• Katie Armstrong -Lamb

    Cathy Hay you absolute wonderful powerful woman. Thank you. I always just assumed you had bronchial damage knowing that you used to be a teacher. I truly hope that you'll feel the confidence that you deserve for yourself soon. People have no idea of the damage they do to each other and often ignore the good they do too. You remind us all of the good and we all need more of that in the world right now. (Your voice coach also seems hilarious 😂) Much love from an absolute amateur stitcher. X

  • Christine Crispe

    Thank you so much for sharing.
    While I had work dress about your voice I deliberately didn’t ask, as I know all too well what it feels like. I used to be a singing in a choir, then 11 years ago my doctor found a lump in my throat. Luckily is was just a thyroid goitre, but I had to have surgery to remove it & my voice has never been the same since.

    You are a such beautiful, wise, brave person. If only there could be more people in the world like you.

  • Sarah W

    I'm so sorry sweetie – what a thing to say to the person one should love and support above all! Good riddance! I hope you find your voice again, and in the meantime, we love you just as you are 💕

  • kbcoll

    My heart hurts that someone tried to stiffle you. I am glad that your voice, although changed, was never silenced. You are strong and you will succeed.

  • Cathy Mckean

    Thank you for being genuine and real. Your videos inspire me to get back into sewing.

  • Ali Som

    I absolutely adore that you are such a person of perseverance. You inspire and uplift… no matter how you feel about your voice… even at a whisper, you command strength, love, and joy. I appreciate having you in my life via YouTube! Another person I thank Bernadette Banner for leading me too! Thank you.

  • Katie Pie

    Whatever voice you choose/end up with, it will be lovely because it is yours! I have always wondered your voice, and everyone’s voice for that matter, are the way they are. I’m always hopeful that they love their voice however it came to be. My heart broke for you when you started to cry and there is strength in allowing yourself to share that with us! There is a strength in your presence, your words, and your message! In turn you pass that strength onto others, and it helps push us forward! Thank you for being you, Cathy!

  • D. Bryner

    My first response was to want to beat your former partner into tiny particles for being such a deliberately hurtful being. My second response was to hug you until all the hurt rolls away. You are absolutely who and how you need to be…..

  • Sarah Algelius

    I feel very grateful you chose to share this, as I imagine it wasn't the easiest thing to talk about. But doing so has meant that you, once again, have made this world a little bit less lonely and a lot more inspiring. Thank you <3

  • mira


  • Nakeeta Jase

    you are a gift to us all. i am certainly one of the people who enjoys your voice, /your/ voice, on stage projecting to an audience or sitting on the couch with BB watching The Crown. <3 thank you for sharing yourself with all of us.

  • Miss Dashwood

    Thank you for using your voice to give us the gift of such wonderful thoughts and words. You really do uplift and empower so many people. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. And there were things in here that resonated so strongly with me, and that I really needed to hear today xxx

  • Melinda Hunter

    Since finding your channel a few months ago, I've fallen in love with your voice. The softness of it, always makes me give my full attention to watch you, because it feels like you have something very significant to say, and I don't want to miss a word! I hope that you find the voice you want, that will make you most happy.

  • Deb Brown

    You are amazing! And I have taken your lessons to heart on how to deal with peopling! Thank you for sharing and opening up. You didn't have to and I appreciate that you did! Amazing woman!

  • psycho road

    You are SO inspiring and I am so very glad I found your videos, they make me calm and sort of safe, just like your voice! I will never understand the people who made fun of it or found it annoying but well..what can we do.. I don't really like my voice because it doesn't sound feminine at all, sometimes when I call out to my friends when coming to them from behind they're like "YOO I thought you were a guy!" and when I have a cold it's the worst days ever because my voice is super deep and ugly and everyone laughs.. But as you beautifully said, every difficulty, every challenge is there for a reason and holds a gift… I will cherish that in my mind from now on c: Also, Cathy, did you just quote Master Oogway? Brilliant 😀

  • T Hopson

    I’m sorry for the people who have intrusive and rude in speculating/commenting on your personal business. You’ve always been you, and the change in your voice has made no difference in your content. And even in laying bare your struggle, you encourage us. I’m grateful for the kindness and love and understanding, the hope and confidence you constantly pour into us. Now it’s our turn to pour into you. Sending you love, and hope; peace and surety and ever-growing confidence as you journey on this path, and a soft cushion of loved ones when you stumble. Your voice, however it sounds, conveys the beauty of you and your message to your audience and I again have to say that I am endlessly grateful for it. Cathy, you are simply lovely.

