• Barbara Alicia

    Were? It is a monster. Just not a cute fluffy, soft one.

  • Hughgo Jass

    I would give depression a hug in hopes of turning it into a big bundle of happiness instead of it killing me

  • Julie J

    awww i wanted her to hug the monster

  • Utatane Piko

    Is depression contagious because I think I just got it. (I'm going to be thinking about this all day and I watched this in the morning and now I'll be looking for these monsters)

  • Claudia J

    Exactly what I feel like

  • spoder misii

    really want this fkn song but I can't find it anywhere. sigh.

  • Kløwbi

    I always feel most depressed in the morning…
    The worst thing is that it doesn't go away for a whole day…
    And I go throgh it every day…

  • Jesse Oaktrees

    depression follows me like a shadow, holds a dark cloud over me & at night when it is dark I feel most comfortable cuz everyone is inside as I'm out being ME!

  • Kim Jones

    only God no the feeling

  • P DT

    this made me cry

  • Kerry Bonicel

    This video would have been better if she stabbed the monster to death at the end.

  • Jher Ciey

    But the only solution is to kill that monster.

  • Nadia Anuszkiewicz

    This is the truest movie video about depression

  • KawiaTophat

    I hate depression but now that its gone I can live again. I was so wrapped up in sadness and self pity that u didn't realize that I wasn't the problem and that all I needed was a good friend

  • John Smith

    Is it appropriate to say the woman is beautiful? I hope she and her friends get well.

  • toomany calories

    This scared me.

  • Violet

    I'm really worried that I do have depression bc I have most of the symptoms but I'm really not sure any advice?

  • MintyNinja

    Depression IS a monster. Not a physical one, but one that hides in your thoughts. It tells you that you're not good enough. It keeps you from trying to live your life. It destroys your self confidence and it drains your energy. It makes roads seem longer, hills seem steaper, and tasks seem impossible. But it won't last forever. Just focus on getting through each day, and this terrible monster will slowly lose control over you. You can do it, I believe in you.

  • Sky Lee

    Why does the depression monster look like a clingy loser boyfriend?

  • Tesa Mesa

    i kinda wanted them to hug at the end

  • Rin By

    There are some people who say that the monster is cute, but I think that if I saw that thing in my house, I would sream and throw it out of the window.

  • olivia anne

    The monster doesn't look like that. More like a pure black form following you around and just, being a terrible monster I guess

  • Shisus

    Anyone know the name of the song?

  • Victor Elias

    Can I talk to someone how I feel? 🙁

  • Aliyah D

    She "faced" her depression.

  • Skyler Fin

    It already is

  • Z Gwynn

    People saying the monster is cute. That's the point. People who have never had depression may think its a game, a joke to get attention. Only she knows how horrible that monster actually is. ((This is my favorite buzzfeed video))

  • Josie Sargent

    Is it weird that I think this should be a movie where everyone's demons are personified. And the monsters are this style. They would look friendly/Creepy but are actually evil.

  • hay

    It's really an interesting metaphor when you really look into it. The monsters look friendly and cute like someone saying "oh you have depression? big Whoop" or "aww you have anxiety, that's cute." but really on the inside they are taking overs peoples minds, they are killing people.

  • Bree Lavonia

    but how do i kill the monster without killing myself

  • linn *

    depression IS a monster

  • sungod L

    trust me my monster he's very scary the closest thing to it Lucifer when I drink he becomes enticing makes me drink some more to get rid of my problems when I'm alone haunts my dreams and my emotions I appreciate the point of your video but for some people depression so much scarier at least and this video that person had somebody to worry about them unlike me and I have no family no friends so if I die I die

  • Abby DeHaven

    I'm thankful for your effort into this video, Buzzfeed. My Depression monster would be this tall, black shadow, with a scary face, and he's so disrespectful of me. That's what he looks like, and acts like. I'm scared, but I get angry at him too at times, and that's when I realize he only gets power off of me being unhappy, so the monster is really WEAKER than my power. God I hate Depression. 😭😤

  • keira

    oke my monster would be my shadow. it wont leave me alone and it reeks like smoky blackness and heavy weights. it doesnt say a word but i can feel it whispering at me

  • keira

    does anybody else feel like this song reminds you of childhood? like a gloomy and dark one, but still childhood.

  • Kate Claessens

    I hate what my friend's depression does to her. She is only a shadow of who she used to be, and the worst bit? I don't really understand how it works, so whenever I try to help, it only seems to make things worse.

