How To lower Blood Pressure Naturally With Nattokinase And Exercise

How To lower Blood Pressure Naturally With Nattokinase And Exercise

This video shows a possible way to lower high blood pressure through a simple program of
taking nattokinase supplements and combining it with exercise.
WHAT IS NATTOKINASE? Nattokinase is an enzyme that helps dissolve
abnormal blood clots in the body. Its a natural blood thinner.
It was discovered in 1980 at Chicago University Medical School by a young Japanese medical
researcher, Dr Hiroyuki Sumi. He found that the food “natto” had the
remarkable quality of quickly dissolving blood clots in a petri dish.
Natto’s a traditional fermented Japanese soy food that’s been a popular staple in
the Japanese diet for centuries. Nattokinase was identified as the enzyme in
natto that thinned the blood. Scientific studies have since confirmed it
to be a powerful fibrinolytic agent, or something that helps prevent or dissolve abnormal blood
clots. Fibrinolytic means “clot dissolving”,
IF SO, HOW DOES IT WORK? Yes, nattokinase very possibly can help lower
your high blood pressure. There’s a low rate of coronary heart disease
in Japan, and consumption of natto may be one reason why.
Many Japanese believe eating natto helps lower their high blood pressure and natto is a local
folk remedy for cardiovascular disease. The nattokinase in natto helps prevent or
dissolve unwanted blood clots, so thinning the blood.
When blood is thinner, it flows better, and blood pressure drops.
A 2008 study at a Korean University and Hospital concluded from human trials that nattokinase
did indeed decrease high blood pressure. To quote their study, “increased intake of
nattokinase may play an important role in preventing and treating hypertension.”
What’s more, in 2012 a Japanese Medical University found nattokinase also acts as
a natural ACE inhibitor. It concluded that eating natto may suppress
blood pressure. So, yes, there’s strong evidence that nattokinase
may well lower your high blood pressure. WHERE DO I GET NATTOKINASE?
IS IT EXPENSIVE? Nattokinase actually is quite cheap.
I did a search for it on a supplement website. I found many brands of nattokinase you can
choose from. I’m not associated with any one of them.
I suggest you go through the reviews and ratings for each and decide for yourself.
Scrolling down the page, this particular brand, Doctor’s Best, caught my eye.
It has the largest number of reviews, and an overall high rating from users around the
world. Going through the reviews, I found many that
commented positively on nattokinase’s BP lowering effect.
Some reviewers found a dose of four, six or even eight capsules a day was needed to lower
BP. But most others found two capsules a day,
or a total of 4000 FUs, was all that was needed. One reviewer said they could tolerate only
half a capsule. A minority reported nattokinase did not work
for them at all. FUs, by the way, means fibrinolytic units.
It’s how the strength of the nattokinase is measured.
For this particular brand, one capsule delivers 2000FUs, so two capsules gives 4000FUs.
As you can see, at this current price, It’s not an expensive supplement.
At a dose of two capsules a day, this bottle will last you six weeks.
Yes, I did try nattokinase myself. And it did lower my blood pressure.
Here’s my story. My BP hovers around 150/100 if I do nothing
about it. Here are my readings over the 2013 new year
period. 156/103, 144/92, 160/100…
Not such a happy new year. My cardiologist says the primary cause of
my high readings is insulin resistance. He urged me to get it down to below 135/85.
Or risk a stroke. Among the BP lowering supplements I’m testing
is nattokinase. I’m taking it in conjunction with aerobic
exercise. Exercise has been proven to enhance the body’s
own clotting and declotting system. So I take nattokinase a few hours before exercising,
just to help the body along. I tested doses of two, four and six thousand
FUs just before going for a jog. That’s one, two and three capsules.
I then measured my BP over the next two mornings to see what the effect was on my BP.
Here are my results. To make it easier to analyze, I calculated
my mean arterial pressure (or single overall figure for
BP) and plotted the results on a graph. This is the effect of one capsule, or 2000FUs.
This dose doesn’t drop my BP at all. Here’s the effect of two capsules, or 4000FUs.
My BP does drop at this dose. Taking three capsules, or 6000FUs doesn’t
do much more, suggesting two capsules, or 4000FUs is about the right dose for this brand
of nattokinase. This is also the same dose that most reviewers
above reported working for them. So I’m happy 4000FUs is about the right
dose. The bigger drop in BP here could be because
I exercised more intensely. It suggests more vigorous exercise may help
nattokinase lower BP even further. That’s just a guess.
So, yes, nattokinase definitely seems to be working for me in lowering my high BP.
Just to be sure one last time, I tested nattokinase again before uploading this video to
YouTube. I mentioned before that if I don’t take
any supplements to bring my BP down, it rises to around 150/100.
After stopping nattokinase just before Christmas my BP predictably rose again, so I decided
to test nattokinase one more time to see if it
would respond to my program. So, this is my capsule of nattokinase.
It’s about two hours before I go exercising. So here goes!
Cheers! I’ll take a second capsule about an hour later,
an hour and a half later. I like to divide my dose.
It may help with the absorption. Just on first principles, I’m not too sure
about that. And the reason why I’m testing nattokinase
again one final time before I’m uploading the video to YouTube is because, basically
because of this. Oh, you can’t read it, it’s in the mirror.