  • Dennice Pitas

    Cathy, I too have voice box problems. I caught a virus that made me cough so bad I ruptured my voice box. It was bleeding. The damage was extensive. I lost my voice for months. Clearly people have no idea how much strain you are putting on your voice box when you are trying to force a sound out of it so they can hear! You keep doing you and don’t worry about those who don’t get it!

  • S G

    I just wanted to say that your genuine sweet personality and caring nature made me, a 23yo girl, have a crush on you. So if you ever doubt yourself just think that you made a complete stranger (and a straight girl on top of that) have a crush on you in just 1 frame ( i just saw BB christmas video and in the spawn of 3 sec was like "yep she's gonna be my girl crush from now on") wish you all the best in the world <3

  • Kat Brooks

    You have a beautiful laugh

  • JennakinSkywalker

    Cathy, I found you through Bernadatte and I am infinitely grateful I did. I grew up with a strong lisp and the constant teasing just meant I stopped talking. I had been an incredibly talkative child but by the time I reached high school I would go for weeks at a time without saying a word to anyone other than family. Finding my voice again took a very long time. And it was never something I thought other people had to experience, I was so sure it was only me. The world is so lucky you exist Cathy.

  • Stefany Melendez

    Keep pushing on queen! I love your voice either way. Your voice will come back just give yourself time love. You are wonderful.

  • Kimberley Burgess-Sokolan

    In the wee, small hours of the day there is a safe "space" for us all. I find that is when I can tell myself the truth that I have not been willing to speak out loud – to anyone, including and especially me! Your videos have provided such a safe environment for me/us, Cathy. May you find that safe place within yourself to say what you need to say. I love to sing. I love to talk with and to people. However, when I am feeling trapped, or unsupported, or compromised in some way my throat seizes up! I don't know if you know much about East/West astrology, but my chart certainly provides insight into the person I have become and the sometimes extreme challenges I created for myself along the way. Having been born under the sign of the Lion and in year of the Lamb, I lived the first two thirds of my life following anyone who spoke and behaved in a manner akin with the personality of a Lion. With six planets in Leo – all in one house – I was told long ago that my energy was too intense for me to know what to do with. The astrologer called me a proverbial "late bloomer" who would not come into her own until later in life. Long story short, it has taken a great deal of effort to get to where I am today. And, so, so much of that has been through finding my own voice!!! I am only just beginning my journey at a time when most people are winding down for retirement! Love you, kiddo! You got this! Sending you lots of understanding and cyber hugs from Seattle!

  • Kathryn Gutierrez

    I am so sorry people are so mean and hateful.

  • CrypticElf

    I have no words. I'm just sitting here breathless and in tears. I am going through hell right now and hearing it all might have a reason eventually gives me so much hope.

  • Julia Skott

    Thank you for sharing, and being so gracious with insensitive wonderers. I'm fascinated by the fact that your singing is in almost a different voice, kind of like a lot of people with even severe stutters will sing without one. Singing accesses a different part of the brain, sort of taking a different path to the throat?

    Only partially related, because I was focusing on your lovely white waistcoat – do you find you sing differently depending on the sturdiness of your foundation garments or general chest area clothes? I feel like it could be sort of stabilizing, like a little extra diaphragm support. (I'm now picturing Whoopi Goldberg pushing on a novice nun's belly.)

  • Heidi Garcia

    I relate to this so much and am encouraged by this! I am a pianist but have been unable to efficiently use my left hand for several years. It is not a physical thing and had something to do with a traumatic event in college I think… I have began lessons again not to compete with my colleagues, not to impress my students, but to love it again. I hope I will overcome too. This was just what I needed today!

  • Nurmi Husa

    My heart goes out to you. From the moment I heard your voice I had a pretty strong suspicion was going on. The more you’ve talked about it, the more I realize what I read in it was spot on.

    You see, I suffer from terrible anxiety (I’m on disability for it in fact). Because of that I have had to spend the last several years studying the condition very carefully and the medical literature that’s out there. I have had to do that myself because the medical profession is not competent to deal with complex anxiety. They simply don’t have the training or the understanding. There are experts who do, but they are very very VERY few and far between. I have had to become an expert myself because I have had no other option. If I relied on what was offered to me by doctors and therapists, I would not be able to get out of bed. In fact I would probably be dead by now. (I shook like a grand mal seizure 8-9 hours a day for some months. The best they could offer – IF they deigned to offer anything at all – was an occasional benzodiazepine. Grrr!!)

    First of all, accept that your condition is heterogenous. It arises from more than one source. That means a single approach or therapy will not work. (This is why the medical industry has so much difficulty dealing with complex anxiety. They are trained to find one solution and only one solution to a problem. The system is not set up to deal with comorbidity.)

