Here in Cyprus we have mostly private universities that follow the US programme. 4 years major in psychology for bachelors and then another 3 graduate school and then you collect hours! But most of the cypriots dont study here so i know that in Uk is 3 yrs bachelor but in 2nd year you can stop and gather hours before going back and graduating

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    Are you ever actually allowed to reject clients? I know that sounds harsh but I am curious like for example, if someone came in (I know this is far fetched) and they openly admitted that they want to hurt someone in a pretty horrible way and that really upset you and are not comfortable at all around that client, are you eligible to reject them or do you have to disregard that and help them anyway?

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    I just signed up for a pre-ap (advanced) psychology course for grade 11 to help prepare me for my future πŸ™‚ I've wanted to become a therapist for at least 5 years now and I really believe I'd enjoy it a ton more then any of my past 'dream jobs' I know it doesn't get payed a lot, but helping someone through their life is priceless! Thank you for this video Kati! One day I hope to be like you πŸ˜€

  • Dmimima

    Thank you so much for this video, Kati! I'm really interested in becoming a marriage and family counselor with a specalization in sex therapy. I have a quick question though, do the graduate schools provide you with the "internships" or "clinics" to gain your 3000 hours or do you have to search for them yourselves? Thanks again for this video! If ever possible I hope you do another more "in-depth" video on becoming a mental health professional such as the pro/cons, average salaries, etc etc. Thanks again!

  • Anonymous Annie

    So even if you have some mental health problems or even a personality disorder that have been professionally diagnosed, you can still legally work as a therapist? That doesn't make much sense to me

  • Ashley Em

    I am currently becoming a therapist in Canada. There are several different ways to become a therapist but the way I am doing it is by becoming a social worker. To become a social worker here you either need a bachelor of social work which is a 4 year undergraduate degree and then a 1 year masters of social work which includes a social work placement at an institution, or if you're like me and do a different bachelors degree (I did a bachelor of science) and then get a two year masters of social work. The schools here do not require a GRE like in the states for an MSW but they are highly competitive. It is recommended that you have a lot of experience in the field as well as a high GPA and you are required to write personal statements for the schools you apply to along with 3 letters of recommendation.

    Hope that helps!

  • Leanne Collard

    Ha, I just finish my first class for my counselling degree, then I see this video. I'm nervous, but excited to keep going.
    In Australia, as far as I know, its also 4 years at university, then either postgraduate study or an internship to become a fully registered psychologist.

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  • Arlen Rowe

    General pathway here in Aus for full registration as a psychologist is 4yr Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) or 3 yr Bachelor of Science (Psychology) and 1yr Psychology Honours. You could do 2 years supervised work as a provisional psychologist after that, but it's all being reviewed and looks like it'll soon be either 2 years Masters or 1 year + 1 year supervision. If you want to finish PhD then add another 2 years.

    So minimum here is 6yrs to become a registered psychologist – whichever route you choose. PhD 8 years. This is full time, so part time equivalents are massive!

    You could become a counsellor although I'm not familiar with the current requirements for this.

  • Annika S

    In Germany you have 5 years of bachelor and master together but as far as I know you have to have an average of 2.0 minimum to be able to apply or your masters. After that you can only become a therapist after 3-5 years of practise

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  • Adrian D

    Really glad you did this video, in Scotland (UK) if you want to work in any sort of mental health career you have to be a chartered psychologist with the British psychological society (BPS). You do this buy studying 4 years of psychology in a University that is approved by the BPS. Then specializing is all about postgraduate degrees and experience. I'm aiming to do developmental & educational psychology but its a long road. Hope this helps.

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    Hello Kati and friends, Just wanted to let you know that you can ALSO do your degree in Social Work, not only in psychology, that's how I'm going to it. Aready finished MY bachelor in social work and am working on the masters in clinical social work with Children Youth and Families. πŸ˜‰

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    can you talk a bit about graduate school and loans, too? i know therapists dont make the best money, but im scared about how long its going to take to pay off loans

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    another option is to major in Behavioral Sciences for your undergrad πŸ™‚

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    I'm from Australia. I would like to become a school counsellor! Could anyone help me in how to do it? Also what subjects should I do in school. Thanks πŸ™‚

  • Arlen Rowe

    "Rina Farrell 2 days ago
    So even if you have some mental health problems or even a personality disorder that have been professionally diagnosed, you can still legally work as a therapist? That doesn't make much sense to me"

    Not exactly… there is no reason that a person with a MANAGED mental illness cannot be a therapist. The emphasis is on managed. You may have to have ongoing supervision (instead of just for the standard 'internship' years), so that there is someone who is keeping an eye on you. The responsibility is on the individual therapist to ensure that they are in well enough condition that they do not adversely impact on their clients, associates or on the profession as a whole. This is a part of the Code of Ethics, and thus taken VERY seriously.

    If they are found to not be doing so, it can have all sorts of consequences depending on the circumstance. The Board could prevent them from practising (for a set time, or permanently), or could enforce continued supervision to ensure issues do not arise. It is very much instilled during education though that the onus is really on the therapist, and that they should take whatever steps necessary to ensure they are at their 'best' and not going to impact negatively on any individual they work with. Personally, with what I've learnt in my own studies, if I had a mental illness I would have preventative measures in place as a practicing therapist just to make sure both myself and my clients were safe.

    I hope that clears things up a little for you πŸ™‚ (And sorry, it would not allow me to reply directly to you, so I hope you see my response!)

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    I got a bachelors in psych and child development, and I am done. No grad school for me. 20 K I student loans is enough, thanks. Maybe I can't be a therapist, but I can be a coach. Hooray for un-grad school

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    I'm working at a community mental health clinic as a "rehabilitation clinician". People basically think I'm a therapist though…. I feel guilty because I know that I should not be called that. I only have a 4 year degree, and I worked in the field for 2 years before I got this job. I get paid ALOT less than the Licensed Therapists. I make about $35,000 and they make about $60,000 or something like that. πŸ™‚

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