  • World Peace

    I love all of you guys. This life can be so hard sometimes, and living in a society like this makes it even harder. Mental illnesses are seen as weakness. Not by everyone, most people are well meaning, never take anything personally. But in a societal/social context depression and anxety is seen as weakness, whether people admit it or not. Reality can be very harsh sometimes, but remember that this too shall pass. You are here now, and that alone is a blessing. You are here now breathing, Your blood is pumping, you have eyes that can see the beauty of everything around you, you have senses you can sense with. Then there is the brain/mind that makes life almost unbearable at times. But we can change our minds, just realise that its not you. Distance yourself from it. You are not your mind, you have a mind. If you want to you can check out the following website: Google truthcontest, click the earth icon, read the present. Its the only document that made me realise that im not my mind. Its also about a lot of different important things about life in general.

  • Luce

    Hope this article helps too[search_id]=aabc5407-a695-46d2-867a-1d3e62d21470&insight[search_result_index]=4

  • Blah Blah

    Everyday i feel like there is a dark figure called deppression following me around and just destroying me inch by inch

  • gomez perez

    I should stop watching these they make me cry

  • mad is not rad

    I feel like depression should be a tall, dark, hunched figure constantly following you with its hands positioned around your throat ready to choke you at any minute without warning

  • Destiels Impala

    i hate that i can relate

  • nocturnalrose

    it makes it even realer that the monsters are kinda cute

  • Dougear

    I fight against it over 12 years and I will never give up…
    We are made to be happy and accomplished
    You have the weapons, you ARE the weapon, so dont give up and FIGHT!!!
    Help yourself, Save yourself, be your own Hero !!

  • Queen Rayani

    Depression can be your best friend or your worst enemy. They can be fluffy keep you warm at night or ruin your life and shadow you forever

  • keerstin

    this video was so real, i adore it so much, thank you buzzfeed.

  • Amy Jane

    How I pictured my monster is this sticky tar like thing that makes me watch my horrible past and never goes away.

  • swinteroo

    My monster is sticky like tar…. it clings to me and whispers my slightest mistakes loud enough so that it echoes through my mind. It has multiple eyes, surrounding me, remind me that people are staring and judging my every move. It has needle-like fingers that slide against my neck threateningly when I feel super deressed.

    I need to draw this…

  • Autumn Rose

    My monster isn't cute and colorful….he has claws and he laughs when I cry and he threatens to kill me all the time

  • Sarina Senn

    Living with Depression is like that its just not a monster its more like a empti feeling that wont let you be happy and in Enjoy live it turnd every thing negativ and every thing get hard

  • Lina Faubert

    everyone can see my monster but don't think anything of it because it is my shadow

  • The Red Crayon

    ok right off the bat. When my depression gets into it's most severe mode, and that happens often, I don't make my bed or even get up on time at all. It makes me feel exhausted, tired and like the only way to achieve peace and quiet from my brain is to end it all. This is just inaccurate or a portrayal of someone who gets mildly depressed occasionally….

  • greygoose

    This may or may not be an accurate portrayal, but it has got people talking, and isn't that the most important thing?

  • Garbage 84

    It is allready a monster

  • eenayde

    That monster is the cutest thing I've seen today

  • naomi

    my monster would be a big black gloopy thing that just goes around with a bad smell and makes everyone feel miserable. just like when you get caught up in the rain and everything is damp and cold and you're all alone.

  • Greenless

    This is BEAUTIFUL

  • Captain Morgan

    this is gonna sound weird, but i get like a childish-creepy sort of vibe watching this, like a darker version of the Where The Wild Things Are movie. anyone else or is it just me?

  • WHATS THE GROUP NAME Irritates The First

    It would eat me up,and I will drow in it's stomach acids.

  • Just For fun

    This is beautiful

  • Laurens Sipahelut

    Frankenstein's monster happens to be a personification of clinical depression.

  • Normal'sWayOverrated

    You forget about the part where it pulls your arms down when you move and makes you feel like your limbs are made of lead

  • Hannah Martin

    IF it were a monster? It IS a monster. And this is not accurate at all.

  • It’s Bear

    I hate that they made the monster look cute when this is a serious thing

  • Mille Milo

    This is how it feels … instead that the Monster is really a Monster.. and not a cute thing. But it's made so good

  • Buksiblings Fun


  • Liz Mowrey

    Yep. I wish it could stop

  • Adam C

    Here again after almost 3 years, only feeling slightly better 🙁

  • Mattix Films

    wow haha, I had this exact idea. guess it's been made already

  • Weird flex

    Depression is a monster

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