    Yes, there is a psychological component. Absolutely. Frankly anyone with a chronic condition of any sort will develop a psychological component to that condition. Heck, if you have chronic hangnails you will develop psychological issues about even that. Do not however assume that psychology alone is where your solution is to be found.

    At the bottom, I discovered that my body produces too much fatty acid amine hydrolase and that reduces the amount of naturally produced anandamide. (I suspect this is as widespread a problem as it is unrecognized.) I have however found a recently developed therapy (don’t expect your docs to know about it) that mitigates (but does not cure) that basic BIOLOGICAL problem. But it is not the sole solution. No no NO! I have a number of psychological and sociological coping skills that are now necessary to deal with the quite understandable PTSD that has developed over the years of no proper diagnosis or treatment.

    You see, among other issues, I suffered from bouts of ostensibly inexplicable chronic laryngitis for a number of years – which is what I heard in your beautiful voice. (I used to earn my living as a voice actor so it was a serious problem.) The short glib (and somewhat misleading) explanation is that it would flare up when I felt that I wasn’t being heard. It’s still hits me from time to time. But I know what it is now and deal with it accordingly.

    I hold you in my heart. You will find your path out of this wilderness. You and Bernadette and the community I have found here give me much joy in the fellowfeeling.

  • Eudoxia Von D

    It sounds a bit like an effect of narcissist abuse tbh… Dr. Ramani has a very informative youtube channel

  • Beka O'Meara

    I had an abusive ex who used to tell me how he's like things about me to be more feminine as well. It's taken me about a decade to overcome what he put me through emotionally. My current husband is loving, and supportive and has helped me develop my confidence. I STILL have relapse days. While it didn't affect my voice, it did affect my eating habits. I became an emotional eater and I've struggled with my weight more as an adult than I ever did before I met him.
    The environment you are in, and the people you are associated with, your comfort level, and your personal confidence really helps. (Therapy helped me as well, I know it's not for everyone, just throwing it out there. Not trying to come up with solutions for you or anything). I think the voice coach is a great idea as well! He seems very supportive (and funny).
    I don't think many people understand that you can change from what someone else did. It's manifested in your voice. What he did was emotionally abusive. Period. I hope you can overcome it (if that's what you want) and if not, don't listen to the hater people. They always exist, we walk around them (and above them!). You-Are-Fabulous.
    Side note: I did, in one video, think about your voice sounding different; as I had a neighbor with a damaged voice box who sounded much the same (she never got it fixed), and went, "Well, it's not like it's taking away from who she is, or her content, and I can hear her just fine." and minded my own business. Love you, and your voice my dear, no matter what it sounds like. <3

  • AshNight1214

    You are so, so amazing. I'm sorry that you've gone through all this and had to deal with horribly rude people on this platform. I know it's not a matter of my opinion or anything but I must say that you have a lovely, melodic voice – both when you're feeling confident and when maybe you're not so confident. I hope you get your voice back if for no one else but you. <3

  • Dawn Baker

    ❤️💗❤️The most amazing, beautiful, and meaningful video I’ve ever watched❤️💗❤️ And all without seeing Marks bum crack! 😂

  • Rita Semones

    I think your “teacher” voice is wonderful! You can overcome this because you are a powerful woman.

  • Laura Bonk

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I can’t believe the rude comments you get, some people are really awful. Of course I also noticed that something was going on with your voice, but I always thought about how hard it must be for you. To speak with so much strain and still be doing so much of it in your profession, as a youtuber, teacher and lecturer. I tend to stutter and change vocal registers in high-Stress situations, unfortunately „high-Stress“ starts with talking to more than 2 people or taking a call at work. I’m really not sure how I spent 7 years in an academic setting but the public speaking level at work is much lower than it was at uni. Maybe I’ll go back after a few years, anxiety be damned

  • Emily Watson

    You are such an inspiring person, and it's a joy to watch your videos! I very much enjoyed your beautiful singing in this video too – your voice is lovely whether soft, loud or singing. I believe that is because there is a lovely, strong, intelligent human being behind it 😊. Keep on being you Cathy, and thank for sharing your thoughts with us

  • a spätzle

    In the village where I grew up there was a woman who was paralyzed from the neck down. A couple of teenagers took turns visiting her, so each afternoon she had a visitor who keep her company, helped her drink and turn the pages of her newspapers. A friend of mine introduced me to her and so I went to visit her every Saturday for six years. I liked her a lot, she was like a grandmother to me.
    I was reminded of her because you said that you don't like speaking on the phone. I think speaking was hard for her because she couldn't reposition her upper body. She always had a very brave tone when she spoke on the phone. It was obviously hard for her but she was determined to stay in touch with her friends who lived far away and to organize things by herself as much as possible. She left me a couple of voicemails over the years. I never made sure to save them; I just called back with the practical thing she needed. She passed away a bit more than a year ago. Of course, now I wish I would have saved the voicemails and taken pictures with her and most importantly spend more time with her.

