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confidence that’s what we’re talking about today so a lot of times when we meet y’all in real life first thing you ask us is how are you so confident yeah comments under our videos and our instagrams like it’s definitely one of our most asked questions which is kind of confusing for us confidence is such a nebulous thing it’s something that has to be cultivated you have to like wake up and think about it so I don’t always have an answer Sam a lot of times my answer is I’m not there are things that I’m deeply insecure about maybe it’s because I am me but like watching our videos I feel like sometimes they come out I’m like yes your insecurities yeah y’all don’t see that much I think at times I am confident but honestly like it’s one of those things where I just like fake it until I it feels real were you always confident and I think I was just like really confident in the things that I loved and then I really didn’t start getting insecure until puberty which i think is a common story when teenagers fellow classmates showed me my behaviors and talked about me and it made me think I was delusional I think as a kid I felt generally confident so this is like up until maybe the age of 12 I was the last one to get my period like out of my friend group that’s when I really first started questioning what was going on and why I wasn’t like everyone else I thought oh I’m having a good time I’m being Devon I’m having fun and then when a classmate would make fun of me I was like oh actually am I being an idiot and I don’t know and that’s when I started losing my confidence once I got my period I was like okay I’m a woman now a woman now and I was at an all-girls school for middle school too so that was like girls and like the cattiness and like the puberty stuff and like who had boobs first like it was just a lot I went to high school and that’s when I went to a public school so it was co-ed and that’s when I was like little boys mm-hmm and I was always really pretty again late bloomer I still don’t have boobs really it’s fine and this isn’t great because I actually just realized this but I was pretty confident in high school but I think I got the validation from always having a boyfriend as I entered adulthood I started just having a new conversation with myself where it’s like no you’re not delusional I guess the one thing I think about is like I’m never out to really hurt anyone I never really want to like make anyone sad or mad in fact I’m usually the one who blames it on myself sometimes someone may not like something that’s and like I just got to keep being devin being in my late twenties this is where i feel like it counts this is where I feel like Freddie this is the time to really pull that confidence out right now I’m single and it’s been a while that I’ve been single so I don’t have that male validation in my life I feel somewhat confident in my body but you know we all have our days and so it’s like one of those things where I feel like I’m right in the center and like I know relationships and body positivity is feeling confident that career are all kind of around me and I’ll get confidence from different spurts but it’s never all at once mm-hmm I’m just like floating in limbo right now where it’s like why can’t I just have it all but then I’ll be like the most confident which isn’t true because I don’t think anyone even if it appears they have it all there’s always that one thing you have I never have it all so we went around the office and we asked a few of our colleagues what makes them feel confident and even when they first felt confident so Kristen we’re gonna talk about confidence well for much of my life I did not feel confident because I feel like it’s so hard to get to the place that is like perfection cuz you’re never perfect I think I feel most confident when random trolls on the internet tell me to lose weight no I’m kidding Joyce is honestly one of the most confident people yeah for sure yes how do you get your confidence where do you get it from just realizing I am NOT amazing I feel like you’re confident AF ooh I love that I think I know why you think that too I really take a lot of pride in here’s the thing I think I’m confidence when I have my friends around me I really take a lot of pride in my sense of style and like making sure that my hair is brushed and that kind of thing and not being swayed by other people’s opinions this is what I do I think about death every day and it reminds me how much time we have left on this earth and what I need to give about I love that do you find that you get that question a lot like on the internet yes I get this question all the time I think people love to ask me where I get my confidence from as though I stole it from someone and that ain’t true no I did not steal it from anyone I got it myself if I run or if I go to the gym I just feel a lot better afterwards and I’m just like yeah something that helps me is being secure and how good I am at like my job or like things in my life this is gonna sound dumb but the a mirror at the gym and when I’m like running on the treadmill looking at myself I say words of affirmation I’m just like you’re a beast you’ve got this this is something that I really love and so it’s like me expressing myself through fashion that’s my first this is me being confident you can’t help help you feel you are you can’t really help your body type but you can help things like working really hard and like gaining skills and stuff like that that makes so much sense because Chloe’s one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met you are you are I think I was in college I was shrunk as a skunk and like something came over me I was staring at my drunken self looking in the mirror and I was like wow you really are that beautiful and it just stuck with me ever since oh my god I might cry when you ask someone where they get their confidence from it’s usually because you assume they shouldn’t have it yeah it’s like one of those things where you don’t have to earn confidence you are entitled to it believe it or not you also have to be like humble and like kind and stuff like that and I don’t know I think once you realize that the only person who you will be with for the rest of your life is yourself that’s when you start treating yourself with more respect cuz hos come and go but she would you for life can we get that on a bumper sticker I feel like confidence this little plant you got to feed it you got to give it water you got to let it grow it’s very dark but it keeps things very accurate I think we don’t have a lot of time y’all in fact we better end this interview because we’re you know we’re racing towards death and I think also society has sort of I mean at least in my experience growing up it’s kind of been seen as like a negative thing to be like confident or to be like really so you agree you think you’re really pretty like that kinda thing especially me I just like shied away from anything positive about myself just out of fear that people would think I’m bragging look I would rather someone be cocky and be bragging about something and feel good about themselves then completely have no awareness of their self-worth yeah so what do you do when you’re not feeling super-confident like if it’s a bad day honestly I give Terry rings my mom I am so close with her and she truly knows all the good things to say to me you know it’s definitely one of those things where it’s like of course you think I’m beautiful you’re my mom like I do believe her like when she tells me these things she’ll come up with like new ways to like present information to me and say like you know you never know what could happen and she always like spins things in a positive way also means more to now that we’re not in the same place I need something that turns it around for me is I teach my classes and they really bring me my confidence back because I can see it’s just a visual like they come into the class after working all day or like being with their kids all day and they’re tired and fatigued and then they leave the class like got a hundred again totally and that makes me feel good yeah and I will say like I feel that way when I leave your class too but specifically like I feel better leaving your class and I do leaving the gym first sure thank you this is a silly little fun video but like I hope if you needed this video today and you’re watching it yeah we hope you answered some of your questions again this is an ongoing journey as confident as we look on Instagram or as confident as we appear in videos like there’s always work to be done yeah and we’re always working through things and thanks for coming up and saying that we are confident that’s really sweet thank you [Music] [Applause] [Music]



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