How To Think In English And Stop Mental Translation

How To Think In English And Stop Mental Translation

There’s a common confusion between Thinking in English
and mental translation and in order to do one you have to stop doing the other And that’s exactly what I want to talk about
In this video Okay I need to think in English okay what
now sport I’ll talk about sports Yes volleyball I like volleyball it’s a good
sport My favorite player is Giba
Giba is, Giba is, o que o Giba é em inglês Oh no, now I’m thinking in Portuguese
Damn does this happen to you? how can you think in English and stop translating
in your head? Hey, there! Teacher Prix here to help you talk to anyone
anywhere anytime in English thanks for joining me on another video and
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Many students tell me it’s difficult to think in English because when they start doing this
exercise they get stuck and start translating things
Because they don’t know a word they don’t an expression They don’t know how to make a phrase so they start translating
going back and forth native language English English native language many people do what
I did at the beginning of the video The start to think in English but when there’s
a problem when there’s a word they don’t know they panic and they go back to their native
language Another possible situation is when students
start in their native language they do all the mental planning in their language and only after that they start thinking about the phrases
they were thinking before in their language that’s mental translation
That’s not thinking in English to do this exercise you need to understand there is a
difference between thinking in English and mental translation
You may also have some problems in terms of your limitations you are learning you are
an English learner so sometimes you may have vocabulary limitations verb limitations structure
limitations sample present simple past present perfect well you don’t need to know all these
names but you probably need to know how to use them and you may have this limitation
as well Now to truly think in English when you are
doing this exercise you need to start in English and keep going okay but then
you may have a question but Priscila okay I start thinking in English but suddenly there’s
a word or phrase I don’t know how do I do it I have to stop you know when that when
that happens to me I explain to myself well I don’t know this word in English so I will
try to think of another phrase of a different way to say it okay so this is something you can
do. Another possible problem that caused you to have this issue of not knowing the
word is the preparation That’s why I make so many videos here on my
channel where I show you how to think in English and talk about your routine how to think in
English and talk about likes and dislikes This is preparation and that’s where many
students fail to do if you don’t prepare yourself when you try to think in English you won’t
do it because we are not Americans we are not Canadians we’re not Australians so thinking
in English does not come naturally and automatically to us.
We need to prepare to do that, but because we don’t we get stuck
No I’m not saying that after you do the preparation you will have no problems no but you will have
less problems If you prepare yourself before you do it. How do you do this preparation
remember the example at the beginning of the video I was trying to think in English about volleyball in this case I probably didn’t prepare myself
to think about volleyball because I didn’t know the position of my favorite player in
English so how should I have prepared myself for it I should have gone on Google and searched
for volleyball players positions in English How to say volleyball positions in English
and I need to do this research in English already another common problem many students
have many times with search for English information in our native language so immerse in English
and start doing your research in English already google is a very smart tool and I’m sure that
if you type the right words you can get a lot of information. I tried I went on Google
and I typed volleyball position in English and I got amazing results I didn’t know some
names in English you know and I learned. So that’s how you prepare yourself if you
want to try to think about a sport or to think about your weekend or to think about your
routine Preparation but preparation in English
Now when it comes to the translation translation is a habit when you were learning English
you probably used a lot of translation at the beginning and it’s okay at the beginning
we are a little bit lost And if you’re studying alone it’s difficult
to have the right guidance and the right direction so you probably used a lot of translation
at the beginning And I am not saying that translation is 100%
bad sometimes we need to do a little translation it happens what I’m trying to say here that
it’s not okay is to completely rely on it and use it as a part of your study
and that’s what happens to many of us so you were building this process
For a long time now you unconsciously start translating things every time you see a new word because
you trained yourself to do it So now you are at a higher level you’re trying
to stay in English all the time to think in English all the time
You are having problems because you trained yourself to do the opposite.
Okay how do you break this habit by continually reminding yourself that there’s a difference
between thinking and mental translation Every time you start doing this exercise and
you catch yourself Trying to translate stop and tell yourself
no translation that’s what I tell my students when they translate I look at them and say
hey no translation I don’t need you to translate it to me.
I already know it. So This is a reminder. What I’m doing there
is breaking a pattern when my student does that I break the habit I break the pattern
if you do that by yourself you are going to start noticing you will automatically stop
yourself and say no translation and you will go back to the exercise
With time you will do this less less and less. Also keep in mind that this exercise of thinking
in English is a great opportunity to show you what you need to work on even with preparation
there will be times when you don’t know how to express yourself and it’s okay this is
exactly why you do that so that you can better prepare yourself for when you have to talk
to someone at a meeting or when you are traveling around the world this is preparation for the
real world you are going to communicate and talk to different people so that you can think
faster of what you should say next okay so the practice part is hard but the reward is
good I promise you. To finish up guys, the main focus of this
video is to show you that there is a difference between thinking in English and doing mental translation
All these things combined will help you think in english and ultimately will prepare you
for the real world where you need to think faster and speak English confidently
I hope this video was able to give you some ideas of how to change your habits and the
importance of paying attention to whether you are thinking in English or whether you
are translating in english. And if you are translating don’t feel frustrated
don’t feel bad change that Today start practicing and prepare yourself
before you can do this exercise that is the end of the video I hope you enjoyed it if
you found this video useful please hit the like button and maybe share it with your friends
on your social media why not thank you so much guys and I’ll see you next time bye



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