    Thank you for the video. I hope, I can learn something from you and her about my frustrating obstacle.

  • Aaliyah Dailey

    You are so incredible. My heart wept for you while watching this video, and I totally understand how a past partner's opinions of you can have lasting psychological effects. I send you so much love and support.

  • anna jaycock

    You are beautiful and brilliant , a joy to watch and learn from. I’m very grateful to have found your videos . No body has the right to judge xx

  • Victoria Hadley

    Hi Cathy, I have only recently started watching your lovely video's . I myself have had a similar experience though its the other way around. I have a voice that naturally projects with very little effort and have been constantly told off for being 'too loud' etc. The amount of times I've been told to 'shut up' or 'be quite' can be quite hurtful at times. But its is part of who I am, I sing first Soprano. When I was performing in Theatre groups I was even told my voice was too loud and I felt very humiliated unsupported at times. I had not sung for about 5yrs apart from to my baby up until October last year when I heard of a musical choir starting locally to me. Choir has been a real gamechanger and has allowed me to rediscover my voice in a supportive group with a fantastic choir mistress who really helps us master our voices. Its like for two hours a week I dont have to be mum and no one tells me to shut up. Its been great to sing with others who have the same range as myself and support each other, you get such a rush when all the harmonies blend, I cant recommend joining a choir enough. There are studies that show choir and choral singing, can do wonders for ones mental wellbeing. I really hope you are able rediscover the voice within you.

  • Caroline Lisa

    I love your voice! I’m sure the louder one will come back too and you will be able to choose to speak as you want. About the haters, let them hate, that’s probably the only fun thing they have to do in life.

  • Sense & Sensibility Patterns

    This is absolutely, heartbreakingly on point, Cathy. I am with you 100%. There are NO accidents. There IS a plan. To me, it seems obvious that part of the plan for you is to be a voice for others who are in the same shoes and struggling in a similar way. It is no small thing to find that others we admire also struggle. There's a verse I've clung to many times I've gone through tough times: "who comforts us in all our affliction so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction…." It's one thing to have someone sympathetically pat you on the back and say you're gong to make it; that everything will be okay. But when it's a friend you know has gone through tremendous pain and come through it, it is pure gold. It's another level entirely. You are in that position–both of being in the struggle and of reaching out to others who struggle. Bless you for the transparency. Love you, friend.

  • rose louise

    Cathy, I am a relatively new subscriber who never felt the need to leave a comment until today. Never will I understand how people can be so hurtful. I am so sorry that this happened to you. Please know you are courageous, strong, and my hero. Be it a whisper or a shout, your voice is powerful. May you be surrounded in peace, light, and love.💜

    PS. I don't sew but always find wisdom and peace in each video. Thank you.

  • A Gypsy Circle

    I had a very severe case of bronchitis when I was 14. Before that I had been seriously thinking of a career as a singer. After I recovered I found that my voice had changed from fairly strong to the soft and wispy singing voice I have today. It’s never really recovered and while I love singing I rarely will in public. The thing I love is that when I take care of children, they absolutely adore my voice and so they are the ones I sing for!
    I’m sorry that your voice likes to hide from you and I hope one day that your confident ‘teacher’ voice reconciles with your soft and gentle ‘feminine’ voice and that they can work together again. You are a wonderful inspiration and I adore your beautiful videos! Also, I may have missed it, was there a Secret Santa unboxing video from you?

  • doomcake

    Thank you, so much, for using your voice. The world is a much better place for it.

  • Elle Gilyard

    Thank you so much for sharing. I've been criticized for so many things, including my voice, that I've lost count. Unfortunately for my haters, I don't know how to be anyone but me so they'll have to deal with me as I am. At the moment, I'm working on loving every aspect of my life and myself.

    I hope you get your confident voice back because it makes you happy. In the meantime, I don't mind your whispering.

  • Maja!

    I've partly lost my voice as well. My doctor thinks that it's tense muscles in the throat area because of some unconnected medical trauma I experienced a little over a year ago and says that it's not an uncommon occurrence, but I really miss the freedom and strength of my voice and my ability to sing and all that. I've my first appointment with a voice coach at the end of the month and I hope for it to get better soon for you, me and everyone else with this kind of problem ♡

  • Anne Hartley

    You have such a strong and beautiful soul. You are an inspiration to so many people and have given that strength to so so many too. Thank you.

