• berner

    I remember what happened the last time I told a child not to run into the street without looking.

    Luckily it wasn't my child, phew.

  • George Zimmerman

    Or just bring out the almighty belt

  • Jeffery Sedtal

    I am nine and I only watched this to know my parents tricks and my parents don't even give me 3 bucks if I clean my room.I already know their tricks.

    Mom:I bet you can't eat all this brocolli.
    Me:Yeah right.
    Mom:I bet you 10 bucks.
    Me:Deal.But only is you cook this stuff.

    Me:No.I won't brush my teeth.
    Mom:I forbid you to brush you teeth!
    Me:Ok!Works for me.

  • arebecca2355

    @bosebucks375 I hope you're being sarcastic…

  • Vollystri MKII

    Have fun being fat and having black teeth in the future.

  • YerTypicalFur

    Unless he's eating coal, I doubt his teeth will be black. They'll just rot out and become yellow.

  • Shadowninya

    thumbs up if your not

  • Weird True World.

    94 to 61 percent, that explains why 39% of all children are spoiled, over indulged monsters with a false sense of entitlement who do not know restraint.

  • Lukas

    How to get the money out of the jar without breaking a habit
    Step 1: Get the jar when your parents aren't around
    Step 2: Throw it at a wall

    Did you know Peanut Butter is made of peanuts?

  • BlueberryBoi

    I get out of hard work by looking exasperated and pretending to cry. Works every time XD

  • Ashton

    Wonder why the percentage dropped *coughchildabuselawscough*

  • Kameron Jackson


  • Khalifia Taylor

    Spankings went down but crime went up… I'm just saying.

  • 1000dumplings

    my mom watched this so now if she tells me to do this i will just laugh at her….

  • Bradon Schield

    I was spanked…

  • Bradon Schield

    It hurt so much xD

  • No LaBelZ

    See when I was younger I got my ass beat alright lol

  • Nodog799

    poor kids… getting decevied

  • Neko Yuki

    So did poverty with rich people manipulating the system. I'm just saying.

  • 1914green

    this is great… now I know how to outsmart my parents with REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY!

  • Suzanne Joseph

    Absolutely brilliant

  • siddhartha sapkota

    I found that really helpful. I'm here as my mate all of a sudden started to be awesome with girls. He went from zero to hero. He acted like it was standard for a little bit. Then he explained it to me when he was wasted on Bourbon. Turns out he uses the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it and you'll find it… He's seeing a beauty… Where are the most useful of these movies online?

  • luis2626

    What you'll need:
    *a belt
    *a backbone

    *ignoring hippie trolls

  • Jorah Mormont

    walks8Mom: Whatever you do, don't eat your carrots! Child: Ok. (walks off)

  • wim sanduz

    I'm irritated. My cousin resides above me. I'm bothered because he in recent times became brilliant at obtaining gals. The guy went to the Master Attraction web page (Google it) by Jake Ayres. Now I hear him bringing chicks back. He's constantly bringing sexy girls back and I can't help but hear it, which is gross and If only he had not found that site. My good friend just signed up and got a blowjob a week later.

  • theantking2294

    2:13 ohhh so that's why kids are so rotten these days…..

  • Nela Bellovoda

    Oh, so let's beat their ass so when they grow up they beat their children as well… the child is not a brat unless you raise it to be a brat, and yes children might not understand dignity but you can't make them learn it by beating them, don't you think? As for the space, try to understand one thing, the child is not their parent's property, it's another human being so yes he/she needs their own space.

  • Nela Bellovoda

    Everybody here believes that children are little monsters because the rate of spanking has lowered, but in fact, a spoiled brat is most of the time the child who gets beaten a lot because of parents who are too lazy to get information about parenting. Nobody becomes a parent just because they have a child, parenting is of course difficult, unless you don't care about the child, that is.

