How we can bring mental health support to refugees | Essam Daod

How we can bring mental health support to refugees | Essam Daod

For the last two and a half years, I’m one of the few, if not the only,
child psychiatrist operating in refugee camps,
shorelines and rescue boats in Greece and the Mediterranean Sea. And I can say, with great confidence, that we are witnessing
a mental-health catastrophe that will affect most of us,
and it will change our world. I live in Haifa, but nowadays,
I spend most of my time abroad. During my time
on the Greek island of Lesbos and on the rescue boats
in the Mediterranean, thousands of refugee boats
arrived to the shoreline, crowded with more
than 1.5 million refugees. One-fourth of them are children, fleeing war and hardship. Each boat carries
different sufferings and traumas from Syria, Iraq, Afganistan
and different countries in Africa. In the last three years alone, more than 12,000 refugees
lost their lives. And hundreds of thousands
lost their souls and their mental health due to this cruel
and traumatic experience. I want to tell you about Omar, a five-year-old Syrian refugee boy who arrived to the shore on Lesbos
on a crowded rubber boat. Crying, frightened, unable to understand
what’s happening to him, he was right on the verge
of developing a new trauma. I knew right away
that this was a golden hour, a short period of time
in which I could change his story, I could change the story that he would tell himself
for the rest of his life. I could reframe his memories. I quickly held out my hands
and said to his shaking mother in Arabic, (Arabic) “Ateeni elwalad o khudi nafas.” “Give me the boy,
and take a breath.” His mother gave him to me. Omar looked at me with scared,
tearful eyes and said, (Arabic) “Ammo (uncle in Arabic),
shu hada?” “What is this?” as he pointed out to the police
helicopter hovering above us. “It’s a helicopter! It’s here to photograph you
with big cameras, because only the great
and the powerful heroes, like you, Omar, can cross the sea.” Omar looked at me,
stopped crying and asked me, (Arabic) “Ana batal?” “I’m a hero?” I talked to Omar for 15 minutes. And I gave his parents
some guidance to follow. This short psychological intervention decreases the prevalence
of post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health
issues in the future, preparing Omar to get an education, join the workforce,
raise a family and beyond. How? By stimulating the good memories
that will be stored in the amygdala, the emotional storage of the human brain. These memories
will fight the traumatic ones, if they are reactivated in the future. To Omar, the smell of the sea
will not just remind him of his traumatic journey from Syria. Because to Omar, this story
is now a story of bravery. This is the power of the golden hour, which can reframe the trauma
and establish a new narrative. But Omar is only one
out of more than 350,000 children without the proper mental health support
in this crisis alone. Three hundred and fifty
thousand children and me. We need mental health professionals to join rescue teams
during times of active crisis. This is why my wife and I and friends
co-founded “Humanity Crew.” One of the few aid
organizations in the world that specializes in providing
psychosocial aid and first-response
mental health interventions to refugees and displaced populations. To provide them
with a suitable intervention, we create the four-step approach,
a psychosocial work plan that follows the refugees
on each step of their journey. Starting inside the sea,
on the rescue boats, as mental health lifeguards. Later in the camps, hospitals
and through our online clinic that breaks down borders
and overcomes languages. And ending in the asylum countries,
helping them integrate. Since our first mission in 2015, “Humanity Crew” had 194 delegations of qualified, trained
volunteers and therapists. We have provided 26,000 hours
of mental health support to over 10,000 refugees. We can all do something
to prevent this mental health catastrophe. We need to acknowledge that first aid
is not just needed for the body, but it has also to include
the mind, the soul. The impact on the soul is hardly visible, but the damage can be there for life. Let’s not forget that what
distinguishes us humans from machines is the beautiful
and the delicate soul within us. Let’s try harder to save more Omars. Thank you. (Applause) (Cheers) (Applause)




    You can bring them mental health by taking them back to their countries or neighbouring countries that share their ideology. Or end their war and send them back, either way is fine, destroying their host countries isnt

  • goddessnadiya

    Thank You for your humanitarian work

  • Der Zeitreisepunk

    let the refugees at home to do smth to be proud of..

  • Sannidor

    My country of Poland wastes enough money on labor migrants from Ukraine. There's barely any war or poverty going on there. They work illegally and we support their children as the part of new social policies, pretty wasteful imo. There's no way massive muslim migration would end well here, we don't want any chauvinistic, separatist ideology like islam spread all over our country. We would not be able to help them and no psychologist or psychiatrist can change that. "Where's he will, there's the way" you may say – well, look elsewhere before you become parasites that can't be helped by anyone.

  • mhtinla

    But you have ALLAH…

  • Franta Francisty

    By sending them home .

  • Moses Valentin

    How are we supposed to finance this?

  • Tim Ad

    Give your home to refugees then the problems is resolved.