  • Lynny The Pooh

    Ms. Hay, thank you for being exactly who you are, and giving all of us the most amazing advice. Thank you for being wonderful

  • Susie Hale

    I did wonder about your voice, if there was something wrong, but being a new follower and as such a stranger didn't think it would be polite to ask. Psychological effects can take people on strange and sometimes interesting journeys, I remember reading about someone who had a very bad stammer, he learned to speak French and when speaking English would put the French word in place of the problematic English word, which for some unknown reason then freed his brain and allowed him to use the English word. Confident you, uses a microphone, confident you, sings! Perhaps you need to think in terms of performing, to bring back your confident voice?
    Regardless of why you have a husky voice, what you say is interesting and I shall continue to listen ❤

  • infopubs

    Thank you for this video gift!

  • Kristina Bow

    Hey – You do You!! I don't hear anyone on YouTube, in person, or anywhere. I am total deaf. Obviously, there was a reason for me to lose it all. But, I read lips mostly, and the auto captions or captioning is 80-95% correct from what I can see. In this video, it spelled Mark's name both with the K and a C at the end. But even with your voice doing it's own thing, I still can follow along as the captioning gets me there. For those naysayers – they need to learn to watch what they say. No one knows what we each are going through. So, You do You!!!

  • Scribble & Stitch

    Oh Cathy you are a genuine treasure and an inspiration 💚 I’m crying at my bus stop because I had to watch this the moment I saw it. Whenever I get the notification that you’ve uploaded a new video, I feel a jolt of inspiration and determination. I fully believe that our community is as beautiful and kind and wonderful as it is because of incredible and wonderful like you (and Bernadette and Morgan and Nikki and Marika and everyone else too tbh). You are so brave and brilliant, this was clearly hard for you to make, but thank you so much for sharing your journey. Our own brains can be terrible to us, and the invisible battles we fight with them can be the most exhausting. I’m so glad you have such wonderful support for your journey. Thank you so much for this and everything you do. Ok, ramble over. I love you, can’t wait to see more! 💚💚💚

  • yobespierre

    i'm sorry your voice decided to go on a trip without you. i hope it comes back to you eventually, and that it has a great story for you.

  • o0Cake0o

    Your voice is yours, and no one else's. I admit I was curious about how you talked, but who you are and the wonderful things you do totally outshine whatever vocal issues you may have. I wish you the best on your vocal journey! I do not think your 'teacher' voice or your current voice are horrible. I quite enjoy watching your video's and when you do collaborative video's with others you can see how much they just come alive in your presence. They are very inspiring

  • Katie Wright

    Thank you for sharing such a personal story. Your strength and honesty are something I will strive towards every day. I'm sorry for all the criticism you face, but your attitude is something I could only hope for. Thank you again ❤

  • happynessish

    Like a lot of people, I came to your videos through Bernadette. I admit to wondering about your voice a few times, but your passion for what you do over rode everything else, and especially your passion for the peacock dress, and the wisdom that come out with every video.

    This video had me in tears. I have a stammer, I have done for my entire life, so I know the struggles of not being able to be understood over the phone, and of people criticising me for the way I talk. I also know what it's like to have those moments of being able to speak 'normally', whether it be for a presentation at uni or a particularly good day at work, only for it to go away afterwards. That moment in the video where you sob, I felt that, deep in my heart. I've accepted I will always have my stammer, its not something I;m going to grow out of at this point, and there's only so many times a person can go to speech therapy before it gets repetative and boring and, frankly, useless, but there are days when it does feel like an insurmountable obstacle. I think, on days like that in the future, I;ll come back to this video.

    Thank you.

  • Emma Maxim

    I've only just subscribed but I have been privileged to hear lots of your wonderful musings and knowledgeable tidbits in Bernadette's videos. How your voice sounds has no effect on my enjoyment of what you have to say. Wherever you want to get with your voice, I hope you get there, and I'm sure that your journey will take you to the right place. Thank you for sharing such a personal story. P.S. You are an instant legend for including a Master Oogway quote as an inspirational message 😉

  • Evelyn Venus

    Your voice is so unique and endearing! I can't believe people would pick on you for it, especially when it doesn't really have anything to do with what you often talk about. I hope in your voice coaching you reach a voice that YOU are comfortable with.
    Also, that was an excellent Kung Fu Panda quote.

  • Kenya Thompson

    What an inspiration you are Cathy! As a child I went selectively mute after I was attacked by a dog and was left with a large scar on my face. (I was 5 at the time) when I would speak it was barely above a whisper and I developed a huge stutter. Long story short still to this day ( I’m 30 now) I sometimes struggle with my voice and speaking up. I’m so proud of you for making this video and being so open with the world about something so personal. I know the comments can hurt and bring up not so great memories. Keep up the great work.