  • Nela Bellovoda

    So every child that is beaten will become a decent adult, that's what you think? Why do you think kids wanna kill their parents??? Just think of a reason, can you do that? I'm not suggesting spoiling as an alternative, of course children need authority in their lives to understand the rules, but that doesn't mean you need to spank them. Remember that children are not animals so they don't need you to hit them and yes they're a lot more intelligent than what you think they are.

  • Nela Bellovoda

    Oh and by the way, for all the outcomes you have listed above there is another explanation: MEDIA. Even kids who get beaten everyday watch tv, get pregnant as they are still teenagers and guess what? They wanna kill their parents, because what they have been taught to do is not follow the rule, it is to avoid punishment and the punishment becomes too much they can't handle it anymore. A child who was never beaten a day in his/her life doesn't have the slightest intention to kill their parents.

  • noming ham

    thumbs up if you're a pedobear

  • PxmpkinSpice

    yea im a kid and when i grow up and have kids ill do that

  • Charu Vikram Srivatsa

    you should believe that it's never too late to recover your marriage! i have also been through hard times recently but im so happy with my spouse now. have a look at this site… bitly.com1agMGKM

  • masterofcerimonies1

    fucking white people

  • Stupcat kesha

    Ok. I’ve just come to be very green with envy towards my nephew. He’s actually been unattached always. Yet, he’s mind-fucked a swimwear model to inform him she loves him in under a thirty day period. Just how can that be achievable? He smiled and told me he obtained the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone lovely told me that… I’ve not before seen him so cheerful. Sort of makes me sick.

  • KovuJenkai

    This job is NOT getting easier…As a parent of one, I am always trying to find ways to get my boy to do what he needs to do…I know there's a way for me to do it without freaking out…Knowing that I was exactly like him when I was 3…But…This is one of those videos that were no help to me…Maybe there are people out there that can do these tasks easily, but I'm just not one of them…In saying this, I would like to thank you for the informative video and would like to see more

    Jax Asant.

  • HKLesterol

    "How to outsmart your KIDS" – fail!

  • Dennis Visser

    I don't agree with some of the steps in this video.

    Step 1 and 2: Very good advise.

    Step 3: Use reverse psychology: This is simply stuppid. So you'll let a child get away with doing what he or she is 'not suppose to do'. In the example of thooth brushing it's better to explain why it is important to do. If the child is not able to understand it, do the brushing yourself, or make a game out of it, or do it together… there are a lot of better options to choose from. Using step 2 to let them pick their own brush and tooth paste can also help.

    Step 4: Somewhat good advise. There are better ways.

    Step 5: Very good advise.

    Step 6: Using money to stimulate good behaviour is a bad thing. Also, the insentive is too far in time to learn from by little children. Children shouldn't need to be confronted with a bad behaviour weeks after it happened. Talking about the matter is a better option. In this example, use step 1. Teach them ways how to deal with a situation. Keep an eye out to compliment the good behaviour directly. So dispite what the video says, a 'bribe jar' should never be an option.

    Step 7: Very important.

  • TheHamsterMaster derp

    This will never work for thasi parents like mines XDD

  • shay dede


  • Pablo Guerrero

    Thank you so much I used reverse pschology into tricking my parents to bye me a ps4 and a bunch of video games. Here's the trick. Just say the opposite and tell them it's too much responsibility to get one cause of school grades. For example, if you want a iPhone 6, just say this to your parents when your doing something like chores: I don't actually want a iPhone 6, because it too much responsibility. After that you will be surprised by how quick they will act. But like I said it takes time for your parents to get what you want. Sometimes it may not even work but keep on trying. That's how you use reverse pschology against you parents. WARNING if you use this technique too often your parents will run out of money and if you guys are living in apartments and if your parents don't pay the monthly bill, listen carefully: YOU AND YOUR FAMILY WILL LIVE IN THUG LIFE. So I suggest to use reverse pschology every 3 months if you want something big. I hope you guys read the WARNING sign because if you didn't boy are you guys in trouble. I hope you guys read everything. By the way BTW I'm 14 so this technique doesn't work all the time but keep on trying don't give up. Anyways good luck guys and boy I sure did write a lot for a comment

  • Richard Stone

    It drop from 94% to a 61% because of social services…lop

  • A-Lock

    Somebody pull out game weak AF.

