How to Use Your Home Blood Pressure Monitor

How to Use Your Home Blood Pressure Monitor

[heart monitor beeping]>>What is blood pressure
and why should you care? Blood pressure
is the force of your blood against the walls
of your arteries. If your blood pressure is high, this means that
the pressure or force is greater
than what it should be. This is also known
as hypertension. Hypertension can lead
to stroke, vision loss, heart attacks, heart failure,
kidney disease, and more. One of the most accurate ways
to measure blood pressure is to do it yourself
outside of a doctor’s office, in a comfortable setting
like your own home with your own blood
pressure monitor. In fact,
recent national guidelines recommend self-measured
blood pressure monitoring, or SMBP for short, and sharing these readings with your health care
provider team. If you decide to buy
your own blood pressure monitor, make sure to follow
the instructions of your health care provider, and make sure it’s a cuff
that goes around your upper arm and has an internal memory. It is important
to get multiple readings in your usual environment. Multiple readings rather
than one single reading at your doctor’s office
gives a pattern of readings to help your health
care provider know if the food you’re eating, exercise you’re doing,
or the medicines you’re taking are working
to keep your blood pressure at a healthy level. To get the most
accurate reading, you will need to follow
a few key steps.>>First, remember
not to exercise, smoke, eat a large meal, take cold
medicine or have caffeine within 30 minutes
of taking your blood pressure. And if you’re taking
blood pressure medication, measure your blood pressure
before you take your medication. Next, make sure
to go to the bathroom if needed before
you take your blood pressure. Once you’re ready, find a quiet place to sit with
the blood pressure monitor. Sit in a chair
with your legs uncrossed and your feet flat on the floor. Keep your back straight
and supported. Place the blood pressure cuff on your bare skin
under your clothing just above the bend
in your elbow. The cuff should be snug around
your arm but not too tight. Support your arm
on a table or other surface close to heart level
with your palm facing up, rest for five minutes before
taking your blood pressure. When you’re ready, turn on
the machine, and press Start. The cuff will inflate
and slowly deflate by itself. Do not talk, read,
text, or watch TV while measuring
your blood pressure. Stay still and relax. When the monitor is finished
taking your blood pressure, you will see two numbers. The top number
is systolic blood pressure, which shows the pressure
in your arteries when your heart beats. The bottom number
is diastolic blood pressure, which is the pressure
in the arteries when your heart is at rest. It is ideal to take
at least two readings in the morning
and in the evening one minute apart, but follow your health care
provider’s instructions. If your top number is above 180 or your bottom number
is over 120, wait five minutes
and test again. If the reading is still above
180 systolic or 120 diastolic, contact your health care
provider immediately. When finished,
remove the cuff from your arm and place the monitor
in a safe and dry place.>>There are three things
you should remember. Number one,
take your blood pressure in the morning and evening
at the same times. Number two, follow directions
of your health care team on how to bring the readings
to your provider. Number three, don’t forget
to bring the actual monitor to all your appointments. Remember, using
your blood pressure monitor in a comfortable environment and sharing multiple readings
with your health care team will help to keep your blood
pressure at a healthy level.



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