How to make the Barbie Shot – Tipsy Bartender

How to make the Barbie Shot – Tipsy Bartender

(rock music) – (lyrics) ♫ I’m a Barbie
girl in the Barbie world – ♫ Life in plastic
– ♫ Life in plastic – ♫ Is fantastic
– ♫ Is fantastic – ♫ You can brush my hair,
undress me everywhere – ♫ Imagination, life is your creation – ♫ Come on Barbie,
– ♫ Come on Barbie, – ♫ Let’s go party
– ♫ Let’s go party – ♫ Uh, uh, oh yeah
– ♫ Uh, uh, ohh (laughing) You good? – I’m good. – What you doing? – I’m waiting for you. – Really?
– Yeah. – You got something on
your mustache, right here. – I don’t have a (censored) mustache. – Yeah, you do. (laughing)
Sorry! – Yeah, you do. Oh, I shouldn’t have
mentioned that on camera. She does not have a mustache. I did not just see her
shaving in the bathroom. Okay, Vodka–
– I’m very sensitive, (laughing)
I’m very sensitive, I don’t want that. You are not gonna put that in, copyright. – Vodka, Coconut Rum.
(laughing) – I hope this is going to be pink. – Pinkish. Look, I didn’t name the damn shot, okay? If it don’t come out
pink it ain’t my fault. – It is your fault! – Cranberry juice. ‘Cause Mallory already like,
– It’s kinda pink. “Is it, is it gonna be pink? “Is it gonna be pink?” – It’s gotta be pink, it’s a Barbie girl. – “Tipsy, is it gonna be pink?” I dunno if it gonna be pink or not. Go ahead, shake it. – Okay. (laughing) – Way to move it. (chuckling)
– Sorry. Oh yeah, did I mess the focus up? – I don’t know. – My bad.
– We can see. Mallory?
– Yes? – And there you have it:
Barbie, in all her glory! You ever take off a Barbie doll’s clothes? They don’t have any sexual parts. – What do you mean? – I’m just saying, there’s no genitalia. Anyhow, that’s another story. Go ahead, take a sip. – What?
(chuckling) You are strange. – Well… – Well, what? – It was okay. – That’s it? – No–
– You mean, Barbie was just okay? – She was just okay. – She wasn’t phenomenal? – She was not phenomenal.
– You mean, all this time as a little boy, I was thinking
one day I could grow up and marry Barbie and make
love, and it was just okay? – You’re wrongly mistaken. It was sweet like Barbie,
it was cheap like Barbie, and it was weak like Barbie, thank you. I’ll move on to the next drink. (laughing) – Just crushed my love, okay? Know how many time I touched myself thinkin’ ’bout Barbie, huh? – Disgusting! – TipsyBartender! You gotta do what you gotta do! – No you… – As a little boy. (chuckling) – [Voiceover] Also, check
out Sophia making a cocktail for all you cheaters out there, and check us out on Facebook
and Twitter, @TipsyBartender.



  • Kareem Saint

    Everytime I press the tab above that says "Show more", Mallorie never does what it says. This is some bull….

  • TheEng7ine

    holy shit shes badass

  • damaxterpiece

    I thought Mallorie was competing in the Olympics? ..for being a badass

  • nahtanhoj8

    It would be funny if it started with Barbie World by Yung God

  • satan


  • Bobby Supra

    I was hoping she would actually undress… 🙁

  • xlukeskywalkerBI

    didn't pass the comments test…

  • xlukeskywalkerBI

    you two get along well. propose?

  • Yaakob Williams

    yo… this was the best intro ever.

  • thecharlessmith (instagram)

    Skyy has the biggest derp face at 0:15

  • razorwings

    skyy has the best rotation on youtube. what a pimp.

  • Kasakee2

    who cares lmao

  • MasterOfTheEggs2029

    SKYY, keep doing Ask The John! PREEAASSEEE!!!

  • JubJubJudy

    Can you make a sunrise peach?! It's a sweet flaming shot. So freakin good

  • Petar Mihaylov

    skyy you are such a creep sometimes hahaha

  • Jason Lockyer

    No one cares, That's Mallorie.. the most entertaining.. Tbh i'd be happy if it was just her and Sky making the drinks : )

  • Conor Robinson

    Bleeper fail haha

  • Willem van Dalen

    I like the fact that there is always a Alcohol level scale.

  • MrHoliday

    Is it wrong that i sang along?

  • RyanMcFryin

    Hit F13 and vote for Mallorie!

  • Pam Zero

    can you make something non alcoholic 🙂 ??

  • Shoobstah

    heres a drink for you
    served in a tall glass
    one shot of jager
    half a glass of red wine
    top with orange juice
    float rubis on the top
    its called the night ender

  • giggityguy

    i want to high five mallorie so hard for her analysis of that drink

  • nerdette_ 90

    Butter Beer Shot: 1part Butter Schnapps 1part Baileys Irish Cream 1part Vanilla Vodka chilled. Garnished with a sugar rim around the glass and whip cream on top tp make it look like Butter Beer Foam. Enjoy x)

  • R.C. M.G

    well i'll have to say that was a pretty gay intro. Just keeping It real!

  • JayDetroiter

    Man was it me or was she glowing?

  • Seb D

    I think Mallorie and Jessica is the cutest 🙂

  • Alon Uritsky

    check out Mixology. you can download it for free on play store 🙂

  • rob19ny

    Jessica and Sophia.

  • karmaluvr

    She looks like the mental chick from Pretty Little Liars

  • Janoy Cresva

    0:12 the most any of us will ever see of Mallorie

  • andreas andreou

    VODKA hahahahaahahahahaha

  • Daniela Moran

    i disagree with you… I don't think she is trying to imitate anyone… that's her personality.. not fake at all! Mallorie is the best so far!