  • Alexandra .Willitts

    I was trying to discipline my daughter to "eat her dinner before she eats her dessert" once when she was about 8 years old. She was saying to me that she "didn't want to eat dinner".

    I asked the question "You don't want to eat dinner"?

    She said in a loud somewhat barking manner "No, I don't".

    I said "OK, then you won't eat dinner" and I took her plate of food away from her for the rest of the night. (I had made sure that she has eaten something a little earlier in the evening because I knew that I was going to be doing this to her. I wanted to guarantee that she wouldn't wake up TOO hungry the next morning, so a few hours before dinner I gave her enough to get her through the night.)

    As she sat there and realized that she wasn't going to be getting any dinner (or dessert) that night she just sat there and cried while the rest of the family ate their dinner first and their dessert last. She never ate her dessert before her dinner after that night. The funny thing about that night was that her older sister and brother realized that I had asked a question knowing what the answer was going to be and realized that I might someday use that trick on them.

    Actually I had come up with ways of getting my other kids to do what I needed them to do by tricking them as well with other things.

    One day I had told my other daughter that she had to clean up all of her dirty clothes so that I could wash them. She didn't do that, so the next day she didn't have any clean clothes. She wanted to go out and play with her friends but for at least 2 hours she couldn't do that because she didn't have any clean clothes to wear. Actually I punished her a bit by making her give me everything she had except for her underwear and training bra. Since she couldn't go out in her underwear she had to sit indoors until enough of her clothes were clean enough for about 4 days worth of wear.

    ONLY THEN did I let her go outside to play with her friends.

  • Aqua Man

    But there are good and bad foods.

  • microorganism time

    Haha. I'm watching this so I know when she does this.

  • Majora's Mask

    The fact at the end is true because parents don't want to get arrested

  • MountainRain

    Are you kidding me? Bribe them with money? The video right under this is 'how to reform a spoiled brat'. Alright how about this instead.
    Step 1. Discipline
    Step 2. That's freaking it

  • Tusc

    My parents never smack me or anything

  • Manhattan is the best

    this will offend aspie and autistic kids so DISLIKE.

  • Dacijo


  • Shiam Hasin

    Instead of a spanking I get hit with a bat,pole,hand,etc basically anything that will make a mark

  • usa gal

    I got hit with belt. Children that get hit have more discipline, responsible, respect and listen to their patents. I'm 45 now and I know spanking and hitting works.😀

  • RedEliteFlash

    They need to maked a Law were spanking is considered a, Act of children abuse.

  • Lina

    I'm surprised the percentage is still that high.

  • PUG LOVER 69

    u realise that children are watching this so they know all the triks in the book? im a child watching riggt now

  • Jackie Thakkar

    This was surprisingly effective in the office. Thanks!

  • David Bergara González

    Reverse psychology seems kind of counter productive. If you forbid them to do something and they don't do it, you can't really punish them or they will get confused.

  • Danae Sancho

    I was yelled at, hit with a belt, ridiculed before other people when I was misbehaving, they set rules I had to follow, I have never used drugs, I have a job and I am a productive member of society. I could not do the same with my kids because then I would be called "abusive" they are lazy, disrespectful, they refuse to brush their teeth, do homework or clean their room I wish I could have spanked them every once in a while.

  • kevin aguilar

    A bribe jar?!?! XD

  • Cute Pumpkin

    Step 8. Take away Nintendo DS until they do what you told them to do.

  • firey 700

    I'm trying to outsmart my mom

  • raf toni

    I dont have a child why am i here

  • hey D-slice

    Eh .. I always got hit and kicked as a kid. My mom never cared about me she would always tell me to not talk to her while her boyfriends were in the house cough most of the time cough


    The spanking thing… yeah, that's because people started getting in trouble for "child abuse" for teaching decipline.

