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    You spelt treasure wrong.
    But I Still love your videos!

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    Put carpets on the fences so you can jump in the farm but the animals can’t go out

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    Felix: looking for buried treasure
    “Go away dolphin I don’t have time for you”
    Me: 🤦‍♀️

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    This episode is the legend of "boat cow"

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    Friends: … Don’t do it…
    Me: dab DAB WAY

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    Of al, HIS name is «irongolem»!..

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    Me, who has watched Jack's Minecraft Let's Play first: Use a door

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    Little did he know he would become a gamer god at Minecraft

  • For All The Newbs

    veagons have left the chat

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    2:41 the reason why is because of the pillagers(the guys with crossbows)in part 2 or 3 ( when you encountered them) probably raided the village and stole some stuff

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    :can i put in a bucket?


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    Cows:raid his farm

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    Pewd's puggos: *OFFENDED*

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