  • Uncle Jesse

    I have no idea what he's talking about. The immigrant children in cages ?

  • Brad Adrian Williams

    Veterans first

  • The Real Maskriz

    Better idea. Just let them be.

  • VYCanis Majoris

    They went from refugees to economic migrants as soon as they left the safety of southern Europe. But by all means, keep giving them more free stuff.

  • Hepad

    I've got an idea, don't bring them here, and help them in THEIR country.

  • Ignis xRCR

    i get this is such a great idea, but i am going to be honest…i think people should focus on their own citizens in their own country first, then reach out once the country is stable and ready to bring people in. <3 but still, i support this idea. i hope it can come true someday.

  • Apdo Elazaly

    I want to help in learning English language l hope that anyone can help me the tough communicating with me I'm Egyptian speaking Arabic 😔😔🙏🙏🙌

  • Dindu Nuffin

    Guys 90% of these so-called "refugees" are in fact economic migrants, not from Syria but from other countries, looking for easy way out. Please wake up!

  • Dindu Nuffin

    Please stop this Soros propaganda TED … People see right through you and your virtue signaling. No, we are not trolls, we are just normal people disagreeing with your opinion, please don't disable commets, that don't fit your agenda.

  • DeoMachina

    Crazy how everybody here is mad about spending money on refugees
    But doesn't care when we spent billions bombing them back before they left their country.

  • MrTShbib

    How about some support for the women being sexually assaulted by migrants in overwhelmingly disproportionate numbers?

  • Manar Ali

    شكرا 😍

  • Yorgo Tarabay

    great work, wish i can help soon

  • Vladimir Jesuslave

    The real solution is chemical castration

  • Nati Whatever

    NEVER EVER is a quarter of the migrants children, sorry. At least not in Germany. (Talking about your description). Mostly young men, barely any women and children.

  • ManiacallyYours

    Public policy should not be driven by emotional appeals. “Little Omar” with his scared eyes is a case in point. Let’s compare the number of people already in the first world who receive substandard mental health care to migrant needs. Let’s tell a story about “little Billy” or “little Sally” traumatized by an abusive mother and see if that get’s a standing ovation… yeah thought so.

  • F Offenton

    Not Refugees – most are economic migrants! Europe is not the answer to what ails these losers. Good luck trying to land your people smuggling boats financed by Soros in Italy!
    "Rescue boats"? You mean illegal people smuggling NGO's. Italy will but a stop to this BS. These boats should be seized and their crews charged with felony people smuggling

  • Nathan Holles

    Thank you for your work!

  • A F

    The rest of America also needs mental health support. We have a mental health epidemic here.

  • Destro7000

    Economic Migrants

  • i1empire

    Yes we can help them. Just deport them back to the countries they come from! Simple as that

  • Steven Oman

    we dont even take good care of the US citizens here already with mental health issuse, but yea lets further stretch our resources thinner so we can help refugees even more. Welcome to America.

  • Alex Anastasi

    As long as we have mentally ill homeless people in our own countries, traumatised domestic violence victims sleeping in their cars, aged pensioners struggling to pay for their medications and bills, we have no business trying to 'save the day' in other parts of the world. Or save those who are not our countrymen. It's typical western arrogance and virtue signalling. It's not selfish to assure the safety & welfare of your own people first and foremost, it's responsibility, & good leadership.

  • Geary Kunkel

    I hate to break the news to you ,but all they care about is food ,water and shelter ….and on a good day Jihad …..mental health is something that westerners obsess about ….unsuccessfully !…..why would you do that to a poor down and out refugee !?!?

  • Jonathan Parham

    Stay in your own country! We are full.

  • Joshua Israel

    Most work migrants are very thankful and peaceful people, the problem is their children that will be born in Europe and will change it forever to a Sharia law Islamic continent.

  • Chiara

    Thank you❤

  • Dysputant

    From entire Africa.
    Cose you know.
    Africa is a shithole , so anyone fleeing from it is called refugee. No war or life threats needed.

  • Random Schmid

    and who's gonna pay for it? the people causing the war? hahahaha…

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, oh my god so funny wipes off tear

  • Dimetropteryx

    Trolls and bots everywhere.

  • Paladin Smith

    "Economic migrants"

  • Lee Fixyourcalendersearch

    How we can bring mental health support to the victims of rape migrants. i'm so glad someone finally addressed this important point.

  • Hüseyin Kartal

    We want to Turkish translation please!

  • SteelStar7

    I love the intro sound…
    And the videos <3

  • Chris Poole

    "How we can bring mental health support to refugees" How can we help the Europeans who's leaders are traitors to their supposed nations, how about our mental health?