  • SophTheCat_

    Tips to get little siblings to eat food

    •Tell her/he NOT to eat the food and then leave the room he/her probably would get tempted to eat maybe….

    •Tell he/her “if you eat this I will take you to the (place).

    I hope these helped if not well… I don’t care!

  • Chuy That Kid

    Thank you so much for teaching me what not to fall for

  • tarael86

    I'd like to thank this video for bringing to attention the fact that the decrease in the amount of parents who believe in spanking is part of the reason why Generation Z is garbage.

  • ᴡᴀʀᴘʀᴏᴍᴏ / E D I T S

    Thanks, now I can outsmart my parents as they try outsmarting me 🙂

  • Fungi Man

    Top 10 anime Betrayals.

  • Reva Huneewooth

    Rose Jean Granger Weasley.💗 My beautiful daughter and of course Hugo Jean Granger Weasley my handsome son.💟

  • mk

    I used most of these with my employees.

  • gerafina li

    Great tips! They works wonder with my husband!

  • Ayla's Life

    Dont u dare u satain

  • The Golden Blob

    What's a "bribe jar"?

  • Lui

    Why am I watching this I dont even have a kid.

  • Mngalahad

    Some of these develop master manipulators, which stay even until they are old people. Some were great though.

  • MrShaun42088

    wait a minute… you can't just tell the kid to "look both ways before crossing the street". he needs to know why he's looking and what he's looking for.

  • Cyrinne Tomlinson

    I still believe that spanking is a way to discipline children. My parents would spank us and you get a mommy-talk if we do something bad. Growing up to that made me think that I have honor my mother and father and if I don't I end up getting myself hurt. It's like they do it not because they want to but because it's something I did to myself then I make sure I don't do it again. Never did they spank me without explanation. And I love how my parents don't pressure me at school even when I am Asian (lol) and that I just have be kind or do good things. But spanking is not for every family I think and it takes a lot of control.

  • Average Normie

    Now to outsmart my parents when they try to use these tricks hehehehehe

  • GreenLightMe

    Abort your kids soon after conception youll never have any problems. I have 6 aborted children and they are absolute angels.

  • Benjamin Vang

    Me when I have kids is gonna be like I bet you can't eat all that broccoli than saying that it was a trick and they should be smarter

  • Lars B.

    Yeah spanking would work but there’s so many issues with it like the children basing their actions of what they do on fear instead of their morals and also mothers taking it too far and calling it a form of discipline

  • Collin Rodricks

    Does the science say that the 20 or whatever %of kids are born bad people??

  • Father I Crave Cheddar

    Good job

  • Lord Voldemort

    61% OF HOUSEHOLDS STILL SPANK!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?

  • Mekailyn Miller

    the concept of reverse psychology makes my blood boil idk why

  • Mekailyn Miller

    the concept of reverse psychology makes my blood boil idk why

  • Mekailyn Miller

    the concept of reverse psychology makes my blood boil idk why

  • Taylor9

    But there ARE good and bad foods…

  • jamesaellis

    Hello Howcast. How are you old friend?

  • Caeley French

    I don't have to use that trick to get my 4 year old to eat broccoli, she'd rather have broccoli than anything else on her plate!

  • The Observer That Knows nothing

    i dont want to have one

    being a parent is forever until you die

  • Shadow Storm

    I'm 14…why am I here?

  • Calcium Stealer

    You just need to hit them over the head with a hammer. Works every time.

  • Psychoriginal !

    How about "How to outsmart your wife with psychology of gender"?

  • EEVV

    You will need:
    1) A gun

  • Skylor Katiman

    my mom just busts out the chancla and everybody does what they’re supposed to do

  • daisys fun zome

    I have a 3 year old sister and shes winey

  • LusivD3O

    Im here to out smart my parents

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