  • VolvikTV

    AMEN !


    Just do like me. Grab a 2$ little pocket notepad and note every recipe down.

  • Ro818el

    lol check out her facebook fan page

  • badguy9814

    Shes hot

  • Erick Franco

    she says "you're wrongly mistaken." which basically he's right?

  • Erick Franco


  • demosins

    whats her fan page!!!!!!??

  • BothGabor


  • Crystal

    that actually looks good yum

  • Jonathan Lopez

    i love mallorie <3 she is BEAUTIFUL

  • Deserek

    The Best Drink :)!!!!!

  • Jonathan Lopez

    0:32 – 0:36 that smile is so cute

  • truberries

    Sky me homeboy!! I love your vids! and your exotic smile/strong arms 🙂

  • Gabrielle Woo

    what do you mean? O_O

  • fundrums4

    she moved back to south america

  • pink toast

    her nails are so cute in this vid!

  • Jemarian Cooper


  • Linda Jewell

    she's really cute and seems really fun! Probably my favorite of all your lady pro-hosts

  • FinishSword

    she got deported lol jk

  • ruffneck168

    When. Mallory ranted. I popped a hard one. She is just so damn sexy when she is fiesty..keep bringing her back!!

  • xpinkHOLIC

    mallory is my favorite hehe

  • Kayla Myers

    "I'm just saying there's no genotalia, anyway" lol

  • Apostle

    Imma Barbie girl , in a Barbie world my boobies are plastic, it's fantastic you could brush my hair, and touch me everywhere, imagination life is your creation 😉

  • George Longhurst

    Best comments I have ever seen.

  • Kareem Saint

    Thanks… when it comes to Mallorie, nothing but the best will do.

  • s10manual

    The highest rated comment isn't for the awesome Barbie burns? FOR SHAME, TIPSY VIEWERS!

  • kuniklos

    I had all these things in my kitchen. I made a mad dash to the kitchen to make it. It agree: it was ok.

  • Sudip Mandal

    I scanned some of the observations on here. I realize this is a high-quality youtube video. My brother just wants to become spectacular with women of all ages. He learned alot from a site called Master Attraction. (Google it if you want pretty good emails on picking up girls.) The guidance concerned with attracting girls from night clubs in the emails via that website helped get got him his first fucks in more than 3 years. I got pissed though coz I heard them all.

  • Phoenix Rayne

    I gave a thumbs up for that creepy statement!!

  • Tiffany Sams

    the face mal makes at like 34 seconds lmaoooo wtf XD

  • anjan shrestha

    You will know that irritating occasion when your best friend (who’s been a loser forever) gets a beautiful girl to fall in love with him in 3 weeks?! God, that basically occured. I know I ought to be happy having said that I wish it was me. He explained he learned from the Cupid Love System (Search in Google for it). I would like to hide out inside a cave as we speak…

  • raeanna boiles

    Let me say I live and adore your show sky but why don't you ever drink the drinks just wandering?

  • marcotoni231

    These videos seem like the beginning of a porno.

  • ZTFX


  • missmaymay77

    you gotta use bubble gum vodka

  • CheyRae Monroe

    " it was weak like barbie and cheap like barbie "

    that is why she's the girl for the barbie shot 

     🙂 exactly like barbie.

  • brittany caldwell

    hahaha   would love to meet all of you !!! i want shirts !!! 

  • Kerry Berry

    This actually looks damn tasty, I would order this in a bar for sure. 🙂

  • Shannon Downey

    They seem like super old friends. They have great chemistry on camera.

  • Marcial Herrera

    Wow someone who actually finish the whole f**** shot

  • ramrodbmw

    Hey, where the hell can I get one of those shirts????

  • Shar Whiteaker


  • Tasha Blair

    I would probably be good with gin instead of vodka

  • Piratearicat

    Oh God what a stupid bitch

  • MrBeatboxmasta

    I can he make the barbie shot and NOT have Barbie on it? That's like making a German shot without Sophia. 

  • ramrodbmw

    I need one of those shirts home boi

  • javaman97304

    FYI: The band Aqua got sued by Mattel, the makers of Barbie, over copyright infringment.

  • Hailey Delorme

    What's his name?

  • Karina Rivera

    You should definitely sell these shirts! 

  • Tammie Miller

    I agree with barbie girl was ok. Me and my girls tryed it and agree is was a weak barbie girl shot. It was ok. But a great drink to drink

  • Tabita Pedersen


  • Barbara Moorman

    I'm. A Barbie girl in a Barbie world I love that song!!!!

  • Elizabeth Dickerson

    Barbie doesn't have nipples either. Lol.

  • Jeanclaer Jones

    It s not good the booze is strong

  • Jeanclaer Jones

    What you mean

  • KaibaCorp

    Needs more pink… More glitter, more wow! It was a weak shot… Make a barbie cocktail now!

  • The Pink Unicorns

    Im from denmark!

  • Jeanine

    it sounds delicious

  • Gillian Ewing

    Wold orange soda work instead of orange juice

  • Stergios Gotsik

    1 part=30 ml right?

  • SB GG

    the coconut rum was Malibu, malibu Barbie

  • Selena Lynn Velazquez

    that Girl needs to stfu

  • Selena Lynn Velazquez


  • Top Gear, 50 a gram

    Why does he have a different bimbo in every video

  • Sexy Legend

    Mallorie is the best, miss her

  • doddi 1984


    Did Mallorie say: "Undress me everywhere"? Sure sounds like it.

    I knew she was a wild chick, but goddamn!!!!

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