  • lysergicheadcase

    Seems like we should take care of our own people before trying to help others. People are hurting, and this is an insult to them

  • JEN 055

    How about mental health support for our own kids, gtf outta here

  • byzantium

    Afrika receives billions off dollars aid each year and still they buy weapons and kill each other, so now we have to pay for their Healthcare too? What's next vacations?

  • aristochat3

    Oh here we go. The child’s body is still warm and we are already exploiting it.

  • s50201

    It’s mental health you have to fix. It’s IQ.

  • Pepe Stock is Soaring

    How about mental health support for the victims of rape at the hands of migrants? No? Okay then…

  • alaskaoalaska

    More important question: how can we kill them as quickly as possible?

  • Michael Black

    Sending aid to the third world is boosting its population surplus and creating the refugees.

  • bluemeeni

    Just don't put them on the boats in the first place if it causes trauma. Stay in your own country.

  • Natan Araldi

    Globalist agenda is the cancer of this planet, we are looking into the end of europe.

  • Uniblonder

    The VAST majority of these "refugges" are adult fighting age men that are at the best welfare leeches.

  • Inquisitive Cameron

    IDK… We can't even do that for our president.

  • Wagner ワグナーCharles チャールズ

    Super cool!

  • Squatting Erudite

    If you want to help them, stop bringing them like cattle into Europe, that encourages them to go on such insane journeys… sigh.

  • Nash Sun

    如有需要请联系我 QQ 573930381 Twitter @sunhd21

  • Rolroorlo

    Its not our responsibility, okay? Im in my right to just care about me, and not do anything for refugees or for my neighbour

  • Timexwatch

    It's been 34 years. When is Ted coming to the talk.

  • bmarchi1

    Essam Daod is a Christian Arab from northern Israel as he said from Haifa, will little background about the Christians in the middle east they once were the majority before the Islamic occupation, and it dwindled through the years from persecution by the Muslims invaders. the Christians had there own identity and culture and unique languages that the Arabs forbid them from speaking it, so as the time go by the Christians not only took the Arab language but they started to define themselves as Arabs, and here we are now a doctor that identify as an Christian Arab is now facilitating the conquest of Europe by supporting this influx of Islam into Europe.

  • WAG. Wukong

    Very good


    Every soul will taste death. And We test you with evil and with good as trial; and to Us you will be returned. (The Noble Quran. Surah Al Anbya. Verse 35)
    And let there be [arising] from you a nation inviting to [all that is] good, enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong, and those will be the successful. (Surah Ali Imran. Verse 104)
    And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided. (Surah Ali Imran. Verse 102)
    And obey Allah and His Messenger, and do not dispute and [thus] lose courage and [then] your strength would depart; and be patient. Indeed, Allah is with the patient. (Surah Al Anfal. Verse 46)
    Indeed, Allah loves those who fight in His cause in a row as though they are a [single] structure joined firmly. (Surah As Saf. Verse 4)
    French :

  • byzantium

    Why does the west always have to pay too solve Africa's problems???

  • dd b

    1) 99% of them are not refugees they are immigrants

    2) 99% of them are really poor

    3) having more poor people in a country result in more criminality

    4) having more support for them won't change a thing, because nothing have worked till today

    5) giving them social aid won't magically change theyre economical status

    6) no it will just make them come twice as fast because it's free money

    7) immigrants keep flowing in mass

    8) criminality and economical instability of the country keep raising Wich result in the end of Europe

    9) all you people that are trigerred by this comment are the ones responsible for the degradation of occident

  • silversecret82

    Here in Germany the inner security has been destroyed since the beginning of the mass invasion in 2015. Even quiet and peaceful districts became dangerous because Arabs and Africans live in beautiful appartments there, funded by German taxpayers. Lots of rapes, knife attacks, murders, robberies. It's unbelievable.

  • Anthony Dach

    * Applying guilt *

    not very effective….

  • Albert The Writer

    We don't buy this bullshit anymore. They are not refugees. They are invaders. 80% of them are young men. Where are the women and children?

  • The Sqooq

    You mean the economic migrants who abandon their countries and loved ones to go live on welfare in western countries instead of actually contributing something to their's? Those refugees?

  • Zehra Sarac

    We should help them n try to fix their countries. It's a problem of humanity

  • Yu Kumagai

    I think definitely mental health is the most important to refugee.

  • Catarina Silva

    If we, the lucky bastards we are can do something extra to help them, this is bigger than you could possibly think since we would have the power to shape the next generation into a better generation.

  • Cerbyo

    the reason people use things like children in their examples is to find common ground and start a dialogue. That's why they do it. It is an age old psychological trick meant to destroy barriers and foster dialogue.

