How to make the Alien Brain Hemorrhage Shot! – Tipsy Bartender

(rock music) – Mallorie, are you ready for this one? – I hope so. – What you know about “Men in Black”, huh? What you know about klingons? You ever see a klingon
walking down your street just bitch slapping people? That’s the hood I’m from. Anywho, this an alien brain hemorrhage. Peach Schnapps. Baileys. – [Mallorie] My favorite. (laughing) Gross. – [Skyy] Blue Curacao. Grenadine. – [Mallorie] (laughing) Yuck. Yeah that looks pretty nasty. It looks like a brain. – Mallorie, there you have it, the alien brain hemorrhage. The Blue Curacao, if you look, gives it a nice little greenish tint in a lot of places to really give you that alien feel, OK. – It looks kinda creepy, but– – You know why it looks creepy, right? Because when you drop the Baileys into the Peach Schnapps, it curdles, OK, give you that brain look. – [Mallorie] Alright cool. I’m ready for it. Cheers. Whew! That was so easy. (laughing) – Was it a difficult shot? – Not at all, no. – Smooth right?
– Pretty smooth. I mean, the curdling of the Baileys was a little gross, but it was pretty good. It actually tastes like
melted gummy worms. That’s what it tastes like. So, very sweet– – This chicks bad ass. – (laughing) Thanks. No big deal. Hand me another one. – You want another one? – Yeah. Yeah, that’s way too easy. – [Skyy] (laughing) – Thank you. For all you boys out there
that wanted this shot. Here’s another. Yummy. (laughing) – You’re good now? – I’m good, but seriously,
I could keep going. I mean, we could keep going. – [Skyy] (laughing) – Thank you, Skyy. Three times a charm. Cheers. No big deal. (laughing) – [Skyy] She dangerous man. Tipsy bartender. I’m afraid now.



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