How to Deal With Feeling Empty – 5 Proven Methods

How to Deal With Feeling Empty – 5 Proven Methods

You most likely have felt empty in your life
before. It’s that feeling that there is an empty
void or hole inside you. When you are empty, you are lacking or missing
something. Some people say if you feel empty before a
relationship, you will still feel empty in a relationship. So how exactly are you supposed to deal with
feeling empty? This video will go over 5 ways to deal with
feeling empty and we are starting right now. Before we get into some methods to deal with
feeling empty, you first have to know a bit more about the feeling. Feeling empty from time to time is a normal
part of the human experience. Signs that you are dealing with the feeling
of emptiness is that you don’t have a sense of purpose and you are not happy but you aren’t
sad either. As for what causes the feeling of emptiness,
no one knows for sure since there may be more than 1 cause. Although we don’t know the exact cause,
most people can agree that filling up the hole with things like food and drugs won’t
help deal with feelings of emptiness. Now there’s some good news and bad news. The bad news is that the hole aka the feelings
of emptiness will always be there which is why we all feel empty from time to time. The good news is that you can do things to
make the hole less noticeable. Here are the 5 ways to deal with feeling empty:
1. Create a solid sense of self. When you lack a stable ego or sense of identity,
you are just going through life on autopilot. I strongly believe that you need a strong
sense of identity to function successfully in society. Without a stable ego, you are out of touch
with your feelings, which is why you struggle to feel happy or sad which leads to you feel
empty. I find that those who feel empty and have
a weak sense of self tend to have tough childhoods, especially if they are from an immigrant family. If you were raised in a strict family with
rigid roles, you might have been trained from a young age to be a doctor, lawyer, engineer,
or whatever prestigious job your family liked. Chances are, you probably didn’t like it
since you have other aspirations but you were taught that it’s not ok to be you. This leads to an unstable ego since you never
got the chance to explore and develop yourself. If you have an unstable ego, there are a few
steps to help you find a sense of identity. First off, write down things you genuinely
like doing and don’t include things you should like out of duty. Then, keep exploring the things you wrote
down by trying them out or learning about them through books or videos. As you explore, make another note of how you
felt while doing the activity. Once you figure out what makes you the happiest,
continue exploring that thing more. Throughout your journey, keep asking yourself
who and what you want to be. The answer to that will often keep changing
as you try to stabilize your identity. 2. Stop searching for happiness. Some people end up feeling empty after sacrificing
so much to live the good life only to end up with a job or career that doesn’t fulfill
them. They chased happiness but ended up with emptiness. The idea of stopping yourself from searching
for happiness sounds insane but hear me out. Viktor Frankl, the author of the famous Man’s
Search for Meaning believes that happiness can’t be pursued. You have to let happiness happen by not caring
about it. You can only achieve happiness by extending
beyond yourself, either in service to others or a cause above yourself. Once you put meaning in the heart of your
life, you can then be happy. If you go about happiness the wrong way, you
end up with emptiness but if you go about it the right way, you won’t have feelings
of emptiness. 3. Take care of yourself physically. Make sure you have enough sleep – ideally
7 to 8 hours. You need at least 7 hours of sleep to be able
to function properly and most of us probably know how unproductive we are when we don’t
have enough sleep. Make sure you exercise or at least move around
more as well. Exercise helps release chemicals that improve
your overall mood and well being. If your physical health is not good, your
mental health won’t be good either. You might have felt empty because you haven’t
taken care of yourself physically. A good night’s sleep and some exercise can
do wonders to help you combat those feelings of emptiness. 4. Seek therapy. If you are at a point where your feelings
of emptiness is severely hurting your mental health, you want to get therapy. In some cases, feelings of emptiness can develop
into depression which is a serious mental illness. If your mental health is not improving after
trying stuff you learned online, please seek professional help. 5. Connect with people. Being lonely could be a cause of feeling empty. Try to find those who also felt empty before
or are currently dealing with the feeling. You can connect with them more easily and
you can help solve each other’s problems. If you don’t have anyone in your life at
the moment, you can look online. There are a lot of communities you can join
online to find some people to connect to. If you want more information about dealing
with loneliness, click the video shown on the card above. If you don’t know which method to try first,
I strongly suggest trying out the first method since I believe a lack of identity is a primary
cause of feeling empty. All of the methods are just as effective though
and you should resort to method 4 or getting therapy if things go bad. How do you deal with the feeling of emptiness? Leave a comment below and be sure to check
out the videos shown on the end screen about dealing with and mastering your emotions.


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