  • Bast1an

    Oh yeah, worry about other citizens more than your own veterans

  • rawstarmusic

    A better idea is to scrap islam in those backwards countries that produce refugees in an endless amount. We could have 500 million refugees from arabia, middle east, north-africa and central asia. The green grass in europe is tempting with welfare and industries and modern values. But cultures from poor countries do want all these things but they want to change it to the culture that they flee from. It is also said that many are not fleeing, they are on a political religious mission to spread there influence and power. There has been problems in Europe with people like Merkel but a majority want to stop islamisation of modern civilisation.

  • thecaneater

    They are not refugees. They are economic migrants seeking mo' money. They need to go back to their homeland and work to improve it, not leave it for a 'better' place which they make worse.

  • l883l

    I've been reading the comments.. some of you guys are heartless sick bastards.

  • Because Kittens & Paint


  • Seb Rodot

    Very touching….. no children should undergo this type of manipulation,for innocence remains within. Remember to take your hardship into a new way ,for you have sacrificed to leave . Respect ,renew, do not preach ,never loose your tradition,make your own way now and earn respect from the people. You did not make it ….. You came to change.

  • mr pixel

    these liberal socialists are in need of a mental health check !

  • Nils Petras

    It is unreal how easily refugees are dismissed and dehumanized as greedy migrants who supposedly seek to take something away from europeans. Even if that judgement was right for 90% of migrants (which it is certainly not), it would still be dehumanizing hundreds of thousands of people. For me, this is the true refugee crisis: the crisis in our minds. A crisis where social identity is more important than facts. A crisis where small risks for wealthy people are more important than the lives of the poor. A crisis where political parties divide us for their own benefit. A crisis where we are unable to paint any other picture than a tormented fleeing child or a young islamistic terrorist. A crisis where we create additional conflict without fearing any consequences. Without the crisis in our minds, we could reduce the suffering ten times easier. And we would lose less over internal conflict, the rise of incompetent right-wing parties, or badly organized refugee support. But somehow the idea of "them" taking what is supposedly "ours" is like a splinter in our head, immobilizing our thoughts.

  • Ninja Getfukt

    So we aren't just meant to permanently feed and house the invaders, we need to logistically organize their healthcare, we need to bombard our beleaguered and utterly dilapidated mental health structures, who mind you cant meet domestic demand already, with hundreds of thousands and potentially millions of deranged people from backwards societies?

    No. And no to you too. You have to go back.

  • bye

    The media is often misleading. A majority of refugees are actually going to neighbouring countries with only a small percent travelling to the west, if they don't die at sea that is.

  • blubbness

    we can bring them mental health by getting religion out of their heads.

  • RapidDecisions

    Maybe, just maybe we can decide that mental health is a priority and that we need to do something here in the US first. Do you know how many people suffer from mental health issues right now? It is nice that TED and the US has become the great receptor of people asking for help.

  • Yuri Geinish

    Is there a talk that addresses causes instead of symptoms? Like, how do we stop bombing other countries into stone age and instead help them build schools, hospitals to avoid refugees in the first place?

  • Alan M

    Why are you Europeans even allowing them to come to your countries? Good Lord.

  • baddmanaz

    Not many ted talkers get that extra woo! with the applause

  • Jason Devon

    Over 80% of refugees are young men from countries not at war, who have no skills or money. They also hate the West and treat women and homosexuals badly. Most honest people want them to be sent back.

  • Sam antha

    What about support for all the women they rape?

  • Dex Jelo o

    They are lying. Ted and his guests are lying. Don't send any help. Those people want to commit WHITE GENOCIDE IN EUROPE. They are rapists, paedophiles and killers.

  • Jewel Castillo

    Short but amazing and very inspiring.

  • Bereket Melesse

    check learning breakthrough program. it's a brain fitness exercise that can strengthen executive function. by doing so you can be able to suppress excessive amygdala signals and hence lessen effects of PTSD and anxiety. make sure to do it 2 times each day for 2 years .

  • まー

    Please add Japanese translation!!

  • Florida Red Fishin'

    Heres how to help those invaders, sink their ships.

  • Amici Nybråten

    This comment section makes me sad with all the jealousy, greed and hatred.

  • Jamie Reid

    It's not our bloody responsibility.

    Stop trying to remove white people.
    4 major cities in England are now white minority.
    Which is completely unfathomable.

  • Steve Brinkman

    This guy is a hero!

  • B. KCee

    I'm all for helping refugees and their problems arising from traumatic situations AS LONG AS THEY DON'T HARM OTHERS. Let's not let mental issues be used as a way to excuse abuse and violence towards others. Any refugee who breaks the law should be deported or jailed just as a citizen would.
    Also, make sure to give equal care to your own citizens who suffer from similar traumatic incidents (example war veterans). Just because someone is a refugee doesn't mean they deserve MORE rights than the suffering people in your own nation.

  • Artnicmar

    The best thing to do take care of their mental health back in their own country. No western country will be able to sustain the influx of other people's problems.

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