How to Make the Zombie Brains Shot (using Bailey’s Irish Cream)

How to Make the Zombie Brains Shot (using Bailey’s Irish Cream)

Today we’re going to show you how to make
a drink for all you Zombie apocalypse freaks out there this one’s called the Zombie Brains
shot. Pretty easy to make. We’ll start with Peach Schnapps here and fill about half of
a shot glass. We’re going to layer a little bit of Bailey’s on there. Right on top. We’re
going to do a little touch of Blue Curacao. See I’m excited already because I know what
this looks like in the end and most of you probably don’t. It’s an awesome looking shot.
A couple drops of Grenadine on there and watch it curdle. That’s the Zombie Brains shot right
there. Enjoy!



  • Mai Madroxide


  • Lasca DiRoberto

    I hate when people pronounce Curacao wrong, it's pronounced kur -ako. Lol, anyways it doesn't really matter but the shot itself is not very good. It's like a fruity version of a car bomb and since you have to let it sit so that it curdles, it tastes like curdled fruity coffee.

  • FreeBartendingSchool

    Lasca, I agree that (especially when curdled) the shot is not very good… but I think the way it layers is so amazing it is important to teach. Also since we are a bartending school, I think it is important for our students to know correct pronunciations (even though sometimes I mess up…) That said, Curacao is pronounced as such: Curaçao (/ˈkjʊərəsaʊ/ kewr-ə-sow)

  • phiresaibot

    I have tried a few different techniques, but I just can not seem to get the baileys to sit on top of the peach schnapps. It always ends up cloudy at the bottom. Any advice anyone?

  • FreeBartendingSchool

    That is strange! The trick about Bailey's and schnapps is that Bailey's should always sit on top and kind of "melt" down giving it that brain effect no matter what kind of schnapps you are using (not necessarily just Peach)… what technique are you using to layer? Are you using a pour spout?

  • Oscar C1

    Can i use any diferent liquor in the lower part? i mean, i cant get peach schnaps in my country! and idk wich liquor i can use!

  • Brad Tate

    This more like an alien brain hemorrhage ur supposed to use Jaeger at the end

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