  • NiteshadeSings

    oh Cathy…
    im so sorry you felt like you had to explain something like this to us.
    i love you so much and wish you all the best on your coaching journey <3

  • Becky Gockel

    My heart sank when I heard what your partner had said and when I read those cutting remarks that others had posted. It is sad that there are such horrible people in this world. I look forward to getting the Email from YouTube that says that Cathy Hay has uploaded …..

  • Shannon Munns

    I rather like your voice, and have never had an issue hearing you. (I have trouble hearing people in my day to day life, thanks hearing loss)

  • naseerahvj

    Thank you for being so open with us, and with yourself. I know this must have been incredably difficult to make. Know you are supported and cared about

  • Code 7/9

    Thanks, for this video. I can't believe how strong you are. For half an hour I've been erasing everything I write under here because I don't dare to press send. I admire you for this strength.

  • Zoe Dreeszen

    I say! The answer is elementary! You just need a microphone in your life, all day every day! ❤️ Thank you for sharing your struggle 🤗 Our brains are absolutely amazing creations! Cathy you are not alone, I promise. I, too have felt the negative effects from a toxic relationship with a partner. I began pulling out my hair to relieve the stress and anxiety I couldn’t process and the effects remain with me today. I fully support you with all my heart in recovering ALL of yourself. You can do this!

  • Ambre Dabat

    Sometimes I find myself thinking "I'm gonna make Cathy proud", because you have become a mentor, you are what I want to become, inspiring, benevolent, filled with love and passion and a will to share and help others. Thanks you, truly, for taking the time to share your wisdom with us petty mortals. And as far as I'm concerned, I love your voice, I find it soothing and familiar and truly beautiful. Simply because it's the voice of that amazing woman from across the seas who gives me confidence and wonderful advice. Take care! ♥️

  • Jule Caesara

    5:35 YEESSSS

  • Kellie Murphy

    Cathy please don't give up or feel bad. Whilst I'd hate to give you false hope, I'm almost 100% certain that there is a complete cure for you. How can I be so sure? I have seen with my own eyes all kinds of things, including the kind of problem you have with your voice, be cured after only one or two sessions of something called Faster EFT or sometimes called Eutaptics. Please check out Eutaptics or Faster EFT online and perhaps a practitioner in your area. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Please, please don't give up. You CAN be cured. Below is one of many videos about Faster EFT that I think is worth a look. I hope you'll agree. All the best Cathy.

  • Yo Yos

    As someone who naturally has a soft voice, but also has experienced trauma that had kept me, well, "meek", I feel like I can relate.

    I mean, there's lack of confidence and history of being torn down.
    But to get to the point, you're someone I can look up to even more now that you've opened up.

    Just dont ever let your viewers influence how your recovery goes ❤️

  • Ellen Brunot

    Just read lower comments.. I'm flying 😉

  • Susannah Allanic

    I am so sorry that you are having these problems. I just want you to know that I really appreciate you for what you have done to inform anyone who is slightly interested in past fashion and the foundations that make it looks so good. I 'm so glad that I have subscribed to Foundations Revealed, even though I have not made anything yet, it doesn't mean I am not reading and learning and watching and cheering others own. I think you are an inspiration to many people. I hope you feel cherished and respected because I know I feel that way about you and from looking at the numbers of people who are learning to make foundations through your portal I pretty sure that they feel the same way.

  • Jasmine Kassem

    I am so amazed at your strength of character! It must be so incredibly difficult sharing something like this with everyone. You are such an amazingly powerful woman, and I have learned so much just from your videos. Please keep trying as hard as you can! God knows I will as well.

  • C.R. Estrada

    I have a New Jersey accent that tends to come out when I'm mad, and a man I was dating flat out called my accent "stupid sounding". I broke up with him immediately, but after that, I became so self conscious to the point where I would speak slowly and softly. There was even a time where I wouldn't speak unless I absolutely had to. It was like that for about two years, until one day, both my accent and confidence came back. I suspect it had to do with going to therapy, and having a supportive group of friends around me, but that's all I can tell you. Maybe that's what it'll be like for you. One day, you might wake up and BOOM your voice is back permanently. But whatever happens, I wish the absolute best for you, Cathy! Thanks so much for sharing your obstacle!

  • Charmed Needles

    I had wondered, but would never be so rude as to ask. Thank you for your courage. Your ex-partner who was so critical is a POS! Good riddance to him!

  • a fox in glasses

    You Cathy, are a beautiful and strong woman. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Hopefully you can find a way to grow even more stronger in the coming years.

  • Lilian Miramontes, Jr.

