iPhone 11 Pro – Top 10 Problems after 1 Month!

iPhone 11 Pro – Top 10 Problems after 1 Month!

I can’t believe that its already been 1
month since the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro have been released, and we’ve made a wide variety
of quality content around them. Overall I’m really happier with this update than I expected,
but that doesn’t mean that the iPhone 11 Pro isn’t without fault. So in this video, I’ll be sharing the issues
I have with the 11 Pro and something that I really wish Apple did differently. Let’s get a huge obvious one out of the
way, 3D Touch. They say you don’t know what you’ve had until its gone and that’s absolutely
the case. I first noticed the difference last year since I switched to the iPhone XR when
working on the review. Haptic touch is a much worst experience. I know, I know, battery life and all that,
but personally I would take a slight hit and still have this additional layer that lets
me do things faster and more precise since the battery life is already so good. The next is the matte back. I love the look
and that it isn’t a fingerprint magnet, but when using the phone one-handed ive literally
had it slip out of my hand compared to the XS’s glass back that offered a lot of grip.
I know I’m in the minority who uses their phone without a case, and I’ll still keep
it that way, but there’s a good chance I’ll be picking up a grippier skin. I won’t be talking too much more about hardware
or design, but of course, I do wish Apple finally made the move to USB-C with this Pro
moniker along with a faster refresh rate display, and the 64GB base level of storage for $1000,
but those are fairly obvious. What’s not as obvious is the software. I’ll
talk about RAM management in just a bit, but let’s start with a few things that Apples
pretty much fixed and others that hopefully will be soon. The first one is something that
we’ve complained about for years, no quick way to change your video recording. In the current Beta, we can now press on the
resolution or frame rate to swap through them. Personally I’d rather have the full menu
pop up to have access to all the settings but this is a good improvement. The next is something that is hopefully a
bug, glitches and slowdowns in the camera app. The photos out of the 11 Pro are incredible,
but at times when I open the camera app to grab a quick shot it takes 2, 3, or even 5
seconds to completely open. Other times it opens almost instantly and this gets frustrating
especially if you miss a photo of your kids because it takes too long. I’ve also had the camera app completely
freeze up and never open, ending up with a crash about 3-4 times. I was hoping that updating
to the latest beta will resolve this, and it doesn’t happen as often, but its still
there. The only other thing I can complain about
camera wise is no night mode on the ultrawide. Apple most likely didn’t add this in since
the quality wouldn’t match up with the other two lenses because theres not optical stabilization
and the sensor is smaller, but I know the quality would still be much better for night
time photos than without it. The Note 10+ also has an ultrawide without
OIS but they still let you use night mode, and those photos are fairly decent and usable,
compared to not being able to use the 11’s at all. Maybe that’s just another thing
they’re saving for next year like usb-c and maybe another feature I really want, and
always on display. I’ve used Samsung Galaxy phones a fair bit,
and their always-on displays are quite useful. I understood why the iPhone 8 didn’t have
it because of the LCD display, and maybe the Battery life being the reason the OLED iPhone
X and XS didnt’ offer it, but now that the iPhone 11 Pro has super good battery life
why not offer it. Its just software and many people would appreciate it, I definitely would. The iPhone 11 Pro has a super good display.
The overall quality is similar to the Note 10+ but Apple allows you to manually turn
it up much brighter and if you have a lot of white on screen it doesn’t dim like other
phones. Unfortunately, after a month Youtube still doesn’t support HDR playback. I’m not sure if this is just Youtubes’
fault, but we’ve had 4 youtube app updates since the 11’s release and it’s still
not here, where last year the XS had support in less than a week. Because of this, some
HDR videos look worst on the 11 Pro than the iPhone XS. Hopefully, this will get fixed
and it not some longer-term issue. Another thing that really jumped out at me
is the use of the ultrawide lens during facetime. When facetiming I often try to show something
to my kids or to my wife while at the store Apple is now using the ultrawide which really
distorts the image and make it hard to show a closeup. Not only that but if you have a
slow connection the smaller details and pixelation makes it unusable when the XS was much better.
This should be an easy software fix that allows you to swap lenses just like in the camera
app. Now let’s talk about RAM management. Just
like the iPhone XS the 11’s have 4GB of ram which is 2 to 3 times less than many of
its competitors. People say that iOS is much better optimized which is true but after using
some higher-end Androids and now the 11 Pro I routinely have background apps that close
and I have to reload the app losing where I was at. It even seems worst than my XS which doesn’t
make sense. My only guess is that iOS 13 keeps less apps open, maybe its to save battery
l or for some other reason, but its something I deal with almost daily. Now I definitely am a much heavier user than
average, but this is a non-issue with the Note 10, and the OnePlus will even pre-load
your most-used apps ahead of time. I think for a base price of $1000 this iPhone 11 Pro
should have come with at least 6GB. Let me know any other issues that you are
having down in the comments and click above to subscribe and below to enable notifications.
If you want to see more videos like this one there are a few great ones right over there.
This has been Max and I’ll see you in the next one.



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  • Marc Guima

    I am yet to see anyone on the street with one of these iPhones. It seems not a very big hit to Apple. Noticing A LOT of problems with that IOS 13 It has been terrible to keep up with so many issues on everyday basic things.

  • Ali

    3D touch > haptic touch. Apples stupid way of increasing battery life. Idiots

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  • Chivo

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  • yoututubus

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  • tihi

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  • Aa Yash Waghela

    It is too true! I hate iPhone 11 series! Because it doesn't support 3D touch!

    And I hate 13 iOS because have big problem features but dark mode is good one only!

    iOS 13 and iPhone 11 series were launched in 2019! That is worst!

  • bob dylan

    Rich people dont use cases

  • Tash G

    well tried but these aren't even problems. like the 3d touch, u said u wud be fine with lil less battery to get the 3d touch and i think its dumb. and all the other problems u mentioned arent even real problems.

  • Bethanie

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  • enrico ignacio

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  • Irakli Goginava

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    Looks like a alien created the thing!

  • mark martinez

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  • mark martinez

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  • Ida Lyse

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  • Marcus Neely

    I just bought my iPhone 11 11/1 /19 and as soon as I get home the the phone rings even though the button is switched to silent. After a software update and a trip to the geek squad to run a diagnostic nothing worked. The phone just randomly switches the ringer on and off, when it does it’ll switch back and forth for a minute or two then it’ll stop and whatever it lands on is what it will do. I’ve seen previous post for earlier iPhone models that says turn off the “change with buttons” button and mine is off, has been since I bought it. Is this a software issue that Apple will fix or do I need to just get a new phone?

  • M Z.14

    I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem but I can see the pixels on the photos I take and it’s even worse when I use the ultra wide lens

  • Nik Verschuren

    1. Battery wasnt good before this model, only on Max.
    2. Allways use a case, to prone to break during use.
    3. Allways on display is allways impacting battery.
    4. YouTube (Google) is being a dick about the uhd.
    5. Ram management Will get better over time, this is why xs has it.

  • Ian Jenkins

    This wish list as was mentioned earlier has now been rectified with the latest update

  • Ms. Marie

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  • Rick Harga

    Max Tech, Please can you do a test on the iPhone 11 Pro "Heat issues" & "Software freezing"
    Apple is denying anything wrong with the new iPhone 11 Pro despite a lot of users complaining and on the Apple forums.  I own both the 11 Pro & Pro Max, the 11 Pro Max has no issues like this!
    Worst still is after PAYING A HUGE PREMIUM for this phone to have seamless upgrading & Quality hardware, boasting by Apple, the Apple Support officer are blaming us the consumers, for negligent or incorrect restoring or backing up, despite using the iTunes App correctly to do so! They are even suggesting wiping the iPhone clean and start from scratch!! I mean WTF? If I was to do that why buy an iPhone? I could start from scratch on a Google or Samsung! or pay $250 for a Mi!!!!
    I was absolutely appalled at the Apple Support dept. and need you to help prove to the world that the issue is real not just us consumers imagination!
    Please help us!
    #AppleSupport #MaxTech #iPhone11Heating #AppleNoLongerCares

  • Linda Hoffman

    I have an IPHONE 11 plus pro and it will not make or receive calls. It worked great the first 14 days. Now cannot do anything with it. What can I do?

  • Pcola Dj

    Not happy with how slowwwww it is. Seems connectivity isnt anywhere near what I had. On Verizon network so I expect speed with a new phone- especially one so expensive. Ive had mine about a month. Hate not having the home button and had a great laugh at myself trying to figure out how to shut it off—— to cycle it being slow. Ugh. Otherwise, the phone isnt all that great compared to my 8. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Being an Apple junkie I was hoping to have my mind blown but eh. Not so much.

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    All this are fixed on iOS 13.2.2

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    I bought my iPhone 11 pro max last Nov. 8 then after a week, I've experience camera black issue. I go to apple store to report this issue and unfortunately, up until now I still don't have any updates.

  • Brian Hansen

    Why would it be a good thing, that "One Plus" opens apps in the background? They might load faster, but what if I dont want to use the app, the phone's "intelligense" thought I would?
    A phone (or any other computer) should make decisions for me and do things I didn't ask for

  • Carol Anne Chapman

    I appreciate that you went into such great detail about issues that I didn't even know to think about. One of my biggest issues is the water resistance, since I recently had a harrowing experience when I accidently dropped my iPhone XS into five and a half feet of murky salt water while making a video for my youtube channel. It took me 28:18 minutes to find my iPhone, but it turns out that it wasn't damaged at all. I did have it in an Otterbox, which is totally not water resistant, but may have protected it from getting scraped by the oyster shells it landed on.

  • StanceTV

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    Disagree with the Type C cord.

  • The Best Reviews

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    The new problem which i have faced and even now im facing the same issues
    1-while taking a screenshot the lcd screen goes green
    2- even while using the camera Green color lines pop up on the whole left side of the screen
    3-it lags like hell as if im using an andriod phone with 1gb ram

  • Blackangel5381

    To me the most obvious is the warmer screen of the 11 pro max… i get it since its warmer the colors on netflix etc seems more real/ vibrant
    but when i go back at the home screen it bugs me coz its so yellow compared to my xs max i hope they’ll fix it and make it less warmer/yellow-ish, other than that it’s good the camera, battery and speed

  • Altaf Ahmed

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    Appreciated wot u said
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    Wot we paid

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    This phone really sucks! Unable to watch Amazon prime video, it gets frozen so quickly? Is this my phone issue or everybody facing the same problem. Apple fixes this. It's annoying

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    One of my biggest gripes with the 11 Pro Max is the microphone quality. When doing comparisons with previously recorded footage from my XS Max, the audio sounds much more compressed and 'tinny' when recording live music or instruments.

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