• The Whys Guys Podcast

    I’ve watched this video everytime I’ve had an anexity attack and it’s like it cures it— IVE DONE EVERYTHING IN THIS VIDEO

  • Meg Chan

    Yeah so here’s the thing, I had an inner ear infection which caused dizziness and that faded away within two weeks and then now I feel dizzy because I was so scared of feeling dizzy and now I feel dizzy because I looked up symptoms of leukemia and one of them said dizziness, idk if that’s anxiety or not but this is just stressing me out.

  • Erotta

    Does anyone else relate to this but instead with stomach pains? I always feel like I might have some kind of cancer in my stomach although it might just be stress from all of it… but you’re not sure


    I thought i had sepsis and i thought i was gonna die but it was just a cold

  • Mid Null

    I laughed so hard at that comment in the beginning. I'd make the kid run laps and split wood.

  • DankLightning

    my hypochondria is so bad that I think I don’t have anxiety and that I actually have a disease

  • Nessa Baby

    I constantly wake up through out the night gasping and feeling my pulse and it’s erratic I swear I’m dying from heart failure or have sleep apnea and it’s gonna kill me

  • Troy Alexander

    Can your body create symptoms of a disease that you are scared may Happen to you

  • Missy Chrissy

    I've never had health anxiety before in my life, just recently am I living through it at 25 years old. I have had general anxiety everyday of my life and it can manifest physically if I'm stressed out enough. I'm actually 120% hoping my health anxiety is just that. I want to manage and move on. This video made my thoughts more positive and I feel better about this.

  • Arianna Marletta

    Because of my hypocondria I can't sleep at nighe because I have the fear of dying in my sleep… 2 doctors said to me I'm fine, my pression, my heart etc.. but I'm still afraid. During the morning i feel ok, but when the night come i start to feel strange with my left arm and my chest… what should i do??

  • Daddy Ding

    God bless you. This was excellent for my peace.

  • Cadzy

    I'm currently terrified of neurological disorder and experiencing some real intense symptoms. It all started with extreme trauma. It's fucking tiring

  • Gangster Camel

    I am constantly thinking about having mental illnesses and it made me go crazy…


    What about ocd pure and Hypochondria :c

  • Julia Xo

    I have it because of bad experience with doctors. So many times they have failed me and now I can’t trust them at all. I have saved myself multiple times by using google and studying medical research online. I have friends finding out they had holes in their hearts and cancer by using google when the doctors said it’s nothing! Doctors don’t know everything. I had fungus once and it took 2 skin doctors and 6 gps and 6 years until I was diagnosed. The problem was solved in 1 week with a cream. If they can’t even detect basic fungus!

  • tsotne sichinava

    Now I've got another anxiety called: Only Dr. Tracey Marks can help''. Without kidding, thanks and compliments of the season!

  • honeybme

    This video just read me for filth 🥺😒😫

  • blueskies2287

    Do NOT google symptoms ever!

  • angel parsley

    I have health related anxiety it's terrible but instead of going to appts I need to go to I am afraid

  • Hannah Buck

    3:38–3:53 I feel absolutely seen

  • Sean Steamer

    She just told the world wat I do everytime I have chest pains🤣… I happy that I saw this video

  • Sarthak Pandey

    Thank you thank u mam for
    helping me
    Everyday I trouble with health anxiety

  • Lesmond 45

    Smart lady…… you nailed it alright, it's a living hell for anyone suffering from this! Very well explained pattern of symptoms, probably the best i have seen online!

  • Douglas Daggart

    This one knocks out more labels that a French couture fashion house but where is the focus on crisis? The local brand stockists prehaps?Or a pub like they call it in U.K.

  • Nicole Silva

    I am dealing with this at this very moment it consumes me please give me any suggestions it makes my anxiety go crazy and I get depressed then I go on google and google makes me worse

  • Kyle Weston

    I fuckin love this woman😂😂😂😂all this shit is me!!!!

  • Saga Skoglund

    I just get soooo tired of everything. I feel like something is wrong and stuff like that, and I’m obsessed with my health. I’ve assumed that I have a sickness that’s kind of rare and I’ve been using things trying to treat it but it only gets worse the more I try to make things better. I’m so tired of always googling symptoms and checking my body. But the worse part of it all is that Im scared of going to the doctor cause I feel ashamed and like a burden. Therefore I never get anything confirmed. I try to look at things from different perspectives and try to find more facts about the symptoms in general. But even tho I already have a confirmed diagnose that makes the other symptoms make more sense I still can’t stop googling my other symptoms and just try to find the truth, if I have it or not, but since I’m too scared to go to the doctor I’m never going to find out. It just hurts me so much mentally to always think about it. I get so much anxiety about it that it feels like I’m going to throw up almost all the time, I get all pale in my face and it feels like I’m going to pass out. I miss my old self when I wasn’t extremely scared all the time that I would have a permanent sickness. I just feel so lonely too because it feels like I can’t disguise it with other people :((

    btw I’m Swedish so my eng is kind of bad:/

  • Candice Martinez

    I have premature ovarian failure, and I am on HRT. I am getting into a manic stage. I think I have this and I need help professionally, I cant fix this anymore. My illness is so bad I constantly think that I am going to die from a horrible brain cancer. I think about the worst of things.

  • AlphaJew

    I'm afraid I have capnocytophaga canimorsus

  • BassxBullets Official

    Anyone else here because they googled there symptoms 😑

  • casey casual

    Can enhance symptoms too huh? I have low stomach acid issue but I know my anxiety is keeping me stuck in the issue. I've cleaned my diet up great and I've actually felt better now. But i feel like this anxiety is keeping me stuck. Like the nutrition and herbs have helped so much and now all that is left is to relax my intestines. Feels like they are clenched every time my anxiety goes up.

  • Ducking Josh

    The worst part is wanting to go to the doctor but you’re also worried that you might sound stupid lol

  • Carolina

    Health Anxiety is so debilitating. I used to only worry about myself but now I’ve began to worry about my daughter and other loved ones too. I cry so much and just pray for all this worrying and symptoms to go away.

  • Family Life

    I have had Health Anxiety for years. I never really understood what it was but I always thought the worst was going to happen to me. . I just thought it was real symptoms and thoughts. Until one day someone said to me it is just another form of anxiety.! I had to think about that for a long time and work it all out. Your absolutely right. Medication does not help health anxiety. Retraining the thoughts of the anxiety helps so much more . I am slowly going through the process of the retraining. I know where this health anxiety has grew from. Keeping yourself busy does help by taking your mind away from the subject. I know it does get better .
    Thank you for this video.

  • Ash Ten

    I went to school today and cried. I feel so trapped, I try to forget about my symptoms but I can’t I get chills and shake all the time I’m so depressed I don’t know what to do with my life.

  • Sergio Diaz

    does anyone else go months feeling fine just to have your health anxiety strike back full force then you’re back ar square one all over again for months

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