    Cathy. I love you very deadly from afar. Thank you for being such an inspiration and constantly supporting me. I appreciate you soooo much!

  • Rachel Gugler

    Cathy, I love all your voices, because you are a beautiful, kind, amazing person, and all of them are a part of you! I'm going through a rough patch, to the point I've started having panic attacks and trouble focusing. Not a great situation when I am carrying a heavy class load for a training program for a career change. I found you through Bernadette, and I'm so glad I did, because listening to your videos really helps me focus and work to keep going when everything around me is collapsing. Know you are loved, and you lift up others with your strength!

  • Heather Smedley

    Hi Cathy…..I think it was early-twentieth-century motivational speaker Dale Carnegie who said "If you want to get someone's attention don't shout….whisper"…and truthfully I find your spoken words to usually be riveting AND motivational. I quite like your whisper-y delivery (but I have only ever known you to have that speaking voice) and believe it makes you uniquely yourself.

  • Myrte W

    Thank you for showing that vulnerability is strength. You are a true inspiration <3

  • Renlish

    Oh. Wow. I just assumed you'd had troubles and had an operation or accident which affected your voice. My heart aches to know that some deplorable bastard set this off for you. I'm so sorry. At the same time I am amazed that you are trying to work through it rather than let it beat you. I have faith that you will find your voice again. You are gorgeous, inside and out. I hope those who have judged you will now take a good, hard look at their own behaviour and learn a bit of empathy. ❤

  • alexe perron


  • Taylor Solberg

    This resonates with me so deeply. I also have a soft voice and rarely raise my voice unless I'm teaching too. Most people, however, dont believe me when I say I can be loud, and when I do, it scares them. I recently had to pass a voice test to get into a school and struggled, and this reminded me of it. Your voice is beautiful speaking or singing. Please just be true to yourself and thank you for sharing such a personal story.

  • Jewel Nelson

    Oh, I feel so many things probably some of what you already worked through. You have such great advice though, thank you for sharing!💖. (I thought you had a node on a voice muscle). And autocorrect is driving me nuts. Hope this is readable

  • Marie Rumpke

    Your voice.. your real voice is beautiful and I can't wait till you get over this hurdle… You are beautiful and strong

  • Liss Therese Solbakken

    What an incredibly brave and wonderful thing you are doing sharing what's inside. I do not tend to comment on videos and things but as a singer and person with a massive amount of my own insecurities about my voice (and that know how odd and uncomfortable a vocal lesson can be even without the camera), I really do thank and applaud you! I think it's amazing and your voice is good as long as you feel it's healthy and I hope you find a place in your own voice soon that you are comfortable with and makes you happy. And to everyone that constantly feels the need to comment negatively on things like people whispering or other trivial things that are personal to someone and not at all constructive or helpful but just set out to be mean: you can be better, and yes I mean you can find a soul and with that maybe some compassion and empathy, who knows.

  • Nikole Lee

    When I first heard you speak, i thought your voice was soft because you weren't a loud and brash American. Your story of emotional abuse changing your voice is so personal. My natural speaking voice is very loud and clear. It was voice that could reach across a noisy room. After middle school bullying I spent several years making it softer, more feminine, more quiet. Even as a grown woman, a graduate of Women's Studies, and activist leader I still feel those comments and have to physically adjust myself to use my presenter voice when it's needed because I was shamed away from the sound.

    I see you. I acknowledge you. I hear you.

  • L. Baughman

    I don’t have more to add to many of the insightful and kind comments already made. As women, it’s a common refrain. Myself included. We all win when we support our fellow humans. Thank you. I present to you a virtual cuppa. ☕️♥️🌹🐾

  • Rachel Ermatinger

    You are You. The only thing I can't think of to say. I like you.

  • Briana Creangă

    You are such a big inspiration! Watching your videos helped me with my sleeping problems and all your advice helped me improve so many layers of my life. Thank you! ❤

  • helen76

    I have watched the videos available in your channel (so, some of them with your previous voice) and I love the sound of that voice, clear and powerful. And I love the sound of your laughter, it is strong, fresh and honest. And happy, it is a happy laughter. Being a mathematician, it must be really hard for you not knowing the answer to this problem (every Maths problem has a solution, hasn't it?). It is true that, sometimes, it is really hard and painful to analyse what is going on with yourself, plus it is not always possible to take a step back to see the whole picture as one is so focused on a detail. Anyway, I do hope that you find the key to get back your past voice. I also want to say that I do like your message (not only in this video, but in the previous as well) 😊

  • Alex Gruspier

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your voice but your drive to improve yourself for your own benefit and from a place of self love is incredibly admirable and I hope that if it comes back or not you still feel comfortable being yourself!

