How to make a Brain on Fire Shot – Tipsy Bartender

How to make a Brain on Fire Shot – Tipsy Bartender

– [Nikki] Today we’re making
this, a brains on fire shot. – [Tipsy Bartender] When you
look carefully you can see the hypothalamus right
there, good to go! (laughs) – [Nikki] The what? – [Tipsy Bartender] That’s
right, homegirl, I’m intelligent. – [Nikki] To make this
drink, you will need Bailey’s Peach Schnapps, Fireball
Whisky and Grenadine. – [Tipsy Bartender] Peach Schnapps, pour! – [Nikki] Peach Schnapps. – [Tipsy Bartender] I’ll
tell you when to stop. – [Nikki] That’s a lot of Schnapps… – [Tipsy Bartender] OK, right there. – [Nikki] Feeling like high school. – [Tipsy Bartender] Pour
some Bailey’s in there. – [Nikki] OK. – [Tipsy Bartender] Not a ton. – [Nikki] Alright, tell me when to stop. – [Tipsy Bartender] OK,
that’s good, right there. Little bit more, little
bit more, actually. Little bit more. Perfect. Fireball, pour some Fireball in there. OK, that’s good right there. And we’re going to layer
this right on there. Come on, baby, float. Perfect, that’s good. OK, that Grenadine cap
has some Grenadine in it. – [Nikki] Uh-huh. – [Tipsy Bartender] Pour it. – [Nikki] OK. – [Tipsy Bartender] Perfect. (both laughing) – [Nikki] That looks cool! – [Tipsy Bartender] Perfect, perfect. Turn it for us. – And there you have it! Brains on fire! – [Nikki] This looks like some foreskin got put into a jar. (both laughing) – You’ve seen a lot of foreskins? – I mean, I would imagine,
it’s all like, look at that! (laughing) – OK. – I’m not wrong. (Tipsy Bartender laughing) – You left the easiest part, you realize that’s just Grenadine? – Yeah, I can’t do just sugary Grenadine. It’s not that the liquor
is hard to swallow, it’s just there’s too much liquid for me, for a person, to swallow. – True, true, true, like you
have like the gag reflex. – No, it didn’t, it didn’t. It’s just too much, like I don’t have enough room in my mouth
for that much liquid. – She gagged. – Pfft! We’re done. – What do you know about bloody brains, by the way, before we go? – Bloody brains? You need blood to have brain function. – Can you spell hypothalamus? – H-Y-P-O-T-H-A-L-A-M-U-S. (Clapping)
– Are you sure? – Can you use it in a sentence? – (laughing) God damn, that bitch got a hot ass hypothalamus! – Yes, I’m sure. (laughing) – Yeah! Girl, I’d love to get all
up in your hypothalamus! – ♫ (lyrics) My eyes on you ♫ You’re everything that I see ♫ I want your high love
and emotion, endlessly ♫ (laughing) What the fuck is that? I’m sorry, what’s with that face? – Huh? – [Blonde woman] You look like a pervert like from rapist alley!



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    1part of bailys
    1part of blue curacao
    And 1part of melon liquor layer them this is a shot

  • awaz buddy

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    1part of black abisnth
    1part of fireball whisky layer this is a shot

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    1.5 oz Kraken Black Spiced Rum
    .75 oz Creme de Cassis
    1 dash Goldschlager
    Fill with 7-Up

    Directions: Pour the kraken and Creme de cassis into a shaker with ice and shake vigorously. Strain over ice into a mug. Splash Goldschlager on top, then fill with 7-up. Enjoy whilst sailing the 7 seas.

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