That’s my blood pressure from this morning. The date there is the second of January 2013
and my blood pressure is 160/100. And this was about nine o’clock in the morning.
This isn’t good. This reading isn’t good, 160/100.
If I do nothing about my blood pressure, if I take no supplements and don’t exercise,
my blood pressure will rise to about 150/100. And today’s reading of 160/100 is a bit scary
for me. So I’ve just taken my nattokinase.
I will be exercising very soon. And tomorrow morning I’ll be taking my blood
pressure and discovering whether nattokinase brings it down, as my recent study has suggested
it does. Around 3 hours after taking my nattokinase
capsules I go to the park to jog. If jogging isn’t for you, just pick an aerobic
exercise that you enjoy. I added sprints to my routine as earlier results
suggested a higher exercise intensity may help nattokinase reduce BP even further.
Sprinting on and off is called interval training. It’s a powerful way to exercise.
Here are my BP results for 4000FUs, or two capsules.
And here’s the graph of the results. Nattokinase once again dropped my BP.
And it did so even for the second day. So exercising at a higher intensity may lower
BP even more. Here’s my earlier test for the same dose,
just for comparison. So upon retesting, nattokinase did lower my
BP over two days, from 160/100 to 145/89 to 136/89.
And when I stopped taking nattokinase, my BP shot back up even higher.
So if you find nattokinase works for you, I recommend to keep on taking it and not to
stop. I stopped because I’m now testing other
BP lowering supplements. Click the red subscribe button below to receive
future updates. So, in conclusion, nattokinase definitely
seems to work for me short term wise. Will it work for everyone or all the time?
No. Remember earlier that a minority of reviewers
reported it didn’t work for them. And one book even reports that although nattokinase
often works, it sometimes doesn’t. So test it for yourself, there’s a good
Nattokinase is special in that it lowers blood pressure in a unique way.
Most pharmaceutical drugs lower high BP by widening blood vessels.
ACE inhibitors, for example, do this by blocking an enzyme which constricts blood vessels,
while beta-blockers block nerve impulses to achieve the same effect.
Diuretics just cheat by reducing the volume of blood to be pumped, thereby lowering BP.
Nattokinase, on the other hand, lowers blood pressure by thinning the blood and improving
blood flow, something no prescription hypertension drug does.
Nattokinase is unique in that it reduces levels of fibrinogen.
Fibrinogen is the clot making raw material in our blood.
Elevated fibrinogen levels are a cardiovascular risk.
A groundbreaking 1985 study concluded that “elevated fibrinogen levels in your blood
is a significant, independent risk factor for coronary heart disease, at least as important
as blood pressure or cholesterol.” Unlike blood pressure or cholesterol, drug
companies offer no drugs to lower fibrinogen levels,
so the risk of elevated fibrinogen levels has not widely publicized.
Fortunately, nattokinase fills a role here. Nattokinase has been shown to decrease fibrinogen
levels. A 2009 human trial at a research hospital
in Taiwan confirmed their hypothesis that 4000FUs of nattokinase, our famous two capsules
a day, safely reduces blood clotting factors that are
associated with an increase risk for cardiovascular disease.
Nattokinase is also special in that it reinforces the body’s own natural fibrinolytic activity
while at the same time allowing the body to maintain overall regulation of the fibrinolytic
balance. This just means nattokinase exerts its effect
by working with the body rather than doing something to it, as drugs normally do.
It gives a helping hand to the body’s own finely balanced system of making blood clots
and declotting unwanted clots. As nattokinase may help improve blood circulation,
it may also help with dementia and senility because of its effect on blood flow in the
brain. So, yes, there is something special about
I SHOULD KNOW ABOUT? Nattokinase is a safe dietary supplement.
The Japanese people have been eating natto as part of their diet for many years with
no known side-effects or complications. However, there are important precautions.
Nattokinase is a natural blood thinner, so don’t use it if you have any internal bleeding
disorder. Avoid nattokinase after surgery and during
pregnancy. Do not take it if you’re already on a blood
thinner such as coumadin or warfarin. Nor with aspirin.
If you have a genetic clotting tendency, such as factor V Leiden, and are on an anticoagulating
medication, don’t even think of replacing it with nattokinase.
Nattokinase is a dietary supplement, not a drug.
Stopping your medication could risk death. Finally, take nattokinase on an empty stomach.
Nattokinase may help lower your high blood pressure.
A dose of 4000FUs, or two capsules of the brand in question, seems to be the ballpark
dose. After taking your nattokinase, exercise.
Exercising shortly after taking nattokinase may aid in further lowering BP.
Nattokinase is a safe supplement, but there are precautions regarding it’s use when
your on blood thinners or if you have an internal bleeding disorder.
For all the resources on nattokinase mentioned here please click the link below this video.
Finally, I am not a doctor. This video is not medical advice but only
for educational purposes only. Always consult your doctor before changes
to your prescription. A medical exam is recommended before starting
or changing your exercise program, especially for those with a medical condition or who
are over 50. Thanks for watching.
I wish you good health and longevity.



  • ConnerMcDonald1

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