  • Una_Sc0ttishlass

    Tears shot into my eyes when I heard you crying. You are such a wonderful, eloquent, smart and confident woman. Never, and I mean never let anyone define you ever again. Both your voices are beautiful and they are part of you but I can see why the softer voice is so annoying for you on a daily basis. But please ignore other ppl's criticism, they are not important. You ARE!!!
    Bernadette's, Morgan's, Juul's and your videos are my favourite because they all excude a certain peacefulness (Juul's even more so because she is deaf and only has the sound of her sewing in her videos even though she can speak like a pro (in Dutch AND English!!!) and calmness that is so rare nowadays. So do not be too cross with your voice. It will come back in full swing. Hugs from across the channel

  • Venus

    Love you 🙂

  • Vee K

    I loved your singing! I hope you get where you need and want to be, whereever it may be.

    Also your craft is truly inspiring! All the best from Finland 💕

  • Catz Galore

    Your singing at the end had me tearing up, you have such a gift for moving and motivating; I always feel like can accomplish anything at the end of one of your videos.

  • Gwen Mary

    Having a speech therapist as mother and having studied singing myself I can tell you that the voice is incredibly closely linked to our psyche. It’s quite sensitive.
    This Christmas for instance something really stressful happened and I felt small and unheard. Just a few days later around New Years Eve I actually lost my voice due to a cold but I’m really sure it’s also because of that event that had happened a few days before.
    I heard that there was something a bit different with your voice and actually thought that it might have to do with some kind of trauma or bad experience.
    Have you ever thought of trying out Alexander technique? Otherwise going to a “voice massage” can be really helpful. I only know of a really good one in Stockholm but I’m sure there must be some in England. Just make sure that they’re properly trained in physiotherapy or something similar. It could be good to add to seeing your voice coach. Also doing “Laxvox” could help too.
    Wishing you all the best and I think you’re so brave for sharing this!
    I don’t find your voice annoying at all but I can understand that it must feel restricting not having the possibility right now to use its full volume (although I believe that it will definitely come back)

  • Miranda Dubner

    Oh, Cathy. Thank you for your willingness to be vulnerable about something that causes you pain. We're all going through things and it's wonderful to be reminded that we're not alone. I know your videos make me stop and think and breathe for a few minutes with a cup of tea. I started making a real effort to journal again because of your journaling video. I appreciate what you've been willing to share. It has helped me, as I'm sure it's helped so many of the rest of the people who watch your videos and read your blog and follow along on your adventures in the ways that you allow us to do so. We are all magic, and we are all working towards something. I'm glad you have the help you need. And I hope you're glad that sometimes you're the help someone else needs. <3

  • Janina Hapunkt

    Thank you for this video. You are not alone. I also have problems with my voice, but for me it is not the voice itself, but that sometimes words or rather certain letters just don't come out of my mouth. I know exactly what i want to say, but the words cannot cross my lips. So when I am talking, suddenly, in the middle of a word or a sentences, I become silent or begin to stutter. I had this since I was a small girl, had periods of time, in which it was almost gone and then periods in which I could hardly say a whole sentence. I was laughed at in school. Teacher thought that I did not know the answer to a question, people thought that I had forgotten what I wanted to say. When I was a child I went to a speech therapist. But now I have this problem again and it is worse than ever before and it is drowning my self confidence and I don't really want to talk to people anymore. It is hard to desperately want to say something, but the words are only in your head, because they don't want to come out of your throat. I exercise my voice by reading books aloud to myself, but it hardly gets better. So again, thank you for this video. I try to be patient with my voice and won't give up and hope, that we both can overcome our voice-related obstacles.

  • Katechi Hope

    Thank you for sharing this part of your life!
    I know how hard is to fight with physical issues and it's so good to have support from friends and psychologist. I like your voice exercises, they might work like music therapy. I had some classes about it and the music therapy is really good for many mental issues.
    Have a nice day!

  • AnUnknownGoddess

    A friend sent me a pic when I was feeling down. It was a dark hooded tough look in bloke. The pic said, " When you go through hell, walk through like you own the place." I liked this. Own yourself and no one else can. I see you are now doing this. You will do this, you will succeed. You have taken possession of you, no one else can. You are strong and helped me see myself. Thank you for that.😀🌹

  • martha jones

    Just wanted to say how much I admire you for your singing. I have always felt very self conscious about singing in public although I enjoy it in itself and you made me realize why that might be! So I can only image how much courage it took (at least it would have taken me a lot) to put that song up here (and also the whole video of course). It is beautiful, and gives me courage to challenge my feelings about singing and not just